Chapter One

a/n These gals are NOT, I repeat, NOT Mary-Sue's, as they annoy me. But they are a ton of fun to write. Give it a try! You might enjoy it. *grin*

Two brothers walk into a bar...

Dean and Sam Winchester peered around the dimly lit watering hole, searching for the girls Bobby had described.

"One looks like a model who doesn't give a shit 'bout her clothes. Half black and half white, with dark hair and eyes. Five-ten and a half, and 32-years-old, but I didn' tell ya that. She'll be glarin' and drinkin' single malt scotch.

"Th'other one's a little over five feet, with curly blonde hair, too much makeup, and is probably gonna be wearin' somethin' like a tube top and miniskirt, or shorts like Daisy Duke. And she may look like dolled up jailbait, but she's about 28. And ya still didn' hear that from me!"

It took them less then a minute to identify the girls in question. While the taller one looked like a too-pretty hard ass who could possibly be a hunter, the other brought them up short. She was tiny, and wearing an outfit they would expect to see on a college girl during spring break, not on a serious killer of all things supernatural.

But according to Bobby, the two girls had been working together for years, and had taken down nearly as many monsters as Sam and Dean.

As they approached the corner booth the girls had picked (Good view of the front door, bathrooms, and the door to the kitchen, Dean noted.), the older one gave them a look that would have made many tough men think twice. The younger girl merely welcomed them with a bright smile.

"Hey," Dean spoke first, carefully keeping his distance from the table until the taller girl gave them the okay. "Bobby said you wanted some help."

"Hey," the girl nodded shortly. She gestured to the smaller one. "This is Elizabeth Smith and I'm Gabrielle Wesson. You must be the Winchesters?"

The boys nodded, and slid into the booth across from the girls. The little, showy gal reached out a hand and shook with them both. "Hiya, boyos! Call me Lizzy. I hate Elizabeth."

"What are we up against?" Dean asked immediately.

Gabrielle answered. "A nest of vamps. They turned too many a month ago, and ended up wiping out an entire damn city. But they had bad luck on their way down in this direction."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah. They stopped in the Alton Family's town."

A feral grin spread on Dean's face. "No shit?"

"No shit," Gabrielle nodded. "In this place, they supposedly wised up a little."

"How so?" Sam piped up, curiosity scrunching up his forehead.

She sighed. "They grabbed a bus full of kids. Fifth graders who'd been on an overnight field trip to an observatory a couple towns over."

Eyes went wide, and anger started pumping in both boys. They had seen a hell of a lot of shit in their lives, but if there was one thing that flipped their righteous anger switches, it was creatures that went after children.

"How did you two get called in?" Sam finally asked.

This time it was Lizzy who answered. "The vamps drained the bus driver and the teacher, but apparently the leader took a shine to the parent chaperoning. He told the rest to leave the woman alone. She was lucky enough to be sitting right by the emergency door, and yanked it open, grabbed her kid and ran."

Gabrielle picked up the story. "It was close enough to dawn that they must have decided she wasn't worth going after, 'cause they let her get away. And she knew who to call."


"Our aunt," Lizzy grinned. "The woman had been staying with her sister a couple years ago when they were being tormented by a malevolent revenant. Aunt Kim was the one who finally took it out."

"And we took over her business number after she died."

"I'm sorry," Sam murmured. "Do you mind me asking what it was that killed her?"

"Pagan god," Gabrielle spat. "From Bali, of all places."

"It was moving around attached to a cursed object. And, surprise, surprise! It kept turning up to be auctioned off at estate sales." Lizzy elaborated with a frown.

"Did you manage to-?" Dean trailed off.

"Oh hell yes. We destroyed the damn god. Turned out it was scared of fire, since the original myth said that it had been burned alive in its first life. So I got to keep it distracted and burn it to the ground, while Lizzy flirted her way into the auction house, stole the object, and melted it down."

Lizzy giggled. "The guy was cute. Too bad I got him fired."

With an exaggerated roll of her eyes, Gabrielle continued. "Which means I'm the one who got stabbed through the chest." Here she pulled down the neck of her shirt just far enough to show them the rough scar several inches below her collarbone. "Just a little farther to the left, and I would have been sharing a pyre with Aunt Kim. Not to mention these." This time she held out her arms.

"Those are some nasty burns," winced Dean. He recalled a time with a hot poker in a house full of psychotic humans.

"Yeah," she sighed. "And thanks to these, most of the guys I end up with assume I like kinky, just because of all the scars. Assholes."

"I know exactly what you mean, sweetheart," Dean smiled easily.

Gabrielle's eyes narrowed. "Uh-uh, cowboy."


"You wanna know what I've heard from the grapevine about the Brothers Winchester? That the absurdly tall one's the little brother, who is Stanford smart, addicted to research, and doesn't know the meaning of 'I don't wanna talk about it'. And the other one is the big brother, who is sexy and full-of-himself, can kill pretty much anything that comes gunning for him, will hit on anything that moves and sleep with anything in a skirt."

They all sat in silence, and the guys considered her words. Then Gabrielle added two simple sentences.

"They also say you started the Apocalypse. But I really don't give a damn if you did."

Sam's eyes shot wide, and he instinctively knew Dean had the same stunned look he did.

