Chapter 13:

We stayed up for hours that night and talked, and in the end decided to let Anthony stay at his school. He was in 1st grade now, and would be done in a few months. We would take it year by year but soon we would have to move. We only had a good 5-10 years in each location because of our ages. We were all in our early 20's but could pass as late teens at least thankfully. Hair dye and other things helped to make us look older but only so much.

Yes went by and we would see Anthony all the time. He loved Peter and Jasper and they loved him. Our relationship just kept growing and I couldn't have been happier.

10 Years later

"Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Anthony, Happy birthday to you!" well all sang in the most off key voices. Emmett of course was being ridiculous while singing and swaying back and forth with his hands up in the air. God where have all the years had went. It was Anthony's 16th birthday today, I was still only 24. I never will understand how Edward could sit and watch me get older while he stayed the same. It was killing me.

"You okay Bella?" Jasper hugged me wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Yeah, I am fine, just thinking about the past." I smiled up at him and over at Peter. My world was now these 3 men in this room. I loved them all so much, and Anthony was growing up so wonderfully. I couldn't thank my mother enough for how she handled everything. My son was never without love from all of us.

"How's it feel to be old enough to drive?" Peter asked Anthony and they smiled at each other. I let out a small laugh.


"Mom?" Anthony asked sitting down next to me on the couch.

"Yes dear?" I laughed as Peter made faces at me from the steps. I guess this was it.

"Mom, why, um, how, shit." He laughed

"Watch your mouth dear, what is it?" I knew he was nervous I could see Jasper and he was watching from a cracked door upstairs.

"Mom, what are Jasper and Peter to you?" he asked quickly blurting it out.

"hunnie, Jasper and Peter and I all love each other very much. We decided many years ago that we were not going to care about what other thought and just do what would make us happy in our loves for the rest of eternity." I said smiling over at him.

"Do they treat you nice all the time?" He asked.

"Yes dear, they do. They always have and always will. I am the world to them, and you mean the world to them too."

"Mom why haven't you all changed? You all looked the same. Except your eyes."

I softly called for the guys and they came down the steps to the couch."

"Anthony are you sure you want to know about this?" Jasper asked him looking over at me. I am sure I was emitting so much fear and worry. I didn't care about the birds and the bees, or they don't drink or do drugs, the biggest parent child conversation I had to worry about was, son I am a vampire. God my life was a mess. Why couldn't I just have a normal life, I wish I could have, but then I wouldn't have Jasper and Peter if I had chosen differently. It was always something in the back of my mind.

"Just tell me please. Be honest." He said looking worried.

"Anthony we are vampires." I spit out and he looked shocked. I felt Jasper pushing out calm and knew Anthony was worried.

He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed tight. For once I didn't pretend to flinch.

"Peter?" he asked looking over.

"Yes Anthony that is why my eyes are red, it is not because of my health. I am sorry we lied about that."

"Antony this is why I missed those years when you were younger, and why I missed your birthday. See I was in a car accident, that was the truth, but Jasper and Peter see they saved my life in a way. They let me stay in your life by turning me. I however was failing you, I couldn't control my own thirst and needed to stay away to make sure you were safe."

"But, mom how? How did you meet them?"

"Anthony you were too young to remember but Jasper had a brother, Edward. I met him when I was in high school living with your grandpa Charlie. We dated for a while before I found out what he was, he was a vampire."

"Mom is he my father?" god my son was smart. He always could put pieces of a puzzle together without any help from us.

"Yes dear."

"Where is he?"


"What?" he squeaked out.

"Anthony" I heard Jasper interrupt. "We had no choice, you father had hurt your mother badly one night and we could not risk him hurting her again. He had already decided to be a deadbeat and not help her raise you and we loved you all too much to let him stay around." Jasper sighed and I saw Anthony's shoulder relax.

"So is everyone else?"

"No Anthony, not everyone, only Jasper's family. Carlisle, Esme, Rose, Emmett, and your Aunt Alice." I smiled back at him.

"But, how" he looked over around us.

"I chose to feed off of animals, that is why my family has the golden eyes." I heard Jasper offer from next to me. I saw a bit of understanding from Anthony and then he looked quickly over at Peter.

