Hey everyone` I couldn't help but make this other story! It was on my mind for a while! But don't worry I will update both this and Graceful Godess! If enough people seem to like this I will update this story as well! So please enjoy!

Summary; Hinata wears glasses and always does her hair in two braids to conceal her face. She is known as an outcast in her school and even known by her own cousin. What the people are unaware of is the beautiful face hidden behind her false costume. See what happens when Hinata slowly breaks out of her shell.

"Outta the way, weirdo," a cute girl with pink hair and green eyes said, pushing aside a bluish black haired girl. A couple of girls crowded around the pink haired girl giggled.

The girl quickly moved out of the way and bowed deeply, "I-I'm sorry H-h-Haruno-san!"

"Hm, how pathetic," The pink haired girl smacked the books that were held in her hand resulting on them all falling to the floor she then flipped her hair and walked away, with the other girls in tow.

Hinata knelt on the floor, her bangs concealing the tears welling up in her eyes. The bell rang and she quickly picked up all her textbooks. 'Oh no! I'm going to be late for class.' She war down the hallway her two braids flying in the air.

She finally made it to the door of her classroom, and she pushed up her specs that concealed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She closed her eyes and opened the door to the classroom, louder then she wanted, which grabbed the attention of the whole class.

"Nice of you to finally join us, Hyuuga-san." The teacher didn't even look her way to know it was Hinata.

Hinata bowed to the teacher, "G-gomen ne Sensei, m-my locker w-w-was s-stuck." He made a motion with his hand, telling her to sit down and she took her seat at the front corner of the classroom, next to the window. On her way there she felt the glares of students, she then tripped over someone's foot. The class snickered at her.

"G-gomen..." She finally sat down in her seat just wanting to get the lesson over with. Her sensei then proceeded to teach the lesson. She felt a paper thrown at the back of her head. She turned around discreetly and saw Naruto snickering as Sasuke held a smirk on his face. Hinata blushed and turned toward the lesson, scribbling down notes.

'Why must it always be me they pick on?' After that thought, her sensei's phone started ringing.

He picked it up and excused himself from the class to run down to the office, to pick something up.

Everyone started to talk with their friends and Hinata hoped no one bothered her. sadly, Kami apparently had something out for her because her regulary bullies started walking towards her.

"Aw look who it is, little miss goody two shoes," Naruto said scowling at Hinata. She tried to shrink into her chair.

Suigestu grabbed her notebook and threw it on the floor, "Whoops!" He then lifted his foot and stomped down on it and continued doing it repeatedly. Hinata started to shake, and her face started to turn red.

"Ah she looks like she's going to explode," her old friend Kiba said mocking her by cowering and shaking.

"And what's with these ugly glasses is it to help hide your eyes that are maybe just as ugly?" Naruto started to take her glasses off.

"N-no! P-please…" It was too late Naruto had already taken them off, and he saw pale lavenderish eyes, that made them blush. Hinata in reality had a beautiful face. But all of it was hidden behind the image she created for herself.

Naruto covered his face, trying to hide the blush. Suigestu stood there his mouth hanging open, as did Kiba. 'Kawaii…" was what they all thought. Kiba was the first to snap out of it, and he snatched the glasses from Naruto.

He threw them at Hinata, "P-put your glasses back on!" Kiba walked toward his seat and sat down his eyes narrowed toward his desk. Soon Naruto and Suigestu followed, still surprised with what they saw.

Huge cute eyes staring back at them, glossy from the tears that threatened to fall, with a small pout on her lips as the bottom one quivered slightly. Yes, Hinata was definitely a sin to all men.