Highschool Of The Dead: Chronicles Of Demise

Chapter 3: "Moments"

Based on: Episode 9

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I felt the cold yet warm body of Saeko leave my presence as she got up, looking at me calmly. "Let's get inside the shrine and see if we can find something to dry our clothes..." She said. I knew she wanted to get off the subject, away from what just happened...I didn't blame her.

I should play along and forget about it too unless she brings it up. And that's exactly what I did. I walked up to the large, heavy wooden doors of the shrine as the collision of nature sounded with booms and flashes combined with the never-ending shower of rain.

I slowly opened them, the creaking sound not stopping until I completely opened the door. There war one large room and a bunch of side rooms around. I quickly motioned for Saeko to get in and she nodded. I saw water dripping from everywhere on her uniform.

I felt so bad to see her like that. Then again, I was in the same situation. I closed the door and saw a fireplace in front along with some firewood that looked good to use. "Hell yea!" I said, walking towards it.

"Alright, you check the rest of the area I'm gonna start the fire." I said towards Saeko who looked at me, tilting her head with a sassy look. "Since when did I start taking orders from you?" She questioned.

"Lemme rephrase that...uhm...please?" I looked up at her with a nervous grin and she sighed, "Alright then..." She walked to the right side and began checking the rooms. I put the firewood into the fireplace then looks around for a starter. I found one and then put it up to the wood before pulling the trigger. It started only a little part of the fire but it quickly spread in an instant before filling up the entire woodpile.

"Damn, this guy knows where to get some really good firewood." I said with an amazed face. I then looked towards the right side. "I'm going to check the left side k?" I said over to her. I heard a faint "okay" from her and I quickly got up and looked around in the first room. After three minutes of searching I found only a large, pitch black blanket and a a surprise for Saeko.

I got up and looked into the next room, only to find nothing of value or interest. "Damn, the owners must have left in a hurry..." I said to myself, about to walk out. I stopped dead and looked towards my right. The shape of a sword dwindled in the back of the room and I walked over to it.

I picked it up and unsheathed it. The blade was made of perfect steel, it was in perfect condition. I sheathed it and gripped it in my hands. "Saeko's gonna love this." I walked out and saw her sitting next to the fire with her wet uniform still on.

"Saeko...you should get those off." I said walking up to her. "Did you find anything for me to put on then?" I gave her the blanket and laid down the sword. "Present for you." I said. She picked up the sword and her eyes widened. "It's...real..." She unsheathed it and studied it.

"Thank you so much...where did you find it?" She asked looking at me with surprised eyes. "Very back of the room over there." I said. "Thank you..." She said again with a smile. I smiled back.

"I'll be over there, you get changed." I said before walking to one of the rooms. She slowly nodded. I heard her wet clothes dropping onto the ground before she picked them up and set them next to the fire to warm.

I heard her say, "You can come out now." I walked out and saw her fully wrapped in the blanket next to the fire, looking at me with a smile. I blushed a little and looked away before coming to it down next to her.

I had a little green packet in my hand and grinned, sitting down next to her. "I found it Saeko." She looked at me with wondering blue eyes. "Found what?" "Wanna know what?" I questioned looking at her. She slowly nodded. "Here it is." I gave her the green packet and she studied it before looking back at me.

"Hm...?" She tilted her head looking at me. I then got up close to her and whispered into her ear. "It's a Porto-potty, Lady Saeko." I said. In a matter of seconds, she changed from a gasp to a little laugh. I smiled and scratched the back of my head. "Hehehe...you..." She looked at me with a smile.

"Why are you laughing?" I frowned, "I figured you'd fine it handy so..." "I know...I'm glad." She replied looking down at it. She set it down before looking at me. "Your clothes aren't dry at all, don't you have anything else to wear?" She asked.

"No..." I said looking down. "I got an idea," She began as I looked up with a questioning face. "Take your clothes off." She said, almost like an order. "E-eh?" I questioned backing up a little. "You heard me, You need to stay warm." She said with a worried face.

It wasn't a trick or sick game, It was her actually worrying for me. I was surprised I didn't have a cold yet. And it was lucky that her sneezing stopped before it got worse. I complied and took my shirt off first.

