Something So Small
by pari106

Summary: Chandler's thoughts during a missing scene from "The One With Chandler and Monica's

Author's Note: I know this premise is old, but I just watched the re-air of this ep last night and felt like
writing this. Please let me know if you like this. It's short… But review anyhow. I don't write in this
fandom often, and I'd appreciate the support :)

Something So Small
by pari106

He was standing in line in a gift shop... In the motel where he was supposed to be getting
married, waiting to buy the pack of milds he wasn't supposed to be smoking.

In the other hand he was holding an infant's creeper.

And he didn't even need to consider the question, he *knew* things couldn't possible
*be* any more screwed up…

But suddenly it didn't feel that way. And all because of the tiny swath of cotton, cut and
stitched and snapped into a tiny outfit which would one day spell "I love New York" over
the tiny chest of its tiny wearer. All because of that creeper.

He'd seen it on the rack as he'd taken his place in line behind a woman buying a
magazine. He didn't know why it had drawn his restless gaze, but it had; didn't know
why it had stilled his nervous hands. Nonetheless, they were still as he fingered the soft
fabric of the outfit.

It seemed too small to fit a living person. It seemed so delicate.

And suddenly the situation that had seemed so complicated before, seemed so simple to
him now. Everything seemed so clear.

The baby that outfit had been made for *would* be small. Monica's baby?

His baby?

What was he *doing*? Standing here in a gift shop, for goodness' sake, while he should
be getting married?

What was he doing…letting something so small scare him so badly?

He'd been afraid of marriage. Afraid of proving true all his fears about not being able to
make a marriage work. But if he never even made it to the altar, wouldn't be doing that
exact same thing?

If he allowed fear to ruin the biggest thing in his life – his love for Monica… Wouldn't
that be small of him, too?

Monica already had enough to deal with ahead of her. She didn't need to deal with his
issues, too. She needed him to be bigger than walking away because of fear. And he
needed her. Up against that fact, the reasons he'd had before for running seemed silly.
Inconsequential. Up against that…all his fears seemed so…