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Harry Potter and the Return to Hogwarts, 8th Year

Chapter One – New Beginnings

It was a warm July morning at the burrow. The sun wasn't yet half way through the sky but already sweat began to run down Harry's forehead. Noticing the moisture growing on his face Harry used his sleeve to mop his brow. He stared at his sleeve as he pulled it away, drenched with sweat. He exhaled loudly and looked up to the burrow, now unfamiliar in shape. The repairs were coming along fairly quickly and with a little gold spent behind the curtains, Harry's choice to keep it secret, the extent of those repairs were probably more comparable to a rebuild.

Six aurors were magically lifting, placing and bonding the house together. The work was quick but because of the extreme heat the aurors work time was limited. After finishing what Harry guessed was the third floor the wizards went inside for another break. Shortly after with a wave of surprise Harry was tackled to the ground. He looked around urgently trying to figure out what happened. His eyes made it as far has Ron's red hair before he let his head fall with a thud. "I'm sorry mate." Ron grunted as he began to stand up, broom in hand. "Ginny got me with a bludger..."

"It's fine Ron...just didn't expect my best friend to land on me...I'm mean you are like what...six-two? Six-three?" Harry said wiping dirt off of his shirt.

"Six-three...but-" Ron hastily muttered as if looking for an excuse. His face flushing with embarrassment

"C'MON RON! GEORGE HAS ALREADY SCORED!" screamed Hermione as she whipped by on a broom.

"Yeah, I'm coming. You know letting Ginny used your broom is cheating." Ron said sitting on his broom.

"I'll keep that in mind." Harry said looking up at Ginny. Her hair on fire in the mid-day sun, flying behind her as she soared through the air on Harry's Firebolt. This was the first time he had seen Ginny smile since her brother's funeral. It had been a hard last couple of months between the funerals and the custody hearings for Harry's new Godson. It seems that the wizarding world has more details about half-werewolf children than one would think.

Once again the game above took full motion and once again Harry lost interest. It was a weird feeling for Harry to become bored with his favorite sport. He wasn't sure why but lately he had fallen into a mild depression. He still enjoyed life and his time with Ginny and he even looked forward to finishing school this year. His only problem was that he had fulfilled his life purpose at age 17. His whole reason for existence was already passed. Nothing he did now seemed to feel the same as it did before. In truth he lacked purpose.

It wasn't long before the match above came to a conclusion, whether by catching the snitch or Ron's stomach, he wasn't sure. The five of them headed inside. To Harry's surprise the aurors were gone. Ron half-sprinted through the cluttered living room towards the kitchen. Mrs. Weasley chased after him shouting "YOU CAN WAIT FOR SUPPER RONALD!". George followed after silently grabbing up some rolls and fruit. He doubled back out of the kitchen and up stairs before Mrs. Weasley turned from Ron. Defeated he lurched out of the room until his back was to his mom and a smile broke out on his face.

The four ran up stairs to the newly completed second floor. George was waiting in the room where Harry and Ron sleep. As soon as Ron walked in he was surprised with a roll and an apple, both of which he caught. The roll was already half-gone when he sat down on his cot. Harry and Ginny sat on Harry's spread and Hermione sat between Ron and George. No one said anything as the room was filled with Ron and Georges eating. Ginny eyed them with a look of disgust and Hermione sat with a flushed face as she pretended to be interested in Ron's quiditch poster.

"So Ginny, what classes have you signed up for?" Harry asked trying to make conversation while the Weasley boys ate.

"Potions, Advanced-Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms-" Ginny started slowly.

"Wait, those are all my classes!" Harry spat with a smirk interrupting the now blushing Ginny.

"Are they really?" she replied back with an over-dramatic presentation of innocence. Her mouth smiling Harry's favorite smile. He would have leaned in to kiss her if Ron's face wouldn't have appeared between them as he decided to change seats.

"We still have to get our school supplies." Ron piped in completely ignorant of the romance he just crushed. "If we just test out we would be on our marry way with life and wouldn't have to fork out more money."

"Ronald we're lucky to have this chance to go back and besides McGonagall asked us to help the kids transition better." Hermione said with a corrective tone.

"Last time we were in Diagon alley half of the shops were run-down or closed." Ginny said in a depressed tone.

"My shop isn't going anywhere. I've actually hired 3 managers last week." George spat proudly while fidgeting with his ear. "Actually now that I think about it. A few new stores have moved in."

"Then it's settled. We're going to Diagon Alley." Hermione piped in excitedly.

"You'd better be back for supper!" Mrs. Weasley crowed from down stairs.

"The acoustics in this house are terrible mate." Ron said sighing. "You can't have a private conversation without the rest of the house listening in."