oh and i like puting ~ up it is easy for me to do k

oh and in this story Diaspro is nice to bloom

last time on bloom xbaltor~

baltor~oh i am not here to fight i just wan't to talk to u bloom


baltor~so i can tell u that i love u bloom



bloom~b.b. why do u love me

baltor~i loved u from the day we meet bloom

bloom~but i love sky and only sky

baltor~but he might love Diaspro then u bloom

bloom~no ur lieing baltor he would never do the to me

baltor~why dont u see for yourself bloom


baltor~look over their bloom

~so bloom looked at sky with Diaspro talking~

bloom~SKY what are u doing with her

shy~bloom what are u doing here

bloom~i am here with stella shopping and why are u with her

~looking at Diaspro~

Diaspro~bloom what a Surprise why are u here

bloom~i am doing shopping with stella

Diaspro~oh thats nice to hear bloom

bloom~um thanks Diaspro that is so nice of u to say

Diaspro~ur welcome bloom

~so bloom went over to baltor~

baltor~so bloom was i right

bloom~yes ur right baltor he is with her

stella~BLOOM were are u

bloom~i,m comming stella

baltor~u better go bloom

bloom~but... were will u go baltor

baltor~ha ha oh bloom i,ll be fine

bloom~well ok but when will i see u again baltor

baltor~u will know bloom u will see me only u bloom

bloom~well if u say so

baltor~oh and one more thing


~so baltor kissed bloom on the lips~

bloom~oh ~is all she could say~

~so bloom went to meet stella at the door~

stella~bloom where were u

bloom~oh i was um talking to sky

stella~well ok lets get musa

~so off they went to get musa~

musa~bloom,stella lets go back home i got my cds

bloom & stella~yes lets go

~so they went back to Alfea~

flora~how was the shopping

bloom~oh it was ok

flora~bloom whats worng

bloom~noting flora just a long day thats all

flora~well ok bloom goodnight

bloom~night flora ~bloom thinking on i hope i can keep this a secret from them

~so bloom went to sleep~