Author's note: Text done in Italics is either Allison's dream or what she is seeing with her gift. Please bear with me as only part way into season 3 so may be spoilers for the first 2 seasons but no idea what is gonna happen past where I've seen :)

Detective Lee Scanlon is sitting on the edge of his desk, his shirt partly open and his eyes closed. The lights are dimmed, suggesting that the squad room is empty and those who normally inhabit it have headed their separate ways for the night. A slender hand, with delicately shaped nails, touches Lee's chest, causing him to straighten and open his eyes. A smile spreads across his face as he looks into the face of the petite woman standing in front of him, tenderly brushing a stray lock of dark hair from her face. His hand slips around to the back of her head, pulling her closer to him so he can press his lips to hers. The kiss is returned passionately as they begin to caress each other, clothing starting to be shed as their desire grows. Lee brings his hands up to cup her face, breaking the kiss as they look at each other and smile. His hands slip down to her throat and his smile widens as his grip starts to tighten, cutting of her air supply and choking her as she struggles to try and free herself...

Allison woke with a start, her hand pressed to her throat as she gasped for air. Even though she hadn't been the one being strangled, she could feel the hands around her throat and dragged large amounts of air into her lungs to calm her ragged nerves and racing heart.

"You ok?" mumbled Joe sleepily beside her.

"I'm fine Joe, go back to sleep," she reassured him, clenching her hands into fists to stem their trembling. She slipped out of bed and wandered down the hall into the kitchen, running herself a glass of cold water and sitting herself at the table. She tried to wrap her head around the dream she had just woken from, unable to believe that Lee Scanlon would ever hurt someone, let alone strangle a woman he had been kissing moments before. She had been having the dreams long enough to know that what she saw was not always the exact thing that had happened, or was going to happen, and that she needed to work out the message behind it. From what she had seen, she knew that Lee had been, or was going to be, intimately involved with the dark haired girl. She knew him well enough to know that he wasn't a murderer, so that left a few possibilities to work with in figuring out who the killer was.

Grabbing a pad of paper and a pencil, Allison began to jot down what she knew so far. Lee was going to be, or had been, involved with the victim. Closing her eyes for a moment, to go over what she had seen in her dream, she could see faint scars on the victim's neck, which she guessed were old injuries. She had no idea what they'd been caused by, but their thickness suggested a thin rope of some sort and that created more questions in her mind. Had the woman escaped death already, only to fall prey to another murderer here in Phoenix? Had those marks been caused recently or a long time ago? Who had caused them and why?

After an hour of scribbling notes, Allison realised she had actually succeeded in making herself tired once more and decided to grab an extra hour sleep before it was time to get up and see the the girls. Carefully placing the note pad on top of the refrigerator, she padded silently back to bed and slipped beneath the sheets, snuggling up to Joe who obligingly wrapped his arm around her in his sleep. Her eyes drifted shut and she fell into a deep and dreamless sleep, spared the horrors of any more nightmares for a few hours.

In a small apartment miles away from Allison's house, a young woman bolted awake to find she was not alone in the darkness...