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*eight hours later*

I wake up. I am happier. Yesterday's pondering is forgotten until I remember it two minutes later. I brush off the fact that I decided to quite fanfiction and writing. I continue to write pretty stories.

I write. I get mad because I write badly. But people convince me that it's good and push me to keep writing. So I write pretty story.


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One second we were yelling at each other, and the next, we're well, kissing. And, no not on the cheek either—on the lips.

Annabeth Chase's lips were on mine.

I, Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, was kissing Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena.

Please, father, uncles, aunts, grandmothers, and grandfathers, extend this second for as long as you can.

And that was the last coherent thought I had before Annabeth tilted her head slightly and brought her arms up around my neck, deepening the kiss. My arms seemed to move on their own as they wound themselves around her waist as she pulled me closer to her. We fell back, into the grass, me on top of her, as she shifted slightly.

That's when I realized that we were laying in plain sight in the middle of the fields, on top of each other, kissing. Kissing. Me and Annabeth Chase kissing.

A gigantic, goofy grin formed on my lips, curving against Annabeth's before a sudden coldness ran through my body as I realized that the heat radiating from Annabeth's lips against mine had disappeared. My eyes shot open, and I was greeted instantly with a frosty glare from a disheveled Annabeth with extremely puffy lips and flushed cheeks.

"Get off me, Percy." A quiet voice came from underneath me as I blushed slightly, shifting to a sitting position so that she could scramble out from under me. She followed my lead, sitting herself next to me. An uncomfortable silence ensued, causing many shifts and side glances (from me, of course).

"I have to go. T-Travis, Travis' waiting for me. Bye, Percy." Annabeth avoided my eyes as she placed her hands on the ground, pushing herself up, still avoiding my gaze. She was half-way to her cabin when I managed to find my voice and call out after her. My heart plummeted, Travis?

"W-wait, Annabeth!" I scrambled up, chasing after her. Annabeth's steps faltered as she turned unwillingly toward me.

"Yes, Percy?" She asked, her slightly voice desperate. My face fell a bit as I noticed that her gaze was directed to the ground, instead of to my face.

"I-I just…. I'm sorry." I blurted out. She raised her eyes until they were level toward mine.

"You're sorry." She spat, her hands clenching into fists.


"You're…. you're sorry."

"Uh…. yes….?" Nice move there, Percy. Look, she looks almost normal. Just gotta get that I'M-AN-ANGRY-RHINO face off her, and she'll be perfect, "A-are you okay?"

"I'm perfectly fine. Not. A. Thing. Wrong."

"I'm not that bad of a kisser….. am I?" Oh wait. Did I just say that? Out loud? I gulped.

"What did you just say?" Whoops. Guess I did, then. I grimaced slightly, my palms sweaty.

"Uh…. noth—" She cut me off.

"What's wrong with you Percy?" Annabeth sent me a cold scowl as she stepped toward me, "Do you not have a brain in that colossal head of yours?"

"Nothing's wrong with me, Annabeth," I scowled, beginning to get just a tad annoyed, "If anything's wrong, it's with you."

"W-Wha…?" She had a bewildered look in her eye as she frowned, "What do you mean?" I scowled.

"It's not me that dates some guy you hate. It's not me that runs away when I see you and Travis making out. It's not me that jumps on er… me…. after yelling at each other. It's not me that starts blaming the other person right after that." Her gray eyes widened as she stepped back, "So who's at fault now?" I finished, satisfactory, until, of course, I realized that I just said all that to Annabeth, you know, the love of my life. Okay, well not really but you get it.

… Right?

"Er….." I started awkwardly as the silence ensued.

"Per-…. Sea-…..ain….I'm….." After a minute of pointless stuttering, she looked up at me, her voice oddly calm, "I am, Percy." What, so no running away this time? No crying? Wait…. that's a good thing, right?


"A-a…." And then she turned around and ran away.

My thoughts:

a.) What. "A-a?"

b.) Did she just run away again? Like, seriously? Again?

My gaze lingered after her as I groaned.

Girls were confusing.

Annabeth's POV

"A-a…." I didn't just say that. I did not just say that. One look, however, at Percy's bewildered face told me just the opposite, that yes, those two pathetic vowels just did escape my mouth.

I groaned. I just did not have a way with guys. And by guys I mean Percy.

Yes, that blubbering idiot over there who somehow resembles a fish. I frowned. He always seemed to resemble a fish, didn't he?

And that's when it hit me. Hit me that he only seemed to resemble a fish whenever he was… well, when he was around me. Tears threatened to well up in my eyes again, but I had already turned and was half way to my cabin, sprinting away from Percy for 9871238569821473rd time ever.

My love life sucked.


I placed my hand on the handle of the door to the Athena cabin, and heard a sudden call from behind me. That's when I yanked open the door and sprinted in, shutting the door right on Percy's face.

Unfortunately, he opened the door and followed right in.

"Percy! Why are you in here? Have your parents ever taught you manners? I mean, seriously! I could have been changing in here!" I shrieked frantically, a second away from pushing him out.

He stared at me, "Uh, Annabeth…. are you…. are you okay?"

There goes my patience.

"Am I… am I okay. Am I, Annabeth Chase, okay." Percy flinched, taking a step back, "I messed up so pathetically with my love life, probably ruining all chances of that kiss ever repeating itself ever again... all because of some stupid slip I had. Of course I'm not… Er, I meant, I'm perfectly okay! Thanks for asking!" I rambled, until I came to my senses.

"Love… what? K-Kiss?" The tops of his ears reddened as he muttered 'kiss.'

"Nothing." I answered quickly, my face turning red.

"Uh…. Annabeth, I just wanted to tell you that…" He stammered, jamming his hands into his pockets, "I like…."

My head snapped up.

"I…. uh… I like…." I scowled slightly at his stuttering, move on already, "I like… I like owls." He finished, his voice squeaky.

Wait, What. What. WHAT. WHAT.


"N-nothing." He muttered, stepping backwards, "I'll…. I gotta go now, Annabeth. Bye." He said hurriedly as he reached behind him to turn the doorknob. Percy turned quickly as it opened, a light breeze making its way into the room.

Tears threatened to spill out of my eyes as he left hastily, the door swinging close.

But I am Annabeth Chase, and Annabeth doesn't cry.

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