I saw her staring at my chest with a red face and I looked at her, feeling my face heat up. "W-what?" I questioned. "N-nothing...I'll stop looking s-sorry..." She looked away. I took off my pants, being down only in my boxers which were wet as well.

"What am I supposed to do anyways? There are no clothes or blankets I can use." I said. She looked away, I could tell her face was redder then a fresh apple. "I was thinking...you should get under this blanket with me..." She looked away even more as I felt my hearbeat rise to the heavens in rapid movement, my face heating up to the fullest. "I mean...if we were huddled together...we could be warm as our clothes dry..." I could see her fidgeting her hands under the covers.

I looked away and scratched the back of my head. "But were both gonna b-" "I know..." She cut me off. "Are you s-" "Yes..." "Are you posi-" "Dammit Takashi just do it." She said. I took off my boxers and felt like my heart was going to burst as I sat next to her. She laid her back against mine and put the covers around us. I felt warmer, the fire helped a lot.

An awkward silence swept over us as I could feel her soft back against mine. I suddenly felt her head lean back onto mine and sigh. "Feel warm?" She asked. "Y-yea..." I replied. "Your enjoying this, aren't you?" She teased. "I uh..." She let out a laugh as I stuttered for words.

"It's fine, most men would kill to be like this with me, even more." She said. "Even...mo-" Before I could question she grasped my hand gently with hers and my eyes widened. The soft, delicate touch of her gentle hand made me feel all the better in the world.

"S-Saeko..." I said her name gently and leaned my head back onto hers a little more. I could suddenly feel her grip tighten on my hand, as if she were worried about something. "S-Saeko?" I questioned looking a little towards her way.

"I know this doesn't mean anything to you but...would you care to listen?" She asked quietly. "Sure..." I replied back softly. "I started thinking about it...fear..." She said looking up at the ceiling.

"Because of that boy...?" I asked tensely. "Disturbingly...that isn't the case..." She said looking down. "Remember when you asked me if I've ever had a crush on someone...?" I felt my hearbeat rising again and tried to correct what I presumably thought she was thinking. "But...that was uhm...I-" She cut me off. "It's okay. I'm a girl, so I get a crush on some boys too. But...I've never told them how I felt. I just don't think I have a right too." She said, grasping my hand tighter.

"But I think you could get anyone you want." I said with confidence for her.

"Even if I almost killed someone?" She asked coldly causing my eyes to widen in surprise. "Fours years ago," She began, "I was attacked on a street at night. Of course, I didn't get hurt, because I had a wooden sword with me. I smashed his shoulder blade and femur. After I told the police what happened, they gave me a ride home in the police car."

"Then...well I guess it was excessive self-defense." I said, not seeing what the problem was.

"But that's what's been haunting me now," I looked towards her way at what she was about to say. "...I enjoyed doing it..." My eyes widened. "Having and unquestioned enemy, that was nothing but joy. The moment I had realized I had the upper hand over him because of the wooden sword, I pretended that I was in fear and incited him. Without hesitation, I fought back. I had fun doing it."

She suddenly turned forward, still covered by the blanket. I turned to face her. Her eyes were widened and looked crazed. But it wasn't like a kill crazy or psychopathic...it was the eyes of worry, the eyes of sadness and the feeling of never being able to be accepted by anyone.

"It was so much fun that I didn't know what to do. That's real me! The truth about Saeko Busujima!" She put a hand up to her chest with a sadistic grin. "I was intoxicated by my own power and enjoyed every moment of it. Do you think I deserve to have the sincere heart that normal girls have?" She questioned, staring right into my eyes.

"But ever since they've emerged, Even I've..." I remembered when I shot the man who sexually abused Rei at the gas station, and the excitement I had when blowing a group of 'Them' down to the ground with the shotgun.

"Yeah, but that happened to you after "They" emerged. On the other hand, I was already that way before 'Them'." She said, her sadistic grin and eyes returning to normal but still developed in sadness.

"Saeko..." I said her name gently, not knowing what to do as she looked down.

"I realized that as I pressed on..killing all of 'Them',...Nothing about me has changed. Not only that, it's actually gotten worse." She said looking down. She was about to say something else when I grabbed her hand gently. She looked up at me with widened eyes. I did the same, my heartbeat rising to the fullest, my face heating up.

