The sippy cup game

Note is at the bottom, it explains a heck of a lot of things XD

The two days, where no one in the crew even looked at each other, since Ace left stating that next time he'd just bring a card game, which caused a revolt upon him almost landing him in the sea water before he jumped to high tail it away from the crazy and mad crew-whose fault is it in the first place?- and…

Things didn't return to normal.

The crew had come to discover, Franky and Usopp had been a huge help identifying the contents where Sanji and Chopper told everyone WHAT the plant, and it was a plant that they barely ever heard of, was.

A bit more information from Robin and the crew immediately declared that the cup was dangerous and was going to be thrown overboard. That is if they can find it.

After two days, where no one bothered to try and find it, did they realize it had vanished. Everyone, but Zoro, was positively beaming at knowing they'd never have to see it again.

Zoro, who after hearing Sanji curse the sippy cup, and its disgusting contents, moved back down to a spot where he had decided to go, it was the same place the crew placed the game thinking it would be fun… without the cup of course.

"Their idiots." Zoro rolled his eyes before sitting down to open the box and grinning at the green colored cup, it had changed when it touched Zoro's lips, and was not engraved with two words: Roronoa Zoro. His rough hand picked it up to exam the brown substance, thick with white swirls, before he placed it against the bottom of his lips allowing some of the liquid to thickly slide over them before he lapped it up.

It was creamy, thick, and had a flavor of ginger. He soon began to greedly take it in before his head swam while he felt every inch of his body scream with pleasure. Shifting the clothing rubbed against his chest and he moaned before placing the bottle down and stood up.

He had a chief to meet and then a captain to tease.

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Note- The cup is the sin of Lust (if you haven't noticed Lust is almost the MAIN topic throughout my WHOLE story XD) and the plant they mention in here is... indeed... XD it's a drug, a stimulant for sexual tension. The changing of the color is also because, well, the higher the sexual tension in the room the more 'turned on' the cup is...

Doesn't this make sense?

And yes, Zoro lost... why, because out of the WHOLE crew Zoro was the only one who barely CARES about sex and that.

So... Please tell me what you think.

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