Chapter 10

Alex was very warm, and she was completely comfortable. The reason she was so warm, is because there was a wonderful heat source right beside her. Gripping some of the material that was on the heat source, she pulled herself closer, if that was even possible, and she wrapped herself around the thing like she would a huggy pillow. Kaoru looked at the sleeping girl wrapped around his older brother and snickered. She was a clinger in her sleep, but Hikaru didn't seem to mind. He looked quite comfortable too with his face buried into the girl's neck. They just lay there, in a tangle of arms and legs, sheets in a mess, sleeping peacefully. This was too good an opportunity to give up. Whipping out his camera, he snapped a few photos to show the rest of the host club. Sneaking back out of the room, he dashed downstairs, and saw everyone else at the table, eating breakfast. Waving his phone in front of their faces, he said triumphantly "Hikaru has got a girlfriend!"

At this, Tamaki choked on his croissant, and started having coughing fits. Recovering quickly, he snatched Kaoru's phone and stared at the picture. He gave this weird squeak, and dropping the phone, he rushed upstairs to 'save his precious daughter'. (*cough* wife! *cough*) meanwhile, after Kaoru had left, Hikaru had woken up, and found he couldn't see. But his face was against something warm, soft, and it smelled like strawberries. He could also feel something like arms and legs wrapped around his chest and torso. It hit him like a ton of bricks. He had stayed with Alex after she had asked him. He had accidently fallen asleep. Now she was wrapped around him like he was her lifeline. Actually, he didn't mind, and he found it was very comfortable. But it got extremely uncomfortable when a certain blonde haired idiot burst into the room. His face was red with rage, and steam was pouring from his ears. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY DAUGHTER!" he yelled, startling Alex awake and making her fall off the bed. She stood up, and found she was still in her bikini from last night.

That set Tamaki off again. "WHY DID YOU LEAVE HER IN THAT! SHE'LL GET A COLD NOW!" Hikaru just rolled his eyes and asked "So you'd rather me see her naked? I can't take off her bathing suit without seeing her naked. Or let me guess, you wanted to change her?" Alex went bright red with Tamaki at that. "N-no, don't worry, I'm fine, just a bit tired-" and was cut off by the need to sneeze. She did, and it ended up coming out as a little squeak, and it almost sounded like a fairy sneezing, if that made any sense. She straightened up and blushed a little, saying "Just the dust. I'm going to go have a shower, so you two can go downstairs." The two didn't move. They just stood there, glaring at each other. She finally sighed and said "Now." They jumped and rushed out of the room, running down the stairs. She quickly cleaned herself up and came out, rooting through her bags for something decent to wear. Oh great. Martin (Mr. Silver) must have switched all my packed clothes with cutesy girl things. Sighing again, she randomly picked a dress, and slipped into it after securing her underclothes. Peeking around the corner, she looked around to see if it was clear. Knowing some of those boys, they'll jump her exclaiming how cute she was in the dress.

Seeing it was safe, she stepped out, quickly making her way down the massive hall. She passed the kitchen, and nearly jumped out of her skin when a voice said "Trying to make a getaway?" she whipped around, and saw the source of the voice sitting on a chair by the window, sipping a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. His hair was sticking up slightly, and his eyes were slightly red. "You just got up too Kyouya?" she asked, while walking over to him. Sitting down beside him, he nodded, and responded "That idiot blond woke me up with all the shouting. And their loud voices in the dining room are giving me a headache." Alex smiled at this, and reaching forward, she fixed his ruffled hair, and straightened his tie. "there." Was all she said, before standing up. Nodding her head towards the door, she asked "You coming? You've got to face them sometime." He simply sighed before hauling himself up off the chair. Bringing his coffee and newspaper with him, he walked through the entryway of the kitchen, heading towards the dining room.

They both walked in, side by side, and they were greeted by loud voices and annoyed grumbling. It all stopped when they caught site of Alex though, and Tamaki, the Twins and Honey rushed over, telling her how adorable she was in the dress. She just stood there with a bored expression while she was being hugged and squished, while begging Mori for help with her eyes. He did help, lifting her out of harm's way, before setting her at her spot at the breakfast table. She quickly filled the empty plate in front of her filled with left over breakfast food, and ate quickly. After several mouthfuls, she asked "What are we doing today?" Tamaki was first to respond, saying "we were going down to the beach! But I wanted to go to a commoners beach, since we've only been to privet ones before." Alex just shrugged her shoulders and said "I don't mind, but only if everyone agrees." They did, excited by this prospect, and rushed off to get changed into swimsuits.