The Reason

Maka was making her way home alone tonight. Dirty blonde strands blew around her face as the wind picked up on the sullen night, drops of wintry rain landing on her head. She pulled her jacket closer to her petite body for more warmth.

Soul had to humor Black*Star again on one of his crazy exhibitions. She could barely recall him mumbling about some treasure that Black*Star had heard about before he was wisped away by the strange assassin.

She rubbed her head, the slight headache she had gotten within the last hour of school getting worse with every step she took on the vacant street. Blinking hard to keep the drops of rain from blurring her already hazy vision further, she tried to focus on the portion of the street she needed to cross in order to get to the apartment.

She looked both ways, her eyes focusing in and out as her headache thrummed annoyingly in her skull. Sighing she leaned out further, one foot falling into a puddle on the side of the road. Good thing I water-proofed my boots.

Not seeing nor hearing a vehicle coming, she took the step of faith, bracing herself for the worse. Bolting across the unnaturally tame street she concentrated on the white lines that meant 'walk here' on the damp road.

Relieved when her foot hit the lip of the side walk she stepped up, not caring that it made her stumble a bit. She slowly approached the apartment door, driving her hand deep into the pocket of her outer coat, she fished out the key.

Shoving the key forward towards the hole with a clumsy hand the key clanked with the metal surrounding it. After missing the god forsaken entrance several times she grew frustrated, her eyes narrowing further as her damp hair fell in front of her face.

Growling, she blinked aggravated tears from her eyes. The headache had graduated into a migraine, and to add on to it, her head spun from lack of food. She hadn't eaten breakfast and skipped out on lunch to study for an up coming test the period after. Then she stayed after with Tsubaki to finish a project with Professor Stein, missing the usual time for dinner seeing it was now late at night.

Ignoring her shaking knees, she thrusted the rusty key forward again, and smiled weakly as she felt it sink into the well-used slot. She twisted it with such vigor that the key itself could have snapped if anymore pressure was pushed onto it.

She pushed the door open, the hinges giving a mighty groan in protest as it slowly swung open. Obviously the hinges needed another oiling. Maybe tomorrow, it would be Saturday after all.

She dropped her bag on the floor near the door and slipped her boots off. She couldn't bring herself to care that she pestered Soul for leaving things at the door so often. All she wanted to do was dry off and go to bed. So, she sat on the little piece of heaven known as her worn couch and wrung her hair out, drying it off in the overcoat that she had just stripped off herself, leaving her in her yellow T-shirt and red and black plaid skirt.

She didn't bother to muffle the huge sigh of relief at being home. There was nothing like your own house (Err…apartment), from the musty smell and stained carpet, it was home, and where home was comfort.

Leaning towards the coffee table slowly, she opened the top drawer, disregarding the squeak it made and pulled out a bottle of Advil. She picked up a random cup on the table top, not caring what was in it at this point.

Tipping her head back she took a large gulp of it, washing the two pills down her dry throat.

Yum, Sour chocolate milk. She scrunched up her nose in disgust. She'd never liked chocolate milk, not alone if it was spoiled. Hell, she didn't even think Soul would like it spoiled, and it's his favorite.

Grumbling to herself she gradually laid her head down onto the soft cushy pillow and rolled over so her face was facing the back of the couch, shielding her from the dim light coming off of the lamp on the other side of the couch.


Feeling a slight prodding at her shoulder, Maka sighed in annoyance, nuzzling her head further into the cushion of the couch. After a little trouble, she'd finally been able to fall asleep, albeit a shallow slumber. At least her migraine was getting better, now it was only a dull ache throbbing in the back of her head like a reminder of what could return if she made any wrong movements.

"Maka." A familiar rough voice whispered close to her ear.

"Soul, What are you doing home?" She turned towards him, her eye cracking open.

"It's around 12. I woke you up so you could go to your own bed."

She didn't say anything and contemplated his idea. A bed means sleeping more comfortably and falling into a deeper rest, but, on the other hand that also involved getting up. She rolled over with a huff. "I'm fine down here. I'll see you in the morning."

She nodded in finalities as her eyes slid closed again.

Before Soul even took a step towards the stairs that lead to the bedrooms her stomach decided to make itself known with a loud, embarrassing grumble, telling everyone in the room she was hungry. She slid one eye open, hoping that he didn't hear it, unfortunately he'd turned partly around, giving her a chary look through soaked bangs that hung low on his pale face.

She closed her eye again before her gaze met his.

"Maka…Did you eat anything when you came home?" Soft steps alerted her he was heading towards the kitchen anyway.

She didn't answer him and just snuggled into the couch more, hopeful he would leave her be so she could return to sleep. Besides, after a day with Black*Star you would think he'd be too tired to worry about her state of hunger.

He took her silence as an answer. "Are you serious? You haven't eaten anything all day have you? How do you expect us to get the last few Kishin Eggs if you go all anorexic on me?" His voice was muffled by the wall that separated the kitchen and living room. "What do you want to eat? Cereal?" She heard a bowl cling as it hit the counter. Wondering why he even asks if she doesn't have a choice, she rolled onto her back.

"Sure." She grumbled wincing at the loudness of her own voice.

After a couple moments filled with ruffling plastic, clinking sliver wear, and the pitter patter of cereal hitting the floor, a soft swear echoed into the living room, making her smile, despite her headache.

Her bowl of cereal was delivered to her at last. He set it on the coffee table next to her, the bowl making a hushed clinking noise when it contacted the hard wood. "I'll be right back. I have to clean up a mess." He strolled away once more with his hands in his jacket's pockets, muttering to himself grouchily.

