This is the sequel to degeneration, this time the T-Virus appears at Hogwarts. I hope you enjoy this story.

Chapter 1,

In a unknown location sat the dark lord Voldemort who waiting for the return of one of his faithful servant who had went to retrieve something that the muggles declared dangerous for the creator, it was somewhere in the U.S so he knew it would take time but his patience was growing thin for it had been five days since he left on his mission. His two most loyal followers entered the room and bowed before him.

"This better be good" growled Voldemort

"It is, Wormtail has just arrived with the package" said Lucius

"Send him in" said Voldemort smiling

"Yes my lord" said Lucius and with that they left.

Few moment later they entered again this time with a small man who entered looking around like something was about to attack him. He bowed Voldemort presenting him the package that he was sent to pick up, inside was a virus that could cause pain, fear, suffering and destruction as for he had heard that is what the virus had done to a muggle city eight years ago and no one survived the incident. He smiled as he took the package away for Wormtail aka Peter Pettigrew and opened it to reveal a small tube in which the virus was contained.

"So much pain caused by this little thing, it must have powers that we can use against the Wizardry world and not even Harry Potter or Dumbledore, can stand in my way this time" said Voldemort looking over the tube before looking at Lucius.

"Lucius, have your son Draco take this to Hogwarts and unleashed it when the time is right" said Voldemort with a smile.

"Yes my lord" said Lucius taking the tube from his master. He bowed before starting to leaving the room with the container with him to give his son. "Lucius" said Voldemort. Lucius turned back to his master "Do not fail me"

"Yes my lord" said Lucius bowing again

He got home and called his son to his office to give him the virus but he didn't trust it because he didn't know what it could do to his son. Couple minutes later Draco entered the room with a smirk on his face.

"Yes, father" said Draco proudly

"The dark lord has given you a mission"

"A mission?" asked Draco getting excited.

"Yes, you are going to use this virus to infect Hogwarts" said Lucius holding up the tube before handing it to Draco. He looked over it once before putting it in his pocket and bowing to his father. He started to leave when his father called him again. "Draco, you must not fail"

"Yes, Father" said Draco before leaving the room to pack for his next year at Hogwarts. Like did they all know of the horror of the virus and what will happen should it be unleashed.

Sorry that this chapter is short but I wanted a dark, well somewhat beginning to the story, next chapter will change to Harry and Claire talking and I'm sorry if this chapter sucked.