Robin shot up in his bed and listened carefully. His curiosity spiked, he quietly slipped out of bed and headed down to figure out the source of the noise. What had woken him was a loud squeak from down the hall. He had barely taken two steps, when the noise sounded again. It was coming from the bathroom. Robin knocked twice and the door swung open. Starfire stood inside, with only her oversized t-shirt covering her.

"Greetings Robin." She hiccupped.

Robin smiled to himself. The squeaks were Starfire's abnormally loud hiccupping.

"How long have you been in here?" he asked.

She scrunched her nose, trying to remember, but was interrupted by yet another hiccup.
She growled and began hitting herself in the chest. Robin grabbed her hands to prevent her from hurting herself.

"To get rid of hiccups, there are two things you can do," Robin began. "One, you can hold your breath for ten seconds. Two, find something that terrifies you, and do it, or eat it, or watch it."

Starfire considered these options and, nodding to herself, timidly approached the Boy Wonder, in the process letting out another stray hiccup.

He quirked his eyebrow and looked down at her.

"What did you choose?" he asked.

"I must partake in an activity that frightens me." She whispered. "I am frightened beyond belief." She added to herself.

The princess sidled up to Robin and gently pressed her lips against his own.

Robin's eyes widened considerably before his mind processed what was happening and he kissed her back.

When they pulled apart, Starfire grinned.

"I do believe my hiccups are gone." She said triumphantly.

"Good. So that means nothing will interrupt." Robin smiled slyly and bent down to kiss her again.