The sippy cup game

Ace grinned as he looked at the straw hat crew until he coughed loud and clear to catch Sanji's attention.

"Yes, Ace?" Sanji didn't bother to look at the fire fruit user as he cleaned up the kitchen before making the food.

"I bought your crew a game." Sanji did show any sign of turning around still before Ace coughed a bit harsher. "And it requires a group of nine to play… I thought that you guys could play tonight…" Ace felt the tic mark form on his head before he sighed. "I think you and the crew would like to play, Sanji san, so please play."

Finally turning around, the pink gloves still on his hands from scrubbing the counter did Sanji look and read the title: Play your cards.

"I get the feeling you're cracking up inside about this." Ace smiled before he headed out to the door shouting for Luffy, his brother, to gather his crew and come up to the galley. The noise that ensued was one no human should have listened to.

Luffy had literally threw all of crew out on deck, which had been all but Zoro up in the crow's nest training, before he too ran into the room with a big smile on his face.

"Sooo…" he asked looked around for what he expected to be food. "Where's the meat?" Ace nearly slapped his own forehead before pointing to the table and whispering something into Luffy's ears that caused his face to brighten even more.

"NEH! REALLY ACE!" Luffy barely spoke these words before he was out of the kitchen, running up to where his frist mate was – where Zoro being shocked shouted at Luffy – to open a window before jumping, first mate and all, out of it to quickly reach the kitchen once again.

"GOT HIM!" Luffy shouted making everyone wince before Zoro was dropped to the ground holding his, must be due to how loud the yell was right by his ear, scream Luffy up righteously gave.

"Good, Luffy, now why don't you all start on this game I picked out. Just. For. You." Nami was the first to open her mouth until she and the others felt the heat rising off of Ace's skin. "Have fun."

With these final words Ace strolled out of the door and chuckled as the crew remained, one still deaf, in the room looking at the game they were 'forced' to play.

"I'll read the rules." Nami treaded the distance and lifted off the lid to see with the mark if Ace a cup full of a white substance stating with two words: Losers sippy. Then as Nami began to read, along with an added rule Ace tossed in for fun, was: "Those who fail this game or do not participate much drink from this sippy for a week… I WILL know if you do not use it." Nami paused before she looked up at the crew and grimaced to the drink until she continued with the actual rules.

"There are three different play cards: Blue, Yellow, and Purple." She listed off each action that the cards would make. "Then there are Bonus cards: White and Pink." As she read the instructions for these she looked at the crew with curiosity. "So I guess it's a gambling game where a person is put in awkward situations." The whole crew, but Zoro trying to stop the still ringing ring in his ears, and they motioned her to go on. "Then there is the Death cards: these cards are only one color, Black." She paused. "They don't say anything about them other then they kill you."

"I'm getting the Cardologoy sickness." Usopp stated as he backed away.

"Are you volunteering to drink from a sippy an entire week?" Robin chuckled out as she sat down before Nami gave her the instructions to read over in case something were to happen.


"Then by the rule laid down by Ace, you must play."

Zoro frowned seeing the game and sighed, "Why did we let him bring the game on board?"

"He said it was fun!" Luffy jumped into his seat slamming his hand down onto the table awaiting.

"Fine, lets get this over with then." The crew gathered around, Sanji still cleaning the kitchen a bit, and the cards were passed out to them all. The sippy cup sat in the middle with a gleam that was unnatural as it stared them all down with one promise 'You'll be the laughing stoke'.

"The first to play a card is the youngest, pick who you want to chose a card, Doctor san." The person Chopper picked was Zoro who grumbled as he picked up a card and nearly blanched at what he read before slamming it onto the table.

"HELL NO!" the crew blinked before looking at him for an answer.

"Are you giving up?"

"No, I'm refusing."

"That is giving up." Nami smirked. "Oh, Robin, doesn't it say something about numbers in the rules?"

"Yes, all of those who participate must have a number. I think who joined the crew should work, don't you, navigator san." Name nodded before looking at Luffy.

"Luffy is one, Zoro is two, I'm three, Usopp you are four, Sanji is five, Chopper is six, Robin san is seven, Franky is eight, and Brook here is nine." The crew nodded before they turned to look Zoro with a smile on their faces.

"I'm not doing it."

"Zoro," Nami spoke sickly sweet to him. "Do it or drink the damn sippy cup now." Zoro froze looking at the gloop inside it and nodded before standing up heading over Luffy and paused looking at the crew as a bright red stain crossed his face as he dipped his head down and kissed Luffy for a full five seconds before pulling away.

"There." Luffy blinked, but he giggled a bit, and watched Zoro back to his seat.

"Zoro taste good."

"Shut up!"

"Wait… what just happened…" Usopp asked as he reached over picking up the card and reading it before screaming the same thing Zoro did when he first read it.

"What does it say?" Chopper asked.

"Kiss number one for a full five seconds with tongue action." The crew looked between Zoro and Luffy as they gaped.

"TONGUE!" Even Sanji was blinking as he eyed the game and considered 'maybe a sippy cup wouldn't be a bad idea…'.

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