Just a fun Zemyx story I came up with while feeding my sister. I just wondered something and then this story was born. My friend, who's nickname is Roxas(I'm Axel XD), adores it already and I only have about two chapters written with the second chapter not even being half done. Though I do have a lot of other Kingdom Hearts stories that I need to write once I finish my other stories. Message me if you like this and want to know what the other story titles are along with pairings and a short summary. I hope you like it. ^^ R and R, please. Demyx gets a cookie every time you do and Demyx loves cookies.

I had never been one for fighting. Recon was my favorite thing to do as it required no combat, Heartless encounters or sweating (which is gross). But ever since I had been unwillingly paired up with Tiger (Roxas), the missions only seemed to get more challenging.

Currently, I was lounging in one of the many couches in the Grey Area, plucking at a few of the strings attached to my precious Sitar as I waited for Roxy to finish saying his customary farewell to Flamesilocks (Axel). I mean, it's not like it was some sort of secret that not only were Creeper (Vexen) and Flower Boy (Marluxia) dating, but Axel and Roxas were as well.

And, of course, even though nobody would ever dare say it out loud, several of us in the Organization understood that X-face (Saix) and Silver Hair (Xemnas) had something going on between them. Not that anyone would ever announce it to the two superior Nobody unless they literally wanted to get maimed.

Roxas and I had to head to Halloween Town to defeat an unidentified Giant Heartless. I had never once been assigned to destroy a monstrous Heartless! It was only since some idiot had decided to match us together that I had to be dispatched for more and more difficult missions.

I glanced at Saix standing in his usual spot by the immense, ornate windows where the shining, heart-shaped Kingdom Hearts hung in the sky as I paused in playing my Sitar.

X-face was checking over the clipboard he held, obviously making certain that everyone was out on some sort of assignment as he waited for Roxas and I to begin ours. I looked toward my right when I noticed a faint flash of steel-blue hair out of my peripheral vision and spotted Zexy (Zexion) gracefully gliding toward a couch across from where I sat, carrying his Lexicon in both arms.


I leaned my Sitar against the edge of the couch before skipping toward where Zexion sat and plopping down on the Schemer's left side. I waited for a few seconds, wondering if Zexion didn't know that I was beside him. When the slate-haired Nobody only turned a page in his book, I decided to verbally make my presence known.

"Hi, Zexy!"

A sigh. Then that deep, intellectual blue eye turned in my direction.

"What do you need, Number Nine?" Zexion questioned in his stoic voice.

I pouted. Zexion was the only one who refused to call everyone by their name and only addressed them by their number.

"Demyx." I said, leaning closer to the silent illusionist. "De-my-x." I tapped Zexion's nose lightly to further the explanation of my name.

Zexion frowned slightly as he leaned away and stared at me sternly. "Do not do that."

"What, this?" I grinned playfully as I touched the shorter Nobody's nose once again. I could see why Axel loved teasing Roxas. It was fun.

"Yes, that." Zexion slid away from me as he shut his Lexicon. "I am not a child."

"I want you to say my name." I whispered as I leaned closer to Zexion until our foreheads were almost touching. "Not my number."

"Aww, c'mon, Roxy!"

"I said no, Axel. I have to depart for my mission."

Zexion and I glanced to our right to see Roxas striding into the Grey Area with a distressed red-head close behind him.

"I'll get Saix to change your mission!" Axel pleaded, face in full-blown puppy-dog mode.

A low growl from the blue-haired Nobody as he also watched the scene unfolding in the middle of the Grey Area.

"No." Roxas, who had stopped to face the sad Axel, turned around as a Dark Corridor appeared a few feet away.

Axel took a step toward Roxas, but the Keyblade wielder glared at Axel.

"Stay." He ordered as he walked toward the swirling wormhole.

The foot immediately slid back.

"Come on, Demyx!" Roxas called as he vanished into the Dark Corridor.

I hopped up, leaping over the back of the sofa as I rushed to grab my Sitar. "I'm coming!"

I ran toward the ominous black vortex before I stopped and gazed behind me.

Axel was sitting on the floor, knees drawn to his chest with his chin resting on the top as he stared at the spot where Roxas had disappeared with teary eyes, a pathetic whine escaping his lips every so often.

Zexion had decided that it was time to resume reading.

As I watched the back of the Schemer's head, I felt a strange sensation; like something bad was going to happen during my mission. Something horrible that would change my relationship with Zexion forever.

I shook off the alien notion as I strapped my Sitar to my back and faced the Dark Corridor. I gave one last inspection of Zexion before I allowed the portal to swallow me. I never noticed that the Cloaked Schemer had peered over his shoulder to look at me as I vanished into the darkness.

I shivered as I exited the corridor and was hit with a blast of chilly, stale air.

Halloween Town. It was as dreary and depressing as Roxas had described.

A gloomy brick road was paved before me with a huge gate guarding the end. The sky was an eternal, heavy black shade with clouds dotted here and there; the moon was frozen in its crescent phase, unable to change.

As we walked, I surveyed the area like I had been taught as it was my first time here. I paused when I noticed a ghostly white form nearby watching us with pale, soulless eyes, its red nose flickering occasionally.

"Roxas." I gripped the sleeve of the younger's coat to prevent him from getting closer to that…whatever it was.