I don't understand why I did it, such a sudden action that would lead to the events about to occur. I never knew why...only that this feeling I had inside me continued to strengthen. Saeko's face had a hint of red and she had calmed down.

"Takashi...?" She questioned. "Saeko..." I began, gritting my teeth. "You were thinking that I wasn't going to accept you as a sane human in this world, that I was going to leave you because you enjoyed killing and feeling more powerful then others..." She looked down, beginning to shake a little.

"Yes..." She confirmed what I thought she was thinking. "That isn't the case!" I yelled causing her to look up with wide eyes. "No matter how tainted you think you are, I'll keep admiring you as long as you live!" I yelled, tightening the grip on both of her hands.

"Taka...shi..." Her eyes were widened, staring into mine like she saw a god. I stared back into hers firmly. This unsure feeling in my body, I knew it now, deep within my heart. "Saeko...I love you..." I saw her eyes widen in an instant, her face turning red, her mouth opening a little.

I then leaned in, my heart feeling ready to burst as I pressed my cold lips against her light and gentle pure ones. The kiss lasted until we both needed air. I looked away not knowing if she was going to reject me...or accept me.

"Komuro..." She said my first name gently and put a hand up to my cheek. "I love you too..." She said causing the worrisome feeling in me to fade away. She opened the blanket barrier between us and pressed her breasts against me, resting her head on my chest.

My face heated up as she put the blanket around us. She snuggled against me as close as she could for warmth. I responded by putting my arms around her bare back. "Do you honestly admire me...or you just trying to make me feel better..." She suddenly questioned, narrowing her eyes a little at the ground.

"What do you think?" I asked her. "I don't know..." She admitted. "Lemme answer then." I took my hand, placing it under her chin and gently kissing her again, this time holding it in place. She leaned into it, putting her arms around me.

I suddenly poked my tongue at her closed lips and she gasped a little in surprise. She granted me access and I took full advantage, exploring her mouth with my tongue. It was only seconds after that we began to play with each others tongue, earning a gentle thump onto the ground as I pushed her down.

I wasn't sure of what I was doing, but the answer was soon clear when the blanket was on top of us and not in between us. I sucked on her tongue, a moan escaping her throat as I started to lick while continuing to suck on it.

She then began to suck back on mine, her lips sucking fast as I felt her tongue colliding with mine. I then got back in control and began to suck fast on hers. I could feel her grin as I put my arms around her back.

She forced me back up in a sitting position and I looked at her, my tongue still in her mouth. Her cute, seductive eyes staring into my calm ones. The blanket slowly fell off her shoulders and off of mine. I looked down with my eyes to see her large breasts pressing against my body.

"You like that don't you?" She asked in a seductive tone. I looked away quickly, My heart beating fast. It felt like my face was over 100 degrees as she slowly rose up a little, her nipples moving gently against my chest.

She rested her head on my left shoulder, slowly kissing my neck as she spread her legs onto my thighs, cuddling close to me. Her gentle hand slowly moved across my chest to my right shoulder, her long nails scratching gently on my skin.

I let out a little groan as she nipped at my neck, holding onto my shoulder with one of her hands. I felt her butt on my left leg moving as she moved to get comfortable. Without thinking, I moved one of my hands on her back down to the top of her butt and she gasped a litte before letting out a laugh.

"Adventurous are we?" She asked, her seductive voice reaching through my ears as she licked from my shoulder to my neck, beginning to nip at my chin. I moved both hands onto her butt and squeezed, a long moan escaping her mouth as she looked at me with surprise.

"I didn't know you liked squeezing butts Komuro, I guess this is what you do in your free time?" She grinned and I let out a little laugh. "Hehehe, no but I have to say...your butt is nice." I said with a grin earning a blush from her.

"Do you admire my body as much as me...?" She asked looking down and resting her head on my chest. "I do admire your body...it's very beautiful." I said with all honesty as she looked up at me with wide eyes and a hint of red before smiling.

"What's your favorite part of my body...?" She questioned, still looking at me. "Uh...eerm..." I eyed her breasts before looking away. She smirked and moved her breasts along my chest causing my eyes to widen.

"You like my breasts eh..." She let out a little giggle before she sat up on her knees which were in between my legs. She pushed me down a little so I was face to face with her breasts. "S-Saeko?" I didn't look at her breasts, my head turned to the side.

