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"Hey, Seaweed Brain!" Annabeth walked toward me with an odd spring to each step, her long blonde hair tumbling down her back in graceful waves… hey what? What? Graceful? She grinned as she came to a sudden stop in front of my cabin.

"Um… uh…..," I gaped at her, my eyes bugging as I took in her outfit- mainly, the dress I hadn't noticed before, the short pale pink dress that got every guy that could see her gape the same way I currently was. Her beautiful gray eyes… hey what? PERCY! SHE'S YOUR BEST FRIEND! STOP! I shook my head slightly to clear my thoughts before saying, "Oh, um… uh…. er….," She arched a perfect eyebrow (OKAY PERCY. YOU CAN STOP NOW!) as she tilted her head slightly, her lips forming a slightly mocking, extremely gorgeous (ENNOUGHHH PERCY!) smirk. Realizing that my mouth was open in a round O, I snapped it shut feeling just slightly idiotic. Okay, scratch that- extremely idiotic. I cleared my throat, trying form a coherent word, but coming blank with something that sounded like "Gurgle gurgle."

Annabeth's eyes twinkled (see? I didn't say they were gor…. okay, never mind.) as she said, "Slow morning?" She grinned somewhat nervously as she twirled her soft, silky hair… whoa. What? I suddenly realized that I had leaned toward her, and was almost face to face to that lovely, silky, sweet… wait! STOP! PERCY! I jerked myself upright as I ruffled my hair nervously. Caaalm down Percy, caaalm down.

"Um, er… yeah. Yeah, slow morning," I stumbled over my words, smooth Percy. Real smooth, "Um, what… what are you doing here?" My words must have come out a lot harsher than I'd intended because she flinched back, her lovely gray eyes… erm… I mean… her eyes narrowing slightly.

"Well, Seaweed Brain, I was thinking of asking you to the annual camp dance next week." Her eyes turned hopeful as spoke in a nervous voice. Wait… what? Annabeth was what? Asking me to what? My mouth popped open again, as the words rolled around in my head, again and again. I don't think I could have spoken, even if I remembered HOW to speak… Annabeth, gorgeous, lovely ANNABETH… WHOAAAA PERCY, EASY THERE.

Annabeth's hopeful expression morphed into an expression I recognized as "EXTREMELY SCARED!" as my inability to speak caused a long silence. She quickly added, "Um, y'know just…just as friends… We….we could probably go with… um… Grover and Ju…nip… Unless…. you… maybe… you were going…. with someone el..se?" Her voice shook as she looked at the ground.

"Ye…yeah, I mean no! No!" I blurted out. I paused to take a deep breath as her expression turned deadly, "I'm not going with… anyone else. Yeah, I mean I'll go with you….." I frowned as I realized how pathetic I sounded.

"Sure Seaweed Brain. You sure you aren't going with anyone else?" Annabeth responded icily, her gray eyes stormy. I winced as each word stabbed a deep hole in my heart. Wait what? Heart? Umm… I mean as I took in her harsh words. Yeah, that's it.

She must have realized how… harsh… she'd sounded because her eyes softened and said, "I mean, yeah. Definitely, as friends… right?" I nodded as enthusiastically as I could (not much) and she continued in a small voice, one that she was fighting hard to control, "Well, I better go… ask Grover… y'know if he'd like to come… with Juniper. Bye Percy…" Annabeth's voice drifted off as she walked toward the middle of the strawberry patches, the spring in her step gone.

"N-no! Annabeth! C-come back!" I called after her, but either she didn't hear me or she ignored me. I thought about running after her, but I just slumped down on the grass, wondering why girls were so hard to understand.


"Well, I better go… ask Grover… y'know if he'd like to come… with Juniper. Bye Percy…" I said in a strangled voice as I retreated slowly toward the strawberry patches. I heard Percy call after me, but I didn't stop to listen. Maybe he would think that I didn't hear him. I snorted, yeah right. I glared at Silena, who'd lent me the dress, a present from her mother, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, to help me with Percy. She rolled her eyes and looked at me like she couldn't believe how pathetic I was. It wasn't like I wasn't though. She bounded to me, oblivious to the death glare I gave her with my signature scowl that clearly said 'GO AWAY'.

"Well, that was a fail." Silena said matter-of-factly like she'd heard every word we said as soon as she caught up with me.

"Go away." I grumbled, knowing that she wouldn't.

"But that's totally oh-kay doh-kay because I…." She continued as if she hadn't heard me speak, which she probably didn't. I sighed, knowing that one of the many (and I mean MANY) annoying things she'd inherited from Aphrodite was singling herself out and making herself the most important person there (at least in HER mind).

"Yeah, Silena, I know. You have a plan," I interrupted, "Like the other plan you had to make me wear this dress," I gestured toward the short pink dress, "And look how well that worked out, he hardly even spoke to me." I plucked a ripe strawberry from the bush and threw it at the ground, ignoring the half annoyed, half awed stare from the nearest satyr.

"He was in shock, just like every other person that saw you today. Or, right now. And yes, I do have a plan. I'm the daughter of Aphrodite; I know what to do in these situations." Silena grinned suddenly, yanking me to a sudden stop. I wriggled out of her weak hold of me.

"And what's your plan? O wise daughter of Aphrodite, please enlighten me." I glared at her as I ripped a leaf from the nearest plant and started ripping it violently apart.

"Make him jealous." Silena grinned at me as I frowned. Jealous? Make Percy Jackon jealous? Of me? How? What?

"Explain." I stared at the shredded remains of the leaf as she spoke in her unusually annoying voice.

"Hang out with another guy, exclude Jackson from your many active-tays," Silena rolled her eyes as she took a small compact mirror out of her purse, "Ugh, would you just LOOK at my hair! It's like MESSED UP," She groaned as she snapped the mirror shut, "Well, good bye clueless. TTYL!" She raced back to her cabin, probably to add another layer of blush or something.

I glared after her as I pondered about the…. advice…. she gave me. The daughter of Aphrodite gave ME, the daughter of Athena. Of course I wouldn't do it. What type of guy would get jealous of that? A grin crossed my face as a thought struck me. Every guy would get jealous of that. I had one more week to make Percy Jackson, Son of Poseidon, and fall in love with me, Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Athena, and I was NOT going to fail.


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