"Anthony it is okay." Jasper quickly said to him. I guess he was putting two and two together to get Peter's diet.

"You eat people?" He asked over at Peter.

"Only assholes." He laughed and I saw Anthony smile so I didn't correct his language. "Only bad people, rapist, murders, or those who will die soon from natural causes. I do my best to make the world a better place with my choices and so does your mother."

end flashback

I came back looking around the room at all of our family. Everyone was here today and it was a big day. 16 years had passed and Anthony was getting so much bigger. Esme was brought to tears when she saw him today; he was a spitting image of his father. His eyes had changed a bit and were not as bright as they were as a child but he still had the green eyes of Edward and the the bronze hair was all Edward too.

He was opening his present and in typically Cullen fashion the boy was spoiled rotten. He had gotten used to the little quirks of the family, the gifts both physical and vampire were normal to him anymore. We had let him live with Renee until he finished Elementary school. We were getting too older for our looks though and had to move. We had moved a few years back after he had moved in with us. Renee was getting older and as much as Anthony didn't want to change schools, he wanted to be with us and figured starting middle school was the best time to move him. We were now living outside of Philadelphia in King of Prussia. Alice was a constant visitor, the local mall is the largest on the east coast and Alice was in love, not with a vampire, with the mall. It was always funny when she would visit and be gone all day just to shop.

I laughed out loud at my thoughts and got a few funny looks from the family.

He had opened up all the gifts and was down to the

"Here" Alice shoved a box into Anthony's hands. "I am sorry you can't use it now, but in a few years." She laughed as he rolled his eyes at her.

I couldn't help but laugh at Alice. She had a great sense for gifts but sometimes the whole future thing just made me laugh when it came to her gifts she gave people. I am sure they all made sense to her. Anthony always just laughed it off and smiled. He opened the bag, after the whole paper issue at my 18th birthday we no longer used wrapping paper, and all gifts were in gift bags.

"What the hell?" he laughed at Alice.

All over a small box inside the bag was paper saying DO NOT OPEN TILL 4/08/2022 over and over again in all caps. I broke out laughing.

"I will put it into the safe." I laughed out loud as Jasper smiled.

"That is my 21st birthday"

"Yes silly, I am going to be gone for a while but I want you to open this then." She smiled over at him. I saw a look from Jasper and was confused but on well I have learned.

"You will be gone for 5 years?" he almost frowned at her. They had become good friends and shopping buddies since we moved here. For her to be gone that long was going to suck. I had started to get used to it, our relationship was back to normal and her and Jasper even got along wonderfully especially given the past they had together.

"Oh and here", she said handing him a card. He opened it up to find gift cards for all of his favorite stores in the mall. Thousands of dollars worth of them.

"Should last you the next few years" Alice laughed

"Or months." I laughed. He was just like Alice with shopping. She spaced out for a bit and we realized she was having another vision.

"I'm sorry but I have to go." She smiled over and gave Anthony a big hug. I saw a bit of confusion on Jaspers face again and was a bit worried. "I will see you all later." She said give us all quick hugs and was off before we could even say anything.

The rest of the party went by so fast. I was so happy to be spending time with him as my son. It didn't happen that much anymore. I loved these family parties. I could hug him and know he was my little boy. It was nice too because I was not being introduced to his friends as his big sister. When we were out and about and it made me upset at first but now I realized it was the right thing to do for us, it just fit. I was only 24, he was 16 there was no way for me to physically be his mother anymore.

"Anthony!" I heard Peter call from over by the door.

"Yes?" Anthony asked looking over.

"You need to come with me for your present." I smiled knowing what Peter had gotten him.

We walk outside and open the doors and Anthony is shocked. Jasper gave me the thumbs up that he was happy and shocked which were our goals.

It was a custom painted 2010 Z Coupe Nismo 370Z. Peter had gotten them to do it in the Montaray blue which wasn't an open on the nismo. As we have found out money can buy everything. I didn't want Peter getting him some hundred thousand dollar first car, so I settled when Anthony had showed him the base 370 and then let Peter get him the Nismo. It had only 350 hp with 276 lb-ft of torque, 3.7-liter V6 engine. Not a V-10 or something crazy. However the H-pipe gave it a great sound and it was Anthony.