"It's okay, I'm a girl after all." She said with a smile, slowly turning my face with her gentle hand back towards her breasts. "Plus, If you didn't, you would bore me. And you never bore me." She added with a mischievous grin.

I grinned, scratching the back of my head before looking back at her breasts. They were huge, Like two watermelons that were enlarged by unknown entities. I then carefully took my right hand, putting it gently onto her left breast. She let out a little gasp and I quickly pulled my hand back. "You coward, I wasn't ready that's all." She said with a little taunt in her voice.

"I am not a coward!" I retorted. "Says the man who can't even touch my breast for two seconds." She said, grinning again and narrowing her eyes at me. "Oh i'll show you two seconds." I said before putting my hand up to the same breast, beginning to massage it gently.

She let out a soft, yet louder moan as I played with the nipple on her left breast, using my thumb and index finger to massage it. She arched her back slightly, using her hands to keep herself up as I began to lick on her right nipple, continuing to massage the other one.

She breathed heavily as I moved my hand to fully massage her whole left breast. She moaned as I suddenly began to suck on her right nipple. "Ko-Komuro...that feels so good...s-suck harder!" She nearly begged as I followed her wish, sucking harder on her nipple, now groping her other breast.

I then switched positions, now massaging her right breast and licking her left nipple. I then began to suck after the same amount of time a moment ago and she let out a long, soft moan as I began to suck harder.

I tasted the same milk again and let the taste flow onto my tongue. The taste felt pleasant in my mouth and I wanted it to last, but inevitably swallowed it as I then began to massage both her breasts, nipping at her neck with my mouth.

She tried as hard as she could to hold herself up and moaned loudly as I groped her breasts, The feeling good under my hands. I then Licked in between her breasts and up to her throat. She gasped loudly before letting out a long, loud moan in pleasure. She then got up and wrapped her hands around my neck.

I suddenly felt her cling to my body with a wet substance on my thigh. I looked down and saw her dripping womanhood on my leg. I felt her legs wrap around the small of my back as she began to move her womanhood along my thigh, moan gently.

It was strange at first but I followed along, putting my right hand onto her left leg, slowly sliding it down to her butt. She moaned as she began to grind on my leg. I let out a little groan, her wet clit grinding against my left thigh.

I put my lips onto her neck and sucked gently, moving my other hand onto her left thigh. I could see her bright red face panting heavily as she let out soft and loud moans simultaneously as she went faster, gripping onto my neck.

I held onto her butt and thigh as she continued to move. She suddenly moaned loudly and I felt her fluids spill onto my thigh. She then pushed me down onto the ground and slid her tongue into my mouth, beginning to battle with it. I was amazed at the intensity of how things were going, mostly due to her actions. She was like an untamed beast, yet so gentle and soft.

She then moved away from my mouth, kissing my neck before going to my chest. She kissed my chest for a bit before moving down to my member. My eyes widened a little and I looked at her in surprise. "S-Saeko?" I questioned as she looked up at me with a red face. "I expect you to do the same for me!" She suddenly yelled causing me to go, "Eh?" Only to feel her tongue lick the tip of my member.

She took one of her hands and put it on my shaft before beginning to move it up and down slowly. I felt pleasure spike through my member, letting out a groan as she put her whole mouth over the tip and began licking it relentlessly.

She moved her hand up and down faster and made me groan a little louder. She suddenly moved her whole mouth over my member, trying to cover as much of it as she could before sucking it the long way.

I groaned loudly at this, putting my hand on her head and rubbing her hair. She suddenly sucked harder, her head bobbing up and down. She stopped after a minute, licking the underside of my member before moving up a little and doing something I didn't expect from her at all.

She took her breasts and put my member in between them. "S-Sae-" Too late, she started moving her breasts on my member and moaned loudly. I was near my limit, feeling a strange, but pleasurable feeling rising through my member.

She then began to suck again as fast as she could. I felt the feeling rise to my tip and I let out a loud groan. She grinned as she sucked harder, waiting for my cum. I gave her what she wanted, the feeling bursting out of my tip, going into her mouth and her face.

I saw her continuing to suck some more before l finally stopping. She swallowed most of it before taking her tongue and licking some off of her cheek. "Salty." She said with a smile. I let out a little laugh and looked at her cute, gentle face as she licked off the rest of my seed.

