*Author's Notes* As it says in the summary, this story is about Sally's life before the movie. It takes place 1 to 2 years before. I got this idea from another story I was writing, about Jack and Sally's first meeting. I gave up on it, so I used it in this. *Disclaimer* I do not own The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack (Darn!), Or Sally (Darn.), or any other characters from the movie. They belong to Touchstone Pictures AKA Disney, and Tim Burton. Please tell me what you think about the story. No flames please! Thank you and enjoy. -ThinkChimerical

Chapter 1: How I Came to Be

A strange tune with stranger lyrics flew out of my mouth as I wandered past the headstones. Un Evermore, Un Nevermore, Un Forevermore. I don't quite know how old I was. I think I was six. Yes, six. Most definitely. I did not look six. Right now, I do not look like I'm twelve. I look and feel older. And so I am. But when I was six, Halfway through my life now, I didn't know anything. Everything was utter darkness, until I saw Him.

I suppose I should tell you how I came to be. There was darkness and a jolt of something sharp and bright, and then there I was, alive, in a way, and fully conscious. I knew things. But I didn't know everything. I knew what things were called. But I didn't now how to speak. I didn't know how to walk. I suppose I was as helpless as a baby. The only thing I knew was how to think, and maybe emotions. And I was frightened.

Wouldn't you be if the first person you saw was old and shriveled and smiling down at you unpleasantly? It would turn out that his person was my creator. But he taught me how to read and write, to talk and walk. All things needed for human, or almost human, function. I guess… I guess I should be thankful. But I'm not. In the early days, before I saw Him, I guess I had a little more freedom. I was allowed outside, for a limited period of time, an hour or so each day. I was treated as I kind of servant. A strictly watched over servant. When anybody caught a glimpse of me, (which was rare) my creator told me I was his niece. Or daughter. Or cousin. Mostly daughter, though. Nobody cared anyways.

My job as a servant enlists of these tasks: Cooking, cleaning, sewing, mending, and conversation. I have to cook my Creator's horrible, disgusting food, had to watch him eat it, clean up his disgusting tower, top to bottom, sew and his and his one other servant's clothes, and also mend everything. And then I had to listen to him rant for hours, while I get just nodded and looked like I was following along and agreed with everything he said. From morning to night, I walked up and down that tower. There was one place I was not allowed to enter though. But I looked anyways.

It was a small bedroom, sparsely furnished, and what was there was not pleasant. A pair of dice crudely made. A pack of worn cards. There were bugs everywhere. They skittered away as I neared them. The whole room was coated in dust. But the things that horrified me the most where what was nailed to the wall. A set of long, heavy, chains. There were pieces of… something still attached to these chains. They seemed to be a type of cloth. Strong and rough cloth. Kind of like… my skin. I stepped back, horrified. I believe it was then I first began distrusting my creator.

A few months later, out for my daily hour, I wandered to the cemetery. My legs are spindly and my arms flop, so it took me a little while to get there. My creator made me this way so I wouldn't "leave". I am not very strong. But am talented in other thing, like sewing. And making potions. And something…else. Something I cannot put a name to. I can… sense things. See things. There, I put it plainly. I do not think my creator intended for me to have this gift. It was an accident, I believe. I have not told him I have it. He would take it away.

When I reached the cemetery, I spent a quarter of an hour, just sitting there and enjoying the cool breeze on my face. Then I heard someone coming. I hid, for my creator always says, " Servants are not fit to be seen or heard." I looked out at the striding figure. He was tall, thin and handsome. He wore an elegant suit, and he radiated, power and authority. My eyes widened, for I had never seen anyone… who I… who I… I could not put a name to the emotion at the time. But whatever my emotions, were they were strong. Can you not guess who it was? I will tell you. It was Him.

*Bonus* Can you guess who Him is? Who Creator is? (Those are pretty easy, if you've watched the movie.) And whose room is that anyway?