"This is fucking awesome!" He screamed as he ran outside and Peter tossed him the keys. He gave all three of us hugs and ran over to the car.

"Do you like it?" Jasper asked smirking.

"Oh yeah like you have no idea." He laughed over at Jasper. Anthony knew he could read emotions so I had to laugh at my sons comment.

"Mom it is great!" He screamed as he slid into the driver's seat. "Can I drive it?"

"Sure once we get home you can okay?" I laughed over at him. The smile on his face was enough for me. It was wonderful. I still had my reservations about spending tons of money on him but the rest of his family didn't.

He had been spending more and more time in the garage the older he got with Peter and Jasper. It was nice that he was spending so much time with the guys though because I wanted them to get as much time in together as they could. It was nice for him to get time in with men who wanted to help him grow and learn. In a few years he would be graduating high school and then from there going off to college. I knew I was going to miss him but it was going to be what he needed in life. He would have a normal life.

I had made them promise that there was no way we would bring up changing Anthony. We would not do it, no discussion end of story. I felt bad enough knowing he was involved in our world and that it could change in an instant. I remember what happened with James and how much it hurt, I know now what they all ment about the constant worry of a human in there world.

2 Years Later…

Anthony Masan Swan – I heard the speaker say as I saw my son walking across the stage. I had wished Renee could be here for this but her health would not let her. Anthony had moved in with Jasper, Peter and I again about a year ago after Renee had gotten too sick to care for him. It wasn't very long after his 16th birthday party. We hated that he had to switch in the middle of high school but it was not all that bad. We had kept a constant back and forth between us and Renee for a while but once I became his "big sister" being his guardien was a bit harder for most schools especially with a living grandmother. It was almost the same as me being dead. We had to pretend that I was dead at least, Anthony's mother was dead, but I was still here and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Peter and Jasper made cat calls as he crossed the stage, getting laughs from the other parents. When he moved in with us he became my "younger brother" who we were taking in since my mom was sick. The high school he was attending seemed to understood and thankfully he had graduated with honors and on time. I was so proud of him, and I knew the others were as well. Throughout the week he has been getting present after present from the family.

Things as a family were wonderful. The older he got the easier it was to explain to him what had happened, why and how things were how they were today. At first I could tell he was a little weird about it, we also kept our private relationships that, private. In public it had been decided I was Peter's girl since we were closer in age. Jasper being only 20 and me being 24 had turned a few heads so since Peter was 26 we just went with it.

Anthony's friends would come over all the time, we didn't stop it. I can't tell you the number of times his friends would hit on me, or the girl friends would hit on one of the guys. It was always interesting when we would let him have parties. From what Jasper told me we were the "Favorite parents" of the high school kids since we knew what it was like and let them have fun reasonably. Well that and the house was a giant playroom. Emmett had made sure it was stocked in all things video games for when he would come over to visit. Emmett and Anthony were great friends now as well, actually everyone in the family loved him. Since he knew their secret no one had to pretend and it made living together and vacations so much easier. I never felt bad for being honest with my son, he needed to know the truth and I wouldn't hid a thing.

3 Years later..

"MOM!" I heard Anthony yelling from the game room downstairs.

We loved having him around and now that he was our age, well technically he was older then Jasper today. For the past year they had picked on each other both being 20 and it was a constant laugh fest. Anthony was always whining how come Jasper got a fake ID and he couldn't. I love my son he was so fun to be around, and in some ways he wasn't really my son anymore.

"I'm older then you." He laughed pointing at Jasper as we all walked downstairs.

"Yeah I get that" Jasper smirked back at him.

"I don't need a fake ID!" he almost screamed and half skipped while jumping up and down. We were planning a trip to ICE tonight to celebrate. It was a local club, typically 21-25 year old range so we would all fit in well. It also was only about 10 minutes from the house which was even better in case of emergency. I was a vampire and I was taking my son out drinking, I might kill someone. Well no, not really. I had gotten all of my blood lust under control and since those problems 15 years ago I have not slipped up at all. That is not to say I didn't want to at times, but I was happy I didn't.