She shrugged. "Bobby's told us a lot of stories about you two, and I know that even if it's true, you would never start the end of the world on purpose. And you wouldn't just leave us all to hang if you did. You'd be out there, doing whatever you could to keep killing the evil. So, while there may be some idiot hunters out there who are demanding your heads on platters, we won't."

She was surprised to see tears shining in both sets of eyes, which were quickly blinked away. Sam sniffed a little, and Dean cleared his throat. "Where are you two staying?"

"We booked two rooms with a connecting door when Bobby called to say you were coming. Don't say it!" Gabrielle turned sharply on, not Dean, but Lizzy.

Lizzy pouted and shrugged. "Whatever do you mean, oh cousin mine?"

"I am sick to death of your obsession with the kink-and-sex comments, got it? I swear, sometimes you are such a guy."

"Not from where I'm sitting," Dean chuckled appreciatively.

The older girl spun on the big brother. "I don't wanna hear it out of you, either! Lizzy already has enough goddamn hormones, off-color jokes, and anatomically impossible suggestions to last a life time. She's like a guy in that she always seems to be horny and looking for the next hookup. And don't even think of using any of what I just said to get her in bed, Dean Winchester, or I will slug you until you loose teeth!" she finished with a growl.

Dean held up his hands in supposed defeat, a cocky grin spreading on his lips.

"But I wanted to add a Winchester notch to my bedpost!" Lizzy laughed coyly.

Both boys watched in shock as Gabrielle smacked the smaller girl squarely on the back of the head, a gesture they both recognized as something learned from Bobby.

With an exasperated mutter, Gabrielle stood and walked quickly out of the bar, the other three hurriedly jumping up and following.

As they moseyed through the parking lot, Dean sidled up next to Gabrielle. "So, which one's your car? We need to know what to follow."

This finally brought a smile to her lips, lighting up the grim set of her face until they saw the beauty in it, instead of the threat she projected.

Her younger cousin sighed. "Oh great. Now she's never gonna shut up."

Sam turned to look down at her. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that damn car is the pride and purpose for her existence. She loves it more than she loves me," Lizzy grumbled.

"Hiya, baby," the older woman purred, her voice the silky tones of a lover that made both boys momentarily wish she was talking to one of them.

Then Dean's eyes traveled past Gabrielle to the cherry red car she was caressing.

His breath caught in his throat. "Is that a-?"

"Customized, 1968 Shelby Mustang Cobra GT500KR? Oh yes she is," Gabrielle sighed sweetly. "Baby was a wreck when I found her, but I got all the parts I needed to put her back together, with some help from Bobby and a few other friends. Isn't she gorgeous?"

"Friggin' beautiful," an awed Dean nodded. Then his gaze tracked back up to the woman who was just as good-looking as the car, and his eyes shone. "Can you cook?"

She blinked a couple times, then tilted her head, considering his question. "I can barbecue. And I make a mean apple pie."

There was a moment of silence, then Dean jumped forward and grabbed her hand. "Will you marry me?" he asked earnestly.

While Gabrielle stood in shock, Lizzy let out a long sigh.


"What?" Sam's eyes tracked down to the small girl again.

She shook her head, frowning. "The only way I can win any man is to get him into bed first."


Lizzy grinned up at him. "Dude, I have to dress up like this-" she gestured down at her slutty college girl attire, "-to so much as get guys to think I'm not her 14-year-old little sister's friend. She gets out of bed, and doesn't even brush her hair or put on makeup, throws on a wife beater and some ripped skinny jeans, and no male can tear their eyes away."

Sam glanced over at Gabrielle and had to admit Lizzy's description of her cousin was accurate.

"Then there's the fact that she can handle herself in a fight, and knows how to use a gun," continued Lizzy. "And men always find that sexy as hell. She's overprotective of me, which guys instinctively and unconsciously read as good mother material, so she's an ideal mate in terms of protective reflexes. And she may not be a gourmet cook, but what man wouldn't be happy with meat, thrown on a grill and cooked perfectly, a couple baked potatoes, some corn on the cob, watermelon, and her famous apple pie? Plus, according to her last boyfriend, she's awesome in the sack. What kind of chance do I even have?"

Shifting awkwardly from foot to foot, Sam finally said, "I have no doubt you could get a guy you wanted just as easily as her. You kind of radiate sex appeal."

She tucked a hand through his arm and gave it a little hug. "Thanks. And it's true, I can do well enough on my own. I can look hot as anything when I feel like it, and I can fight, know my weaponry, and cook. But every single time, she tops me."


With a groan, Lizzy shot her eyes at the Shelby Cobra. "She built that car from scratch, sweetie. Telling a guy that is like telling him you're not wearing any panties. Insta-hard-on."

Sam felt his cheeks get hot at the girl's straight forward words.

She noticed. "Oh shit. I embarrassed you. Shit!" Then she gave him a searching look and gasped. "Oh my god, are you gay?"

"What? No, I'm no-"

"Jeez, I am so sorry. No wonder you're so embarrassed." Lizzy followed this statement by peeling herself off his arm. As she moved towards the older two, who had apparently gotten past the sudden proposal and were now chatting affably about the best ways to kill a Wendigo, Lizzy sighed. "Damn. Just my luck that one of the Winchester Brothers falls for Gabs, and the other's gay. This sucks."

Sam was frozen in place, then ran after her, trying to figure out how to set her straight without letting Dean know what they were talking about. Otherwise, the mocking would never stop.