A Scarecrow's Obsession

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Summary: Dr. Jonathan Crane has targeted a new victim, but the night he's suppose to kidnap the victim, a young woman and her daughter get in the way. Jaclyn, though blissfully ignorant at the time, becomes an undeniable obsession to one of the craziest men in Gotham.

A/N: First of all, this story is based off a very twisted, disturbing dream I had. Most of my dreams are disturbing. Second, these chapters are going to be short and sweet. My goal is to not let them exceed 1000 words, but that might just be impossible. And Third, I'm currently having issues with my laptop, so don't expect scheduled updates. There's a process I have to go through with each chapter and it sometimes takes a while to complete.

And here we go…

Chapter 1: Downhill - Jackie

"I hate this fucking hill!" I snarled under my breath as I pushed myself to keep climbing. I shivered against the cold, wrapping my ridiculously thin shawl tighter around my shoulders. I gasped, wincing as the freezing night air constricted my aching lungs. My bare feet stung painfully, slowly going numb on the ice-cold concrete sidewalk.

I stopped to take a breather halfway up the steep hill, tears of frustration streaking down my numb cheeks. My whole body trembled violently as the winter breeze swept around me, enveloping my bare legs beneath my torn evening gown.

Another date, another disaster.

Sam Holiday had seemed so promising when he'd asked me out for dinner two days ago. I'd actually found myself looking forward to the evening. But twenty minutes in, I'd unthinkingly mentioned Lavender. Sam had grown awkward and distant after I'd explained to him about my daughter. An argument had arisen and anger had ensued.

Throw in the clumsy waiter and the rogue puppy and we had a nice catastrophe on our hands. Naturally, my curse of endless bad luck had ensured I got the worst of it. And to top it all off, Mr. Holiday had disappeared, forcing me to take the subway across the city and walk the remaining three blocks in a torn evening gown and three-inch heels.

Okay, I'd taken the heels off a long time ago. I knew it would have been a burning hell if I hadn't.

I pushed away from the brick wall I'd slumped against, setting off once again up the hill. Twenty minutes later, I was exiting the apartment building standing at the top of the retched hill, slowly backtracking to the apartment building at the bottom. This time I had my three-year-old daughter perched on my hip.

Annie, the old woman who was always kind enough to baby-sit Lavender when I needed her to, had given me an old pair of thick, woolen socks to warm my feet and calves on my short trip home. She'd gone wild when she'd seen me and had tried giving me clothes and shoes. I'd accepted the old pair of socks, claiming I needed no more.

"Mommy, how was the date?" the sleepy girl mumbled into my shoulder.

Sigh. "It was fine, sweetie. Go on ahead and sleep."

She mumbled something into my shoulder, but I couldn't understand it. A second later, she was asleep.

Now that I had Lavender in my arms, my senses were heightened. In Gotham, you always have to be on full alert, especially at night. After becoming a mother, my senses seemed to triple. The mother in me instinctively protected her child.

With Lavender win my arms, I became aware that the seemingly empty street wasn't actually empty. I could feel it in the air, almost taste it. There was something in the shadows, watching me, making the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

I climbed the steps to my apartment building, shifting Lavender in my arms to unlock the door with the key I'd fished out of my purse back at Annie's.

I glanced both ways before I opened the door, taking in the empty street. No one.

That night, I triple checked my windows and door to make sure they were locked. I even had Lavender sleep in my bed, tucked safely under the covers by my side. I didn't get much sleep.

A/N: This first chapter kind of sucks, in my opinion. I'm not very happy with it, but it was needed. The next chapter will be all about Scarecrow! Yay!