Turning her head hesitantly she cracked an eye open, and was greeted by a blurred image of Fruit Loops. Sitting up slowly, one of her small hands raised up to cradle her bleakly throbbing head, rubbing circles at the temple to null the slight pain. Fruit Loops, my favorite.

She couldn't help the smile that found its way to her lips. Soul knew her way too well.

She leaned forward and swung her legs off the couch. Gripping the plastic spoon in her petite hand she scooped the delicious snack into her mouth. "Mmmmhm." She sighed in delight, closing her eyes in bliss.

"You better enjoy it. I slaved over it for hours." Soul reentered the room with a hefty glass of water in hand. He took a seat beside her, the couch dipping with his extra weight.

Smiling at him, she watched his throat work as he gulped down the whole thing in one swig. "Ahh…." He put the glass down with a loud belch and sat back with a content sigh.

"So what's wrong?" He cut his dark eyes toward her as she shoveled another spoon full of bliss into her mouth, a couple missing and landing on the already filthy rug. Tomorrow I vacuum too. He chuckled at her antics.

"I had a pretty bad headache. But it's subsiding now." She spoke with such relief that her eyes rolled to the back of her head. He nodded in understanding. Reclining further in the sofa he struggled with a huge yawn. "That's cool." He slurred out with his mouth wide open, showing off his extremely sharp teeth.

"So what happened with Black*Star?"

"He got himself stuck in a tree." She didn't have to look at him to see the smile that was surely stretched across his face.

"How?" A soft snicker ripped up her throat at the possible reasons, it could have been anything.

"Three words—pumpkin cat women."

"Blair?" This time she actually turned to look at him in confusion.

"She was at the beach and Black*Star decided to blame her for the lost treasure," He hesitated and his smile widen, "She had music playing and didn't hear him approach. When he started yelling about how 'godly' he was she turned and blasted him with a Halloween Canon." He scoffed in amusement shaking his head at his friend's foolish ways.

"That's Black*Star for you." She quipped and stood up. She brought the bowl into the kitchen and set it in the sink. The food helped her mind clear and she smiled contentedly, even if a pile of dishes stared back at her. Eww, soon there will be flies in here. These need to be done too. Maybe Soul would actually help out this time….

She was just about to turn around and ask him when two long arms reached around her and two callused hands leaned into the counter surrounding the full sink. She slowly turned to the owner of the arms, confused.

"Soul?" Her voice was small and her eyes darted towards the floor, refusing to meet his.

One of his hands came up to grip her shoulder, its warmth creeping into her flesh. "Are you ok? You've been off lately." His tone was soft and caring, a far cry from his usual gruff one. She could feel his red irises burning a hole into her forehead, making her squirm in discomfort; she's never been in such a…intimate situation before.

Closing her eyes, she willed herself to keep her body still. She could feel small trembles rack through her body, it would be over her dead body if they escalated to the point where he actually notice them. "Yeah, I'm fine. You're the one acting strange." To emphasis the point, she moved her hand to hover just over his arm, hesitating there for a couple seconds before letting it fall on his warm flesh. She let a breath go that she didn't realize she'd been holding while Soul tensed, eye's flashing with an unknown emotion.

"I'm acting strange because I know something's different about you." He paused as if to think. "I can feel it when we perform our soul resonance. You're hiding something and I want to know what." At this moment everything about him was stern. Peaking from underneath light lashes she saw that his mouth was slightly agape and his eyes solid with determination.

She directed her gaze back down to the tile flooring quickly.

She had feared this moment, and wished for it to never take place. Although she knew it would, Soul could be dense at times, but, he can read people like an open book. Especially when he knows them as well as he knew her.

That fact is what makes this situation so unbearable. If she told him what was really bothering her—plaguing her every dream and thought—, she might lose him. So, for the first time since they've known each other, she was going to lie to him. Her partner.

"Nothing. I've just been tired."

"Maka. You're a horrible liar." I know.

"How can I be a horrible liar when I'm not lying at all?" She whispered tentatively, her head bowed low.

Her other hand reached up to him coming in contact with his chest, full intent on pushing him away so he was at least arms length away instead of being a mere breath span away. She couldn't stop it as it curled into his worn jacket, betraying her when she needed her strength of will the most.

"Look me in the eyes and say that."

Swallowing the lump that formed in her throat and fortifying her nerves she slowly met his strong eyes. Removing all emotion from her face, she spoke in a strong voice. "Nothings wrong."

His eyes flared with a whirl of emotion. She could make out anger, sadness, doubt, but, there was a couple emotions playing deeper in the bloody pools.

"Whatever you say." He pushed off of the counter and walked out of the kitchen, a disappointed air to his steps.

She stood there in disbelief, her eyes wide and brimming with tears. She refused to let them spill over, it was too early. She had to hear the reassuring slam of his door until she let all the pent up emotion over flow the dam she had built up to hold it in.

The loud bang startled Maka, even though she knew it was coming. Its loudness echoed through out the whole house. One single tear slid down her cheek. Even though she wasn't standing at the door when it slammed, it felt like he'd shut it in her face.

The tears flowed faster, making an endless trail down her cheek that ended at her chin. She was sure that if she stood there all night, there would be a puddle on the floor by the time the sun greeted the sky in the morning.

She couldn't let that happen. Her name was Maka Albarn, she's suppose to be strong. Not only for herself but for everyone she cared about. So if it meant throwing away her feelings for her weapon, so be it.

She began to walk towards the stairs that lead to her and Soul's room, her steps unsteady, her whole body trembled with the effort to stop the tears that had already started to fall. To think this all began with a stupid, girlish crush. Something that wasn't suppose to mean anything—water under the bridge.

Instead, she ended up falling in love with the one person who would never have mutual feelings for her. Sure he cared about her, he saved her life several times, but that's what partner's are for, right?

God Soul. What are you doing to me?

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