Hard to spoil this game. What the hell, guys. Violence. One of Two.

Madotsuki loved her dreams.

More than anyone.

They were her escape, her legal drug, her one true love, her favourite hobby, her life.

And she loved the denizens of her dreams almost as much as she loved the adventures themselves.

Masada, the alien, and his piano on which he played the most bewitching music she'd ever heard; his spaceship, which he used to take her to see Mars and the larger alien who lived there and cried every time they visited. Sometimes he teaches her how to play bits of songs that he remembers, and she resists the temptation of napping on his bed when he plays anything close to a lullaby.

There were the sisters in the lonely monochrome desert, who would dance and stay and chat with her briefly before running off together. Madotsuki never minded. They were sisters, Monoko and Monoe. And they treated her like one too.

Poniko, however, she was a little more wary of. She could be cold and relatively hostile, and got mad when she touched the lights, but didn't actually seem to mind the intrusion. She boasted about a monster in her closet, which terrified Madotsuki to the core. She made sure to limit her visits after that revelation.

Shitai was different. He looked dead, and that scared Madotsuki. But he wasn't. He would be in the middle of the rainy road, waiting for the downpour to stop and a car to come to pick him up. "My friend is coming, but he's always late," the corpse said once, when she had come to look for a frog. Shitai also seemed to like cats. He makes a point of petting her when she wears the kitty ears and tail.

The E-Brothers are nice too. They wait for her in an office where the doctor is never in, and one of them is angry that he'll never come. It's almost relaxing though, because E-Guy plays the flute, and Madotsuki loves to listen. He even taught her a few simple melodies, and she plays them whenever she feels like it.

However, she does not like the bird-girls, the Toriningen. They run around squawking and giggling and laughing with each other, but never her. They chase and berate her sometimes, and never, not ever have invited her to come join their picnic. She likes them less than the man who stares at the sisters and her in the desert with a face that looks like something Picasso could have painted.

Other than the Toriningen, and some terrifying creatures that she avoids like no others, she loves it all.

And then, one day, it all changes.

It starts with stumbling through the darkness of Dark World, her literal "darkest dream". No light, no nothing, bumping into blob-like creatures that blend in with the inky black, except for wide, purple eyes.

And then she finds it.

The knife. It's sharp, it's perfect, it's calling to her and she wants it more than anything else she's ever found before. It tells her that it can protect her like no other, that it's the only thing she's ever needed, and suddenly she feels like she can cut down anything.

It's just a dream.

She can't get hurt.

She can hurt things that would try, though.

Madotsuki would love to see them try.

With the knife, it begins. It begins in number world, with the green eyed man who refuses to move.

She tells him to move, and he stares. She demands he move, and he still stares.

Madotsuki pulls out the knife. Three eyes widen, the place where his mouth should be and skin is stretched over seems to twitch.

But he doesn't move.

That is, until Madotsuki makes him.

Madotsuki is amazed at how quickly she can move.

In, out, and he falls to ground.

She steps over the body and enters into the rooms she's been wanted to enter forever, and when she's finally inside, the brunette wants to yells, scream, cuss.

It's a room flooded with cyclopes, red hair everywhere, pushing and jostling, and she can't see anything. They can't move, with her in the room. She can't move with them in the room.

There are two options- Leave and take no interest- or knife them. They'll fall, she can move.

A perfect trade?

Yes. Perfect.

She stabs one. It screams. Madotsuki's eyes go wide. She shivers and grits her teeth. There are more, and she can't get scared. What if there was an effect beyond the moving wine-coloured sea of one-eyed freaks?





She keeps stabbing, they keep screaming.

And at last, at last! She reaches the far side of the room.

There is nothing there but a funny face, with a puckered blue face with lips that stick out of the floor.

Madotsuki is nothing less than upset, and decides maybe, maybe it's time to wake up.

She pinches her cheek, and soon enough, she's in her bed, and the knife is no where in sight.