Jacob barely contained his growl. It was his fault as alpha for having just Seth and Leah on the two when he kew they were not going to just sit back and take it. Seth bared his neck to his alpha.

Bella stayed positioned behind his back to the right of her mate. She rubbed her hand along his back trying to offer what little comfort she could.

Jacob allowed his lips to twitch into a quick smile as he taxed over at her before addressing his beta. "Report."

Seth kept his head down and his neck bared as he stuttered out his explanation. "Leah and I were watching the two. They were at their house. We stayed hidden in the had surprised us how behaved they were. Neither of them tried to leave it was almost like they were waiting for something. Leah knows them both better than I did. She said that they had to have an exit plan. We forgot. We knew about the Makkah issue but we did not think. If we had just remembered."

Jacob gripped him by the neck and tried to keep his tone as soothing as possible. "What did we forget."

Seth relaxed at the contact with his alpha. He glanced up barely making eye contact before looking at the ground again. He barely whispered his answer but every wolf heard it. "Emily originates from the Makkah."

Every wolf as one growled. The humans all tensed. The council had never had a situation that so riled up every member of the pack. In fact, until today there was only speculation of who was truly part of the pack. Some were obvious, but no one had guessed that little Seth was a member.

Billy slammed his palm on the table the sound reverberating through the hall. "For the humans, could you please clarify what made the pack so upset, son."

Jacob continued to growl. His frustration and rage growing. He could guess what happened and he could not believe that none of them had thought of the two running to her tribe. The trouble with the Makkah would only escalate with the knowledge the two would surely pass on to the tribe.

Jacob met his father's eyes wanting to have a better answer. He did not want to have to think about the nightmare this would bring. Uley had been a founding tribe member. Old blood turned traitor. This was not something his father needed to be dealing with in his health.

Billy saw the dread in his son's eyes and knew that his next words would bring chaos. Billy nodded to him, acknowledging that he had braced himself for the worst news.

Jacob sighed but leaned back slightly into his mate's touch, accepting the peace it brought. "Emily was originally Makkah."

The simple sentence erupted pandemonium. Everyone instantly recognizing the potential threat. The situation with the Makkah would have been bad enough before the threat if a ex-alpha and his spurned mate. Sam Uley would have had contact with a lot of the tribe secrets being a council member as well as the stand in alpha. Some, who would never be stupid enough to voice the thought, wanted to send the pale face to the tribe. The threat of the Makkah had increased to the point where one woman, mate or not, should not stand before the good of the tribe.

Billy knew that for some of his traditionalists this would only strengthen their belief that Bella should be sent to the Makkah, a nice little peace gift. "Could you please allow your beta to speak to the tribe."

Jacob knew he had little choice here. It chaffed his wolf to know the threat to his mate had increased. He looked to Seth and knew that this would be hard for the youngest. He was barely getting through his story when he was just addressing him. He pulled the beta close, smiling as he felt the rest of the pack close ranks allowing him as much privacy to address his pack. "I know I am asking a lot from you but it is needed. I need you to continue to tell your story. You will address me and no one else. They will not be allowed to interrupt or question you. I will make sure that this is handled so that you have the least amount of stress possible."

Seth shook slightly and jumped as he found himself enveloped in a hug. Taking a deep calming breath his whole body relaxed as he recognized alpha mate.

Bella offered what little comfort she could. Instinctively, she knew how tactile the pack was and that Seth's stage fright and shyness had not gone away when he had his supernatural puberty. "I believe in you Seth. I am here for you." She smiled up at him. "Your alpha and your pack is also here. No one else matters. The tribe answers to the council who answers to the pack."

Jacob laughed as he knew it was the truth that was never verbalized so starkly. The old men liked to think they ran things. And they might have, when Sam was alpha. But Jacob knew that his wolf would never be comfortable submitting to anyone, even his father. He could listen to council but his word was law.

Seth took one last lung full of her scent before nodding and disentangling himself to stand beside his alpha.

Jacob glared at the council meeting each one of the old men's eyes. "Seth will allow you to listen to his report. You will not speak. You will not question him. You will only observe my beta debrief me on the situation the pack finds itself in."

Billy knew this was the best he could get. "We understand and accept your terms, alpha."

Jacob nodded and turned to his beta, the pack having fanned out behind him guarding his back and glaring the tribe into silence.

Seth peeked at his alpha and at his nod continued his report. "We had not thought of her connection to the other tribe. We were so sure that they would not leave that no one from the tribe would act against an alpha dictate." He shook his were four men heavily armed. As soon as they pulled up to the cabin, Sam and Emily exited with a bag packed each. The driver and passenger stayed in but two men came from the back. They kept their guns pointed to the forest as the two loaded themselves in. Leah and I decided the best bet was to follow as we knew that there was a council meeting of great importance. We followed them until the Makkah land started. Leah stayed at the boundary and I ran to tell you that they had ran."

Jacob allowed a slight smile to slip past and Seth recognized the praise for speaking before everyone. The pack closed rank around their youngest while Bella rubbed her arm against him. He basked in the comfort.

Jacob stared at his father. "My mate will not leave this tribe. The Makkah have requested one of our people without regard to her established life. They cross our border armed and sneak two betrayers of tribal law onto their land. They seem to be declaring war."

Billy nodded. "They have acted against the tribe."

Jacob shifted his back making contact with his mate. "Write them. Make them aware of the grievance we have with the two that snuck out of out land. Make them aware that the wolves of legend are close to declaring them enemy."

Billy knew that he needed to ask but already knew that answer. "And their request for their member."

"They stole two of our own from our land. They will steal no more. Until Sam and Emily are returned they will not even be allowed to meet my mate. They will never have her but any acknowledgment of kin will never proceed until we have been compensated for this act of treason and war. My pack does not wish for war, but we will not allow them to escape. Should they seek to defy tribal law, they will face pack justice."

As one the pack left, and Billy just hoped that Sam and Emily were not stupid enough to wish to face pack justice.