Character death. More violence. Late night writing. The usual.

When Madotsuki finally falls asleep again, she feels different when she finds herself on her balcony again.

Madotsuki feels... off.

She doesn't want to wake up again, because she just fell asleep, and there was no point doing that again. So Madotsuki's done the same thing she does every time she's done since she found escape in her dreams, and heads to the Nexus.

Maybe today she'll see Masada again, and tell him about how weird she feels. So she opens the door to the coldest dreamworld, and trudges in slippers and knee highs through the snow.

Madotsuki wanders until she finds a bed in the icy wasteland, and quickly crawls in. The second she shuts her eyes, she stands at the top of a pale staircase, long arms with clawed hands making wanton grabs at the inky blackness. It's a sight she's seen before, and keep walking, until she finds herself in front of the roaring flare blocking her path.

The girl does what she always does- pulls out her umbrella as sheets of rain materialize seconds later. With the fire extinguished, she puts away the umbrella and the rain dissipates, like usual, and Madotsuki continues on her way.

Masada is playing something new today, and it's something surprisingly upbeat for him. The alien excitedly waves his favourite (and only) visitor to his piano, and before Madotsuki can say how she feels, the pale man is beginning to explain how he got Tasei to stop crying. He keeps talking and talking- did he ever talk this much? She should be glad for him, but she isn't. He should have shut up by now. Madotsuki is getting more impatient by the second, but Masada doesn't notice.

Masada doesn't notice because he's happy he got Tasei to stop crying.

Masada doesn't notice because he thinks Madotsuki should be happy too.

Masada doesn't notice Madotsuki pull out the knife.

Masada does notice when the tip of the blade is pricking into his sternum.

She's leering up at him, a deadly look in her eyes, warm, friendly look done away with, and replaced with something murderous.

For a split second, he thinks she's playing a nasty trick on him, and smiles nervously. He tries to talk some more, but Madotsuki tells him to shut up. Masada opens his mouth again, trying to plead with her, and ask her what's wrong, but he's cut short by his own screaming.

Madotsuki's devilish look vanishes as soon as she realizes what she's done. The man's inky-black, hypertropic eye becomes focused for the first time since Madotsuki's met him, before he crumples to the ground, red clashing and staining his previously white spaceship.

She backs up, and looks at the knife, and looks at Masada, and looks at the knife and back to Masada. She didn't mean to kill him. She just wanted him to listen to her. It's all she meant. Madotsuki looks around in a panic, and flees the scene of her second crime.

Her first reaction is to pinch her cheek to wake up, but she doesn't want to touch her face.

Her hands are covered in Masada's blood.

So she runs. She runs until she finds herself in the Monochrome Desert, and she's panting and she comes face to face with Dave Spector.

Madotsuki recoils and demands to know what he wants.

Dave Spector just stares.

She's always hated Dave Spector and his staring.

The knife finds its way into the man's large head, and he unleashes a ghastly howl.

Madotsuki yanks out the knife, bloodied again and stares at it, horrified, in her hand. Is she really doing this? No, it couldn't have been. She would never! It's the knife, the knife is causing her to do all these things, she's sure of it.

She hears a voice behind her, and whirls around to see Monoe looking stricken. Monoe looking stricken because the knife is now in her stomach, and her white form is crawling with red, and she's screaming.

Madotsuki gives a wail, as she yanks it away from another person she's considered a friend.

Madotsuki's become a murderer, and the only thing she can do is run because she doesn't want to touch her face with a hand coated in blood, even if it would mean waking up from this nightmare. So the girl takes flight again, and continues to run, from portal to tunnel, praying that Monoko doesn't ever find out what happened to her sister.

And then she runs into someone she had always hoped she would avoid.

A Toriningen. The one with long red pigtails and a striped dress. The one that always followed her. The one she hates most.

The girl gives the freak a warning first. The creature draws nearer, cocking its hideous beaked head to the side. She tells the beast to go away. The bird-girl walks even closer, placing a clawed finger on its long beak, as if questioning the human child.

Madotsuki gives a scream of her own, and stabs the Toriningen right in place where her heart should be. The Toriningen eyes seem to flash from brown to magenta, and it unleashes a screech so earsplitting, Madotsuki falls back, the blade still in the creature's breast. She looks up at the only being to withstand the knife, which picks her up by the collar of her shirt, and throws her aside like a ragdoll.

Madotsuki waits for the impacts, eye clamped shut, but doesn't feel it until what feels like a minute or more later. She opens her eyes, looking about. She's trapped. Can't go on. In this situation, she has no choice, but to pull her cheek. Her fingers are sticky with dried blood, and it's the grossest feeling she's had to endure, but she pulls.

She awakes with a gasp and tears beading down her face. The diary is forgotten as she sobs into balled fists, wracked with the guilt of murdering her friends, and the fear of the two-faced bird girls.

In fact, Madotsuki feels so guilty, she stays up for a day and a half, playing NASU, reading comics she'd read hundreds of times before, and not wanting to sleep, she didn't want to deal with the pieces she cruelly left behind. Thinking of Tasei, crying alone, and Monoko without her sister made her feel sick to her stomach.

But Madotsuki gives in at last to sleep. Finding herself in the Nexus, she decides to do the right thing. Explain to Tasei. Beg forgiveness from Monoko. The routine to Masada's, once so lighthearted and exciting is a chore, and she dreads seeing what she so unceremoniously left on the floor of the white spaceship.

But piano music is filling the air. It's the music Masada had been playing those few days ago. Madotsuki's heart beats faster, and she yanks open the door, and runs to the tall, slender man in front of her, and begins to bawl her eyes out. He's taken by surprise, but he chuckles, and remarks how he's sorry he was talking so much, and Madotsuki sobs that it wasn't his fault and she was the one who was sorry. She was the one who had killed him, and Masada had only been excited about helping a friend.

They reconcile, and Madotsuki tells him she has to visit the sisters, and he bids her farewell and a safe journey.

The melody begins again as she leaves and she knows everything is going to be okay.

When the girl arrives at the desert, she sees Monoko and Monoe playing together. And Dave Spector staring.

Everything turned out in her favour, luckily, and Madotsuki was pleased because she loved them soi much.

It was true. Madotsuki loved the people of her dreams very much.

She never wanted them to come to harm.

Through fault and terror, she learned her lesson. But the lesson was one she would not soon ever forget, for as long as she continued to dream.

If you were expecting a beautiful ending, I'm sorry. So sorry.

Am I the only one who feels horrible when Madotsuki kills a NPC that actually looks humanoid?

I hope not.

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