We got to the club and I was shocked to see Alice standing outside of the door.

"Did you open your gift?" She asked looking over at Anthony.

"No I didn't I thought I would later."

"Okay good" She smiled back at him.

I heard a soft growl from Jasper and started to worry.

"What?" I asked quickly

"Nothing I will tell you later."

I saw him grab Alice's arm and pull her over to the side of the bar while Peter, Anthony, and I got a table and sat down together.

Jasper's POV:

"I'm older then you." Anthony laughed while pointing at me. Stupid human body.

"Yeah I get that" I laughed at him.

"I don't need a fake ID!" he almost screamed and half skipped while jumping up and down. He was such a happy child. His emotions were always such a blessing in the house except when he would bring girls over. The lust was a straight up reminder of his mom.

We got to the club and I could feel everyone's shock to see Alice standing outside of the door. Well except for the lust coming from Anthony and Alice. What the hell was going on with that. Why was Alice lusting at him.

"Did you open your gift?" She asked looking over at Anthony.

"No I didn't I thought I would later." He smiled at her.

"Okay good" She smiled back at him.

I couldn't stop the growl when I heard my ex mate hitting on my mate's son. What the hell was I missing!

"What?" I heard Bella ask.

"Nothing I will tell you later."

I grabbed Alice's arm and pull her over to the side of the bar while Peter, Anthony, and Bella got a table and sat down together. I could feel annoyance, anger, confusion, and fear coming from them. Why did someone fear me with Alice? I wasn't going to hurt her.

"What the hell Alice?" I growled into her ear.

"Jasper please." She almost begged looking at me.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't drag you out of here right now!"

"He is my soul mate" she cried looking down at the ground.

"What the fuck are you talking about Alice!"

"Think about it Jasper. How long after we left Bella after the funeral did I space out? Do the math, 2 weeks. As soon as Bella got a positive pregnancy test. I didn't know why yet but I just knew you needed to go, and that we were over. Then once she gave birth I saw it all, I saw Edward being a prick, I saw me and him hanging out as he got older. I saw us together Jazz. I saw me and Anthony happy!" She cried looking down at the ground.

"You what!" Bella screeched from next to me. Oh crap I didn't hear her through all the humans.

"I didn't mean to, You know that Bella." Alice was dry sobbing looking between us.

"I, shit, fuck, Alice…" Bella was so confused.

"Do you love him?" She asked looking over at our son with Peter.

"I like him a lot, and I know it will turn to love. I hadn't spent much time with him the past few years because of these visions. I couldn't be around him. I knew it was wrong, I wanting him to enjoy his human normal years without knowing about what I saw for the future. If i had stayed he would have found out sooner. I knew your feelings Bella and I wanted the best of both."

I was shocked to see Bella grab Alice and pull her into a hug.

"Thank you for letting him have a normal life, well as normal as he could." She sighed kissing Alice on the cheek.

"Jasper?" Alice said looking over at me.

"You have my blessing, but god damn it Alice!"

"I won't hurt him, I promise. I don't see any unknown in our future like I had with you Jazz. With you I knew we had years of happiness that would only lead to bigger and better things."

"Well then go ask him to dance." I heard Bella laugh from next to us.

That night was the beginning of the future for all of us. After the club we got home with everyone and Anthony opened his present. It was a key and plane tickets, the key was to Alice's house in London, and the tickets were to go with her in 2 weeks home.

We spent the next few days talking about her visions with Anthony and what she saw for them in the future. We told him that the future was up to him, it could still be changed but when he heard what she had been seeing he was so happy. I could feel his joy and lust, and even some love towards Alice, and I had a feeling this was going to work out. I was happy for my pixi little ex wife, she had found her true soul mate and I had found mine.

Anthony did leave in 2 weeks for London, and 2 years later they came back to visit us for the holidays with some big news. Anthony had proposed to Alice.

They wanted to get married and then he wanted to be changed. They planned a wedding for almost a year later and Alice enjoyed planning that and dressing us all up.

A year later we were again in the Colorado house were we had been at for Bella's newborn time but working with a different newborn. Rose and Emmett were with us, and Carlisle and Esme were coming in a few weeks. The family was finally back together and happy.

The End