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Finally Ino seemed satisfied with what they bought. They were carrying bags full of clothes, some Hinata's and some Ino's. They made a compromise that Hinata will change her style of clothing and also her hair, her clothes will cover an amount of skin Hinata felt comforting with but still showed off her curves.

"Hinata, I can't believe you were hiding a killer body under those rags," Ino exclaimed making a right towards Hinata's house.

She blushed at the compliment and just silently listened to the story Ino was telling.

To Hinata's shock Ino pulled into the driveway. Ino noticed her shock, "Of course I need to see how you look in your outfits!" Ino opened the door and slammed it shut walking up to her door.

The dark blue haired girl sighed to herself and pouted, "But didn't we do that at the mall…"

She opened the door to her house and she heard the sounds of deep laughter. It was probably Neji's friends; she heard the sound coming from the living room. Luckily her room is out of sight from the living room.

"Wah, you're house is so awesome," Ino squealed looking around in amaziment.

"U-um this w-way Ino." They made there way up a flight of stairs.

"Wait! I wanna see around the house," Ino whined coincidentally wanting to go to the living room where Neji and his friends were.

"N-no, w-we c-can't Neji's friends are there," Hinata said blushing with her head held down.

Ino smirked, "Is that so? Well okay, let's just go upstairs, Ino took note that the kitchen had a view into the living room and followed Hinata upstairs.

Ino looked around the room, white walls, a single dresser, and a plain twin sized bed. She came to conclusion her room was plain. She placed the bags on top of the bed.

"Alright try this one on, it's my favorite!" Ino took out a light purple tube top, she then took out tight jeans that had stylish rips on the legs. Much to Hinata's discomfort she took it. She had told Ino that the top was way to revealing but Ino begged her just to buy it 'In case of emergencies' she said.

Hinata went into the bathroom and began to change into the tightfitting clothes. After she was done she looked at herself in the mirror.

The shirt showed an indecent amount of cleavage, her hair was flowing down, and se didn't have her glasses on. She sighed to herself and stepped out of the bathroom.

Much to her surprise Ino was looking at her music collection. "You listen to Hollywood undead to," Ino asked surprised with her back towards Hinata.

Ino turned around and gasped. "Hina-chan! You look so HOT!" Ino smiled brightly and circled around Hinata. "Ah wait! Try your heels on to!" Ino gave her a box of the two dark purple heels they brought. While Hinata put her shoes on Ino put one of 'Hollywood Undead's' songs on. It was a catchy song and soon both Hinata and Ino were dancing around

Hinata was laughing at there antics and Ino who started to dance in a goofy way. Ino stomach started to rumble and Ino grabbed her stomach and rubbed it.

"I'll go get you something to eat," Hinata said walking downstairs still in her outfit and heels. She was to much in a good mood to remember the wolves that dwelled downstairs, AKA her cousin and friends.


Nah just kidding!


"Hey man! I called that doughnut," Said the blond boy named Naruto.

An ebony haired boy sighed and took a bite out of the doughnut, "It doesn't have your name on it, dobe."

"I called it mentally, teme!"

"Guys shutup you're so troublesome," Said a lazy genius sitting on the corner of the table with his head down.

Naruto pouted and crossed his arms together. Suigestu remembered the project that he and a certain hyuuga had to do. "Oi Neji! When is your cousin coming home?"

Neji was taken by surprise by the question about his cousin, "The hell you wanna know for?"

Suigestu leaned back in the chair feeling some questioning stares from his friends. "I have a project with her."

Neji silently 'oh'd' "I don't know, what am I her secretary?"

Suigestu cringed, "Geez, it was just a question, who stuck a stick in your ass?" Suigestu took a large gulp of water almost finishing the whole bottle. The room was silent for a moment and they heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen.

They looked towards the doorway and all there jaws dropped with blushes on there faces.

The indigo haired girl stopped in her steps and gasped a blush creeping onto her face. They all stared at her.

She bowed deeply, giving them a better shot of her cleavage, "\G-gomen, i-if I-I'm i-i-interrupting." Some blood gushed out Kiba and Naruto's noses. They covered it with their hands.

Hinata, hearing no response tried her best to ignore the stares. She slowly walked towards the fridge and opened it rummaging through the things. She went towards the cupboard and saw a bag of chips Ino could munch on.

Sadly she couldn't reach. She kept trying to reach for it stretching herself up no aware of the view she gave everyone, making them keep their eyes on her.

Hinata the felt an arm wrap around her waist and pull her flush against the body. The head nuzzled into her neck and a long arm reached for the bag of chips.

Hinata blushed madly. She felt the captives hair tickle her neck.

The person whispered seductively into her ear, "Here."