Title:The Tattoo

Deleted Scene: Four- Content.

Rating: T

Warning: Contains an OC… two of them! I know how much you people hate them. And there are parts that scream overly cuteness.

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If Arthur could go back in time and tell himself that every decision he would make once he signed on with the Cobbs would lead up to this moment, he'd probably call himself a liar. That Arthur never wanted a family. He'd watched his sister's fall apart and seen the heartache it brought her. Then when Mal passed away, that was what solidified the sentiment. Arthur had always wanted kids, which was a problem for a short amount of time. He loved kids and adored Phillipa and James as if they were his own. That solved the problem and was enough for him.

Yet now- now he was sure that he'd been wrong. Not that he'd ever admit that to anyone but himself. He didn't bother to glance at the door when there was a knock; he was too busy studying two small brown eyes that mirrored his own.

"Every time I come in here, you're holding him. Don't you think you should share with your wife?"

Arthur rolled his eyes and looked up at Eames. He scrunched his nose out of habit at the hideous bright orange shirt he was wearing.

"I thought Roxie burnt that shirt." He retorted, carefully standing.

The blue bundle he was holding squirmed in his arms as he stepped over to the hospital bed. Cécile sat up, held out her arms, and took it from him.

"You look more rested today," Eames commented looking her over.

Her blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail; there were still light bags under her blue eyes but nothing compared to what Eames saw the night before after she'd been in labor for twelve hours.

"He stayed in the nursery last night." She then cooed, "Yes, he did. Mummy got to sleep all night."

She laid the blanket down, it falling away to reveal the tiny baby inside. With a head full of blonde hair and dark brown eyes, he looked the perfect mix of his parents.

"Where is-" Arthur started but was interrupted.

His question was answered with a high squeal. A flash of red hair and something dark blue rounded the corner and was at Cécile's bedside in seconds. When she stopped, the blue that was Roxie's dress swirled around her ankles. She practically crawled onto the bed with Cécile to give her a loose hug.

"How are you feeling? Arthur's letting you rest, right?"

"Yes," she laughed, leaning back onto the bed. "If anyone's not letting me rest, it's this little man."

She motioned to the baby beside her, right in front of Roxie.

"Oh my gosh!" She breathed picking him up. Pulling him to her chest, she stood and cradled his head in the crook of her right arm, allowing the rest to hold his body. She adjusted the blanket out of his face with her left hand. "Hello there handsome," she cooed. "What's your name?"

"Dax," Cécile replied happily.

"Dax?" Roxie lifted her eyes and brows up to Cécile questioningly. "Before I say anything else, who picked out that name?"

"I did," Arthur crossed his arms and gave her a challenging glare.

"Oh you poor baby," she said sadly, bouncing Dax in her arms. "Auntie Roxie's going to have to give you a good nickname."

"His middle name is Nicodemus, right?" Eames added, mostly hoping to avoid some random renaming Roxie was fond of.

"Yes, that would be Cécile's contribution."

"Oh that's adorable!" She said sweetly and nuzzled the top of the baby's head.

"You only say that because Cécile chose it," Arthur grumbled.

"No, she thinks it's adorable because it's better." Eames smirked.

"You'll be my little Nico." Roxie ignored them and whispered to the baby. "You like that Nico?"

"Well I like it," Cécile replied with a yawn. "Do you like that Arthur?"

"Sadly, yes."

"It's settled!" Roxie beamed. "See, Auntie Roxie is good for something."

"Yes, well I hate to cut this short however," Eames walked over to her and smiled at the newly dubbed Nico, "While she looks more rested, I'm certain Cécile is still exhausted."

She frowned but inwardly agreed. She walked over to Arthur and handed over the baby, giving the little boy one last kiss on the forehead.

"I really am sorry I missed yesterday." She gave Arthur and Cécile an apologetic smile to prove her point.

"It wasn't your fault the airlines can't keep it together." He reassured her.

"You can make it up with Ariadne," Cécile yawned again. "She's absolutely adorable with her little bump."

"I bet she is. I can't believe I missed them!" Roxie exclaimed and pouted. "Everyone's having babies. I want a baby."

"No." Everyone looked at Arthur who did not seem apologetic in his statement. "Eames is not allowed to have children. The rest of the world and myself can do without little Anti-Christs running around."

"Arthur you're horrible!" Cécile laughed.

"I never said it had to be his," Roxie added and Eames shot her a look. "What?"

"It's a little late to prevent the spawning of Anti-Christs don't you think?" Eames smarted back at Arthur.

"My son is an angel." He retorted.

"You say that now. Wait until he turns two and the horns come out."

"Boys, really?" Roxie rolled her eyes. She grabbed Eames and headed to the door, adding cheerfully, "Bye Cécile. Get some rest. I'll call you when I get my pregnancy test back."


"I'm just kidding-"

The door shut cutting off the conversation. Arthur gave his wife a sideways glance as he put their son back in his hospital cot.

"She was joking right?"

She shrugged, "Maybe." She then rolled to her side and turned off the light above the bed. "I'm going to nap. You should too."

Arthur turned off the rest of the lights in the room, the thick curtains letting in just enough sunrays to see by. He walked over to her bed and climbed in beside her once she scooted over. He snuggled against her, draped his arm around her and they slowly fell asleep.

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