The word has grown smooth in your mouth


Like a piece of sand in an oyster


Built up until it's something new entirely

&you don't really know how to change it

(not like you want to

A n y w a y)


Old dogs can't learn new tricks

(or so you tell yourself)

And that's why you absolutely won't budge

It's your own choice

(you think)

Besides, what has he got?

(that shock of dark hair

&those liquid eyes

&&that bewitching smile

&&&your heart)

You don't really care for him

(that much

No, not at all)


It's been much too long

And you can't tell him

(too painful to be wrong for once)



You made a m i s t a k e



But hide your guilty eyes

Because he knows you throughandthrough

And he'll s e e your pain

And that's a little scary


You are nothing like those girls he usually chases


You are just plain old you

(but he doesn't think so)

Girl of answers to every question


&&emerald eyes that sparkle

&&&a heart that is plummeting down because you're doing the unexpected

(falling for him)


You love gracesymmetryelegance

But these feelings are rough and jagged and scary

Because you don't know what to do

&that's a first


Some wise man once sang a little song

(let it be)

L i s t e n

You don't have to hurt so bad

L i s t e n

(&let it be)


You can trytrytry not to love those hazel eyes


But it won't work because you are falling

&there's really nothing

( Nothing at all )

You can do about it