"I expect you to do the same for me." She said with a mischievous grin. I blinked twice before asking, "How am I supposed to suck your-" "No, I mean...just...do as you please." She suddenly dropped onto the ground and spread her legs wide.

I blushed deeply, feeling the heat traveling across my whole entire body as I stared at her beautiful, drenched pussy. I decided to play with her a little before going to it though. I took up her leg, gentle kissing her ankle, nipping down to her knee, then to the rest of her leg onto her thigh.

She blushed as I reached her dripping clit. I suddenly got behind her and pulled her into my arms, much to her surprise. She looked at me with wide eyes but soon got what I was doing as I took my right hand and began to slowly rub it against her pussy.

She moaned loudly, groping her right breast as she leaned into me. I took my other hand and put it up to her other breast and began to massage it. I then slid a finger into her and she gasped instantly closing her eyes. I then began to pump in and out with it, her moans keeping me hard.

I then slid a second finger into her and she gasped, panting heavily. I pumped in an out as she moaned in pleasure, asking me to go faster. I accepted her request and pumped as fast as I could. She moaned and gasped, grasping her breast as I went.

I then slowed down, not wanting her to release her heavenly fluids just yet. I began to kiss her bare back softly, Much to her displeasure. "I want you to do me...now." She said. "W-what...if you get-" "I won't,...I promise." She said firmly.

I then nodded. "I trust you...ready?" I got in front of her, putting my hands on her thighs. Before she could say yes I suddenly tongued at her clit, wanting to know the taste of her heaven. She moaned loudly and rubbed her fingers through my hair.

I licked it gently before getting up again, putting my member up to her womanhood. "Ready...?" I asked looking at her in worry. She reassured me and nodded, spreading her legs a little wider. I then slowly put the tip of my member into her and she gasped. I could tell the pain swelling up inside her as she grasped the blanket with her hands tightly, a tear falling down her cheek, trying to hold back her scream.

I held my position and gently kissed her on the lips, wiping her tear off her cheek with my hand, trying to ease the pain until she got used to the feeling. She then looked at me and smiled. "Do it." I then slowly put my member into her and she grasped the blanket tightly again, but with less pain.

I then began to go in and out. She gasped for the first couple of moments before beginning to moan as pleasure spiked through her body. I began to go faster. She gripped the blanket and moaned loudly, her breasts shaking violently as I went deeper and more faster.

"Oh yea! It feels so good! Faster!" She nearly screamed, holding one of her breasts, massaging it in pure pleasure. I went as fast as I could, feeling my member beginning to have a feeling of pure pleasure again, rising through it.

It felt so good, being inside her. She then moaned the loudest moan I have ever heard as she started moving her clit onto my member, forcefully. Either way, it felt good as I felt the pleasure rising to the tip.

I let out a groan and looked at her. "I'm gonna c-" "Uhhhh!" She interrupted as I felt my seed go inside her. She moaned as my seed triggered her climax, sending her heavenly fluids onto my member, and onto the blanket.

We continued going for a a couple of seconds before slowly coming to a stop. Both me and her panted heavily, looking at each other. "That was amazing." She said pushing me down, resting her head on my chest.

"You are what made it amazing." I said with a smile. She blushed and looked at me before kissing me long and passionately. She then took the blanket and wrapped it over us. "Was that your first time?" I heard her ask me.

"Y-yea..." I replied looking away from her embarrassed. I heard her giggle and then she kissed my cheek. "Don't worry...it was mine as well." She said blushing. I kissed her on the lips and held her close to me.

"I can hardly believe that was your first time." I said. "Me neither." She replied, nuzzling my neck before cuddling as close as she could to me.

"Your a nice pillow..." She said gently. "It does seem fitting for a beautiful body such as yours to fall onto a pillow like me." I said with a grin. She let out a laugh and closed her eyes as I rubbed her back gently.

"Goodnight..." She said, her eyes closed for the next night as her soft breathing reflected off of my chest. I put both arms around her and closed my eyes as well, hoping to wake up with her in my arms, the same way.

This was the woman I knew I loved...I wanted to be with her forever, To care for her, I would stay with her and protect her, die trying...this...I...swear.

End of chapter 3...