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"Bella, we're going to be late."

"Do you want me to stop?" she asks me coyly as she sinks to her knees and unbuttons my fly. "I don't want to be rude."

Suddenly punctuality does not seem so important. I rush to assure her, "they're vampires. They have plenty of time. They can wait."

This will be the 235th time that Bella has performed fellatio on me. It's hard to believe I ever objected to this; I used to be somewhat of a prude.

I throw back my head. The sensation of being engulfed in Bella's warm mouth is just as amazing as the first time she loved me like this. It's not just the immeasurable pleasure evoked by the combination of her mouth, her tongue and her hands that makes this one of my favorite intimate experiences to share with Bella. It's the way she does it. It's like she is almost...worshiping my penis. It's quite the boost for my ego, and always leaves me feeling relaxed and loved.

" good...always so good," I manage to tell her. Her head starts to bob up and down my cock at a steady pace.

She hums in response as I place my hands on her head and gently guide her movements. My confidence in my control has only increased since we became intimate almost two years ago. In all of the encounters that Bella and I have shared, I have never inadvertently hurt her. The pleasures she has shown me has been beyond anything I ever imagined. It's a rare day that goes by I don't silently thank the gracious God that brought Bella back into my life, and into my bed.

It's much later, and we are at my family's home, albeit an hour late.

Esme has just set a plate of homemade spaghetti and meatballs in front of Bella. We sit at the kitchen counter as she eats. Esme does this at least once a week for Bella, and I can tell from her thoughts just how much she looks forward to "mothering" Bella in this way.

"How's work Bella?" Esme asks.

"Great. I may be working on a big case soon. Tomorrow I'm accompanying the partner I work with to a meeting with two club owners who are being discriminated against because they have a primarily African-American clientele."

Esme smiles. "You seem to really enjoy your work."

Bella has started work at a law firm that specializes in civil rights law this past summer. She plans to work there through our last year of law school. While it takes up a great deal of her free time, I can't help but be proud of her and her dedication.

"I love it actually. Quite honestly, I would do it for free. I find it so...satisfying."

Esme's proud thoughts of Bella's commitment and passion echo my own.

Esme turns her attention to me. "How about you Edward? Have you thought about working this year?"

"I have to put in thirty hours of pro bono time before graduation. I was going to ask Carlisle if I might do some volunteer legal work for the hospital. Other than that, I don't have any plans to work."

"That's quite modern of you," Alice says playfully as she enters the kitchen. "Staying home and taking care of the house while Bella is out supporting you."

Bella looks up from her meal with a mischievous glint in her eye. "Oh, believe me, it's worth it. Edward takes great care of everything."

Between the innuendo in her statement and the heated look in her eyes, I am seriously contemplating taking Bella upstairs and making good use of my old bedroom.

"Come on guys. Give it a rest," Jasper says pointedly as he enters. He is feeling both mine and Bella's lust.

"So, Bella, when am I going to get to start planning your wedding?" Alice asks with only a slight pout.

"Alice," I growl in warning. Bella and I have made it clear to Alice on more than one occasion that when we set a date, the wedding will be small. There will be no need for lavish planning.

"Come on guys. You need to at least set a date. You've been engaged for nearly two years."

"One year, eight months, and fifteen days to be exact," I respond. "What's your point, Alice? We told you it would be a long engagement."

Bella shifts in her seat, demonstrating some discomfort with the topic. Alice has become more insistent about setting the date since last Christmas. She had presumed our long engagement would not have lasted more than a year. Truth be told, when Bella said she wanted a long engagement, I too, had envisioned only a year's wait.

But Bella has shown no interest in setting a date. She actually became outright hostile toward Alice when she had tried to push Bella to do so a few months ago. Alice had pushed the issue, claiming that a December wedding would be perfect. Then we could honeymoon during the law school's winter break, but Bella would not budge on the issue.

"Well, I thought you might be interested in looking at possible venues for the ceremony and reception during your visit to Miami this weekend," Alice says.

Bella and I leave for Miami, Florida tomorrow, and plan to spend a total of three days there. Bella's birthday is Saturday. She will be attending the Miami vs. FSU football game with two of her friends from college. Both of whom now live in Miami. Bella hasn't seen them in over two years and they invited her to the game, knowing she is a huge fan. She had started to decline because she didn't think I could go with her, but I assured her we would make it work.

It will be a little tricky maneuvering in Miami, as the weather is expected to be sunny tomorrow and Saturday. Alice has assured me a tropical disturbance off the coast of Cuba will ensure the weather is rainy on Sunday and Monday, with full cloud coverage both days. We finally agreed I would go and stay in our hotel room on Saturday while she attends the game. Then I get Bella all to myself on Sunday. She doesn't know it yet, but I have front row tickets to an Aerosmith concert on Sunday night. I plan to surprise her with the tickets on Saturday as a birthday gift.

