Hey, hey, hey! It's me! I have arrived! (crickets) you are mean peoples. anyway, this is a new story, and I'm trying my best to not copy other peoples ideas by dressing up a girl as a guy, but you see, Alex has a reason. It's not just because she dousn't want to wear the but ugly banana dresses for the females. sooo, read and rate! P.S oh yeah, and whenever I say 'boy' or 'he' in brackets, that means I'm switching over to the male version of Alex. just remember that! please don't be confused!

Chapter 1

Alex walked down the halls of the humongous school. Wow. It's so beautiful! He thought. He looked down to the ground and listened to the sound of his footsteps on the Marble floor. "Must of cost a hell of a lot for all this." he said out loud. When he got to the principal's office, he walked in, and up to the secretary. "Hi. My name is Alex Naismith, and I'm a transfer student." Alex said while looking down at the ground. The secretary looked him up and down. The 'boy' was wearing the school's male uniform, and had messy shoulder length jet black hair that covered his face when he looked down.

"Ah, yes, you are. I have your information sheet. You are the foster child of Mr. Silver." Alex nodded his head. "Well, here is your class schedule, and I will get one of the students to show you around." Quickly looking up, Alex looked at the secretary with large beautiful crystal blue eyes. "It's okay. I can find the classes by myself." A bit stunned, the secretary was mesmerized by the boy's eyes. Giving the woman a small smile, he turned and walked out of the office. Once outside, and far away from the place, he let out a huge sigh.

"I wonder how long I can keep my secret for." Alex asked herself quietly. Reaching under her uniform, she scratched at the bindings around her chest. "It's getting kind of hard to breath in these." The bell ringed, and she walked forward again, but kept her head down. She was in this school, yes. But did she want to be noticed? No. So she just went on her way, minding her own business, until she bumped into someone that is. She landed half on her butt and half on her back. Her eyes were closed when she had made the final landing, but she opened them after a few seconds. To her horror, she was face to face with a green eyed, red haired, boy.

Mumbling an apology, he got up off of 'him'. Looking away he held his hand out to help him up. When the other boy didn't take it, the red haired boy looked down to see a pair of huge adorable blue eyes looking up at him. And they were filled with...fear? "What's wrong?" Hikaru asked the blue eyed boy. His breath hitched. Mistaking this for admiration, Hikaru smirked and reached out to grab the other boys hand and hoist him off of the ground. But the boy flinched. "I'm not going to hurt you." Hikaru told him, reaching out again.

Scrambling backwards, the boy got up, and ran down the hall with lightning speed. Kaoru appeared then and asked his twin, "Hey bro! What's wrong with you?" "I just bumped into this guy. And when I tried to help him up, he just ran away." Hikaru told his brother. "weird." The younger twin said. They both shrugged and linked arms, and made their way to their next classroom.

Once she couldn't see the red haired boy anymore, she stopped and leaned against the wall. Sliding down it, she caught her breath. Once her jagged breathing was slowed to normal again, she took out her schedule and looked at the lesson she had to go to. Hmmm. Math with Mrs. Needle. The door number is 125 apparently. Alex thought. After looking for the stupid room for half an hour, she was totally lost, and went back to were she started down the wall where she had collapsed before, she looked up to the door in front of her and groaned. Right smack dab in the middle of everything, was the door with the numbers 125. Sighing, she got up and walked over to the double doors. Taking a deep breath, she pushed the doors open.

She walked right inside with her head downwards. "Ah, Mr. Naismith. Nice of you to join us." Mrs. Needle said. "Please come over here and introduce yourself." Still with her head down, she mumbled something. "Please look up and use a louder voice. And please move your hair out of your face." Mrs. Needle said patiently. Looking up at the class, she tucked her hair behind her ears and gave a nervous the girls saw the boy's face, they all swooned and some fainted.

He was absolutely gorgeous! No, correction, he was beautiful! All the girls thought it was absolutely adorable as the boy gave a nervous smile but was still very shy. Hikaru stared at the boy in the front of the classroom. Leaning over to whisper to Haruhi and Kaoru, he told them "that's the guy I bumped into!" "The one who ran away?" Kaoru asked. "Duh. Who else would run away from me?" Hikaru asked his brother exasperated. "Everyone." Haruhi said. Kaoru cracked up and Hikaru huffed.

Still scared stiff of all the males in the room, Alex found it hard to talk. "Uh... M-my name is...Alex, a-and I'm 16. I l-like reading and writing, and d-dressing up for plays and such." Alex said stuttering slightly. The girls in the classroom found this even cuter, and gave out lots of "awww's." Making Alex blush a little from embarrassment. That sent some of the girls swooning. "There is an empty seat beside Mr. Hitachiin. Uh, the one on the left of Ms. Fujioka." Mrs. Needle said pointing towards the empty seat.

Unfortunately, this seat was in between two males. Alex nodded and headed for the chair. Trying not to brush against either of the boys. When she sat down, she was ramrod straight. She was too scared to move. She knew it wasn't their fault that she was deathly afraid of men, but she just couldn't stand them. The guy on her right suddenly leaned over and reached his hand out, asking for a pencil. She flinched, and then slowly moved to grab a pencil for him. She held on to the very end of the writing utensil, and gave it to him, without touching him. When he had a hold of it, she quickly removed her hand and sat ramrod straight again, looking at the teacher. She didn't notice Hikaru watching her every move.