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Alphabetical names

A is for Arabella Figg, who looked after Harry when he was young.

B is for Bellatrix Lestrange, a crazy lady in Azkaban.

C is for the Carrows, who took over the school when they could.

D is for Dobby, who saved Harry's life.

E is for Lilly Evans, who saved Harry by giving up herself.

F is for Fred, who was a twin that caused mischief.

G is for George, who played pranks on everyone.

H is for Hermione, who was brave and brilliant.

I is for Igor Karkoroff, who was a traitor but didn't stay that way.

J is for James Potter, who gave his like for his Son.

K is for Kingsley Shacklebolt, who was a brave auror.

L is for Luna Lovegood, who saw many things we did not.

M is for Mad Eye Moody, who has a first name with an annoyingly common letter.

N is for Neville, who would do anything for anyone.

O is for Olympe Maxime, who runs her own magical school.

P is for Potter, Harry Potter, who saved us all.

Q is for Quirrel, who gave up being a human when he was possessed by Voldemort.

R is for Riddle. Tom Riddle, who never wanted his name, but will have it now.

S is for Sirius 'Snuffles' 'Padfoot' Black, who was a good man even after 12 years in Azkaban.

T is for Tonks, who would never go by Nymphadora, so shall not be listed so here.

U is for Umbridge, who doesn't deserve the spot.

V is for Victor Krum, who was a great man to many.

W is for Ronald Weasley, who gave everything for the cause.

X is for Xenophilias Lovegood, owner of the Quibbler.

Y is for Yaxley, stupid Death Eater Scum.

Z is for Zacharias Smith, a smartalec in Hufflepuff.