In that warm night the lights of Konoha flickered in the distance. It was a beautiful sight: the village nested between it's walls, in front of the Hokage Monument. You could see distinct lights in the various guard towers placed along the wall, and some slowly moving along it. The lights were still on in the Hokage Tower.

Maybe Grandma Tsunade is working late today.

One of the guards patrolling the Konoha wall stared into the night, looking for any signs of suspicious behavior, when his eyes locked on a redish-orange glow, on a hill overlooking Konoha, maybe 6 miles away. A ghost? I should really cut back on the sake before guard duty, thought the guard to himself, before resuming his patrol.

On that same hill, stood Naruto. Those who knew him before his three-year long training mission would have trouble recognizing him now, if not for his blond hair, blue eyes and whisker marks.

He was covered in the Fox's mantle, one lone spectral tail waving lazily behind him. Since before his training trip he had grown a lot, he was now, by all standards a tall man, with the well toned, yet agile physique of a tiger.. or a fox. His spiky blond hair was so long now it hung several inches below his shoulder line, somewhat held in place by the Konoha headband he was sporting.

His taste in clothes had also changed, he now wore standard issue black sandals and jumpsuit under a standard issue green vest, on top of which he used a black robe, with the kanji for strength printed in red on the back. Over the robe he had two katanas strapped to his back and a small bag hanging over his right shoulder.

His eyes were red and slitted, and his whisker marks were dark and pronounced, his claws and canines were extended, yet his face was calm, as he quietly admired the village where he had gown up.

It's nice to be back, I've missed this place.

"They really did a good job rebuilding it, I clearly remember slamming my paw down in that section over there."

"Shut up you stupid fox! Go back to sleep!" - as those words sounded in his mind, his serious face suddenly turned into a trademark grin, slightly amused by the fox's sense of humor.

"It's not my fault I'm bored, Human."

"Don't you human me! Damn I must have been a horrible person in an earlier life to have a sadistic annoying demon fox stuck in my head!"

"And it's not my fault that monk released the seal, believe me I was happy.. Scratch that, happiER without human feelings pouring into me."

"You're right.. But I'm happy he did. I know I'm always calling you stupid but I find you funny and it's nice to have someone to talk to."

"Awww.. if I had tear ducts I would be crying right now.", the fox joked as he faked sobbing noises.

"Joke all you want but you still mean a lot to me.. Even tough you're a fur-ball demon.. Should we get going?"

"Yes, we should. Jiraya must be busy with his 'research' and you still have to unpack."

"I hope he gets busted.."

As Naruto's words still ringed in his mind, he darted on his four limbs at break neck speed towards Konoha, closing the distance between him and the village in just a couple of seconds.

Now the guard was standing vigilant in one of the towers, casually chatting with his fellow shinobi.

"So, she made you sleep on the couch?"

"Yeah, women are crazy, but pregnant women are a whole different kind of crazy!"

The guard could have sworn he saw a red haze flying over the wall into Konoha.

"Did you see that?"

"See what?"

The guard looked around for something, anything that could have caught his attention.. But, whatever it was, it was long gone, if it was there to begin with.

"I should REALLY cut back on the sake."

"You've been drinking on duty?"

"I said that out loud?"

I am aware that this prologue is doubled. I've reached the conclusion people sometimes loose interest by finding only an AN on the first page.

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Now that we've cleared that up, this fic is rated M for content, which means that either you approach it with a grown up mentality or you're better off not reading it. I must say that I'm rather open-minded about sex, and not so big on religion, so expect lemons and maybe pre-marital sex. I don't know what is FF's current position on lemons and couldn't care less. If I want to include them, I will, it s my choice and I will do so at my own discretion as an author.

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