A sequel to Where, Oh Where Is Tim?

And an entry in the NFA "I'll See You in Court" Challenge

CH 1

The bullpen was busy with everyone working diligently to close the case on Petty Officer Childs' murder. Forensics had identified his brother as the murderer. He wasn't willing to share the money left in their grandmother's will.

The ding of the elevator was virtually unheard, but the shapely legs attached to the long haired blonde head quickly gained the attention of one Agent Tony DiNozzo.

He leapt from his chair to greet her. "How may I help you today?" he smiled widely.

Timidly she blushed and glanced around. "I'm looking for a Timothy McGee," she uttered softly.

Tony's disappointment was evident, but he figured his Probie was due a little happiness after all the car trouble he'd endured earlier in the week.

Hearing his name, barely, above the din around him, McGee looked up in surprise. He smiled seeing the light blue eyes searching for him. He had never seen her before, but he'd certainly like to see more of her.

Tony pointed towards him and she approached meekly. Reaching his desk she asked, "Are you Timothy McGee?" She shuffled her feet nervously waiting for his reply, her hand inside her jacket.

Tim smiled. "Yes, I am. And you are?" he asked putting his hand out in anticipation of her shaking it. To his astonishment her demeanor changed to pure business as she removed her hand and answered.

"Here to serve you a subpoena," she placed it in his still outstretched hand. She smiled, then turned to leave giving Tony a wink.

Tony, for his part, just looked at her with pure disdain as he went to Tim's desk to see what it was all about.

"I've been served," Tim spoke dully, his face going blank as he sank down into his chair.

"What were you served?" Ziva asked having never been a part of a law suit before, this was a new term for her.

"A summons," Tony explained. "Someone is suing my Probie."

"Suing? For what reason?" Ziva wanted to know the answer.

The summons had fallen from Tim's hand onto his desk. Tony picked it up and looked it over. "This is from the accident. The plaintiff is claiming whiplash and back pain; two things that are difficult to disprove."

"This nightmare will never end," Tim dropped his head to his desk- THUNK.

Tony grimaced at the sound, "Hey McCourt everything will be okay," Tony motioned for Ziva to offer her own words of encouragement.

"Yes, McGee, surely they will not bar you up and throw away the key." This did cause Tim to look up rather aghast that Ziva would think he'd actually get jail time.

Still he found himself correcting her, "Its lock me up."

"What Ziva actually meant to say there Tim," he grasped his partner's shoulder to ground him, "Is that there's not much they'll actually do to you. Your insurance is responsible for the bulk of it."

Tim looked sideways at Tony a calm fa├žade taking over the one of despair.

"Yeah, Probie-san that first summons can knock you for a loop. Just imagine how Gibbs must've felt."

"Felt about what DiNozzo?" Gibbs glanced at him curiously walking to his desk.

"Our very own Tim McGee getting a summons," Tony covered for himself.

Gibbs walked over to Tim's desk to see the summons for himself. "Huh. It's not so bad. Try getting served by an ex-wife," Gibbs smirked at Tony knowingly.

"But, Boss," Tony began.

"Your reports complete DiNozzo?" Gibbs glared.

"On 'em Boss," Tony returned to his desk taking one last look at Tim who seemed to be recovering.

"Ziva?" Gibbs eyed his newest agent.

"Gibbs?" she broke her gaze from Tim. "Yes I am on it as well," she went to her desk and sat still not sure of the fate that awaited McGee.

Glad to see everyone back to work, even Tim who was trying to get back into his normal groove, Gibbs looked over the papers he had in front of him.

As Tim worked his brain still spun around the injustice of the summons. It was only an accident for crying out loud. Then he thought of the citation that was issued to him. His fingers stopped typing. He could no longer feel the keys. All the blood seemed to be drained from his body, leaving him numb from all sensations. He even felt deaf, since no sound seemed to exist around him.

'Why me?' Tim allowed himself a moment of self-pity. 'Alright, I can get through this. Somehow.' He rubbed his hands together and refocused on the report he needed to finish.

Gibbs saw the momentary lapse in Tim's concentration and was ready to assist him to get back on task, when he pulled himself together. He was pleased. Tim was going to have a rough few weeks ahead, but he wouldn't have to go it alone.