"What?" Roxas asked irritably, glowering sky blue eyes at me; Axel must have done something to set the blonde in a bad mood.

"What's that?" I pointed a shaky finger at the animal that continued to stare at us from where it floated near the gate that lead to the center of town.

Roxas glanced in the direction I was aiming at, but seemed unruffled by what he saw.

"That's Zero." He explained as he pulled his sleeve from my grasp and picked up a nearby bone. "He usually helps me scent out where Heartless are hiding."

"Don't go toward it!" I whispered fiercely when the blonde began to stroll toward the strange ghost dog.

Roxas scoffed as he twirled the bone between his fingers. "Zero's not going to hurt you, Demyx. He wouldn't harm a fly."

When Roxas was a foot away from the canine, my protective instincts kicked in and I instantly sprinted toward the blonde, pulled him behind me, and stood defensively between Roxas and Zero.

"Shoo." I lightly kicked at the canine, trying not to touch it, as I attempted to persuade it to leave or pass on or whatever. "Go on."

I kept kicking at Zero until I finally genuinely struck the canine, but my foot passed right through the spirit.

Zero appeared unfazed by the fact as he blinked his large, empty eyes at me as if to ask "What was that for?"

I yelped as the canine's inquisitive eyes bored into mine and I hid behind Roxas, crouching down to shield myself even further from the petrifying ghost creature.

Roxas shook his head with a sigh as he handed Zero the bone he held. "Sometimes, Dem, I worry for your sanity."

I watched Zero happily gnaw on the ulna bone with wide eyes. Once Zero had finished the bone, I slowly slid my hand closer to the apparition, wondering if what Roxas had said was true.

Zero sniffed my gloved hand, debating on whether I was an enemy or not, before he gently licked my hand.

I shuddered as I leaped to my feet and rubbed my violated hand on my coat.

That dog's tongue was freezing! It felt as if I had stupidly chosen to stick my hand in a snowdrift.

Roxas rolled his eyes with a snort as I continued trying to warm my hand before he questioned to Zero, "Can you help us find a Giant Heartless, Zero?"

Zero thought about it before he nodded and floated back the way we had come.

"Come on, Demyx!" Roxas commanded as he trotted after the canine. "Don't get left behind!"

I grumbled as I trailed after the blonde, my hand slightly numb from the dog's frozen caress.

Zero gave a dim bark as he stared up at the crooked lamppost.

Roxas and I watched the street lamp, waiting for a Heartless to arrive, when we heard a screeching howl directly behind us and we both whirled around to discern an enormous, moth-like Heartless drifting in the air a couple feet above us.

The moth Heartless, disclosed as Poison Tsubasa, was a deep purple with a fuzzy body, feathery wings, and fierce red-orange eyes.

The foreboding sensation in my chest tightened as Tsubasa flitted from side to side, awaiting our impending attack.

"Snap out of it, Demyx!" Roxas shouted, his Keyblade already summoned to his hands. "I'm going to need your help to bring this Heartless down!"

I watched as the blonde vaulted himself at the flying Heartless, Keyblade lowered to his side in preparation to slice Tsubasa. I shook my head to clear it and slid my Sitar around so I held it in my hands and struck a few chords so that a slender, magnificent coil of water shot out from the tip of my instrument and hovered above Tsubasa, waiting for my second command.

I hit a sharp A chord and the liquid split before rapidly crossing as the water turned to razor-sharp icicles that pierced the moth Heartless's wings.

Tsubasas shrieked as he dropped to the ground with a thud. He slowly rose to his feet, shaking off the attack as Roxas took advantage of his weakness.

Tsubasas snarled, glaring at the oncoming Nobody, before he began to vibrate his wings so fast that it sounded as if they were humming.

I gave a low gasp when I noticed faint, dust-like particles separating from Tsubasa's wings with each flap.

And Roxas was charging right toward them.

"No, Roxas!" I warned as I dashed for the blonde. "Don't go near him!"

Roxas looked at me and I did the only thing I could think of. I pushed Roxas out of the way of the particles, but I wasn't agile enough to evade them.

"Shoo, shoo." I muttered, swatting at the tiny dust fragments in an attempt to disperse them. "Leave me alone."

Tsubasa's wings stopped singing and the beast Heartless thrust one of its wings down, sending a powerful gust of wind in my direction, knocking me back first into the nearby stone wall.

"Demyx!" Roxas cried as I collapsed on my hands and knees and tried to regain my balance. "Demyx, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, I'm fine." I kept my head turned away from the blonde as he knelt beside me, my eyes closed. "Finish the mission. I'll be fine in a minute or two."

Roxas hesitated before he nodded and ran back to Tsubasa.

Once I was sure he was far enough away, I gradually opened my eyes and only perceived the dim, blurry road and my hands beneath me.

I shook my head, closing my eyes briefly, as I tried to figure out why my vision was so disoriented. I opened my eyes once more, but only noticed a heavy blanket of darkness. At first, I thought that maybe I had blacked out due to being struck in the spine, but I could still hear the clash of the Keyblade, the yelling of Roxas, and Tsubasa's screeching.

So why couldn't I see?

The next thing I knew, my arms buckled from underneath me and the battling noises in the background faded from my ears.

*Gasp* What happened to Demy's vision? I'll let you find out in the next chapter once I finish writing it up. ^^