"We have a full weekend planned Alice," Bella tells her. "Besides, we really want a simple ceremony, probably at home. No need to look for venues 3000 miles away."

Maybe she wants a small ceremony at home, but Edward, there is no way you are going to convince me you are not fantasizing about a big, old fashioned wedding and reception.

Alice's thoughts are smug because she knows me well; and of course, she is right. If it was up to me, Bella and I would have the grandest wedding that ever occurred in the Pacific Northwest. While Bella changed in many ways after leaving Forks, her distaste for showy events has not. She has been quite clear that she would hate a big wedding. It is for this reason that I completely ignore Alice, immediately grateful when Esme subtly changes the subject back to law school.

"So, do you both have your schedules set for this semester? Classes start soon, right?" She asks.

"Yes, just ten days away. Bella and I have two of our three classes together. We will only have classes Monday through Wednesday, leaving both of us more available time than we've had in the past."

Bella and I are both taking advanced constitutional interpretation and federal criminal procedure together. Both classes are on Monday and Wednesday. We are taking different special topic seminar classes. The seminar classes meet once a week for an extended three hour period. The classes are structured so the classes are relatively small, and geared toward group discussions and debates. Bella chose State vs. Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws and I chose Newest Developments in Health Law. It was Bella's idea that we choose different seminar classes because she said that having me in her seminar may intimidate her and keep her from speaking freely. In the twenty plus months we have been living together, she has never had a problem expressing her opinion to me, but I thought it a good idea not to object to her request.

Son, you look good. You look happy.

Carlisle's thoughts greet me as he enters the room. He immediately moves to Bella and gives her a hug and tells her how happy he is to see her.

Bella and I try to visit my family at least once a week. I also see them when I join them on hunting trips. But when Bella and I come to the house together, it feels like a normal family evening at home. Or at least as normal as a house of seven vampires and one human can be.

"Where's Emmett and Rosalie?" Bella asks.

"Hunting, but they should be back anytime," Esme says.

"They will be back in eighteen minutes actually," Alice adds.

"Great. I haven't seen them since they returned from their trip to New York," Bella answers.

Emmett has not given up on his dream of being the king of a sex toy empire. He successfully purchased the rights to the name Sodom and Gomorrah, and opened a manufacturing plant in New York state last month. Distribution of his products start next month or "just in time for Christmas," as Emmett likes to remind us. Emmett assures me there is a historical spike in sales of adult sex toys during the Christmas and Valentine Day seasons. Valentine's Day I understand, but I can only imagine what type of people purchase sex toys for Christmas gifts.

Two hours later, I am driving home with Bella sitting in the passenger seat, looking pensively out the side window. Unfortunately, her mind is as closed to me as ever.

"Thinking about the Miami trip?" I guess.

"Yeah. Are you sure you don't mind staying at the hotel while I go out with my friends on Saturday?"

"Of course not, Bella. I don't want my limitations to keep you from experiencing some fun. How selfish do you think I am?" I add jokingly.

She takes my hand resting on the console, and brings it to her face so I can cup her cheek. "Actually, you're the most selfless man I have ever met."

I smile in gratitude at her statement.

"I'm actually looking forward to meeting some of your old friends. Maybe I'll get a better picture of what you were like in college."

Bella looks at me warily. "Edward, I need to warn you about my friends. Their thoughts may reveal things about me that are not exactly flattering."

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Well, I was in college. I did what college students do when they are away from home for the first time."

"Such as?" I ask.

"Well, I drank and...I smoked."

"You smoked cigarettes?" I ask, clearly surprised at that news, given how many times Bella has indicated how disgusting she finds that particular habit.

"No. Not cigarettes," she answers with a meaningful glance my way.

Oh. I quickly understand.

"Drug experimentation is common enough among college students. You shouldn't feel embarrassed to tell me. You obviously didn't end up an addict or social misfit." I know for a fact she hasn't used any drugs since I have returned to her life. I would smell THC, or any other illegal substance if it was in her bloodstream. She drinks moderately and responsibly. I don't really see why she is so bothered to tell me this.

She sighs in obvious relief.

"Bella, did you really think I was going to be upset that you engaged in some recreational drug and alcohol use years ago, while you were in college? Do I come off as that uptight?"

She smiles sheepishly. "Maybe," she answers.

I guess I deserve that. "Well, just wait until I get you home and to bed. Let's see just how uptight you think I am after I am finished with you there," I tell her in a mock warning tone.

She moans. "God, I love it when you get bossy," she says, and then at my incredulous look, she amends and adds, "In bed that is."

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