The last month had been a rush of changes.

She was the Moon Princess… the one they had been searching for, for nearly a year.

He was Tuxedo Mask. More importantly, he was her Prince. Her lover.

They had been reborn for the chance of a new life.

Memories flooded of their romance. His efforts to woo her… her efforts to gain his attention. The games they both played to make the other jealous. Their confessions of love and their happiness together.

But that was a millennium ago.

It was only four weeks ago he had been her tormentor.

"You're such a klutz, Odango Atama."

"You're never going to get higher than a 45, will you Odango brains?"

"Who would ever want to be with a girl like you, Odango?"

Now that the evil was gone… the dust had settled… she began to doubt what they had. So, she made her decision.

"Take my fears away, forget our last thousand years.
The truth of pure love I seek; no obligations—you are free.
Our pasts only intertwined, when, by free will, I am the one you find."

"You did… WHAT?"

Usagi flinched, "I used the—"

"We heard what you said, Odango brains!"

Usagi cringed and wondered if it would have been a better idea if she had wiped EVERYONE's memory along with Mamoru's.

Each member of her court had frowned at the news. Well... Rei screamed, yelled, ranted and raved... the others displayed clear disagreement of the course of action their princess had chosen in other ways. Even Minako shook her head. Usagi figured it could have been out of disgust that the Moon Princess had doubt of her love with the Earth Prince. Their love saved the world and had defeated the evil they had fought time and time again. Usagi supposed doubting that would seem foolish to the senshi so dedicated to preserving true love.

To everyone's surprise, Luna was the one defending Usagi. The black feline had remained silent up to this point.

"While I agree that Usagi's use of the crystal is somewhat questionable, the reasoning behind it can be understood."

Okay, so she sort-of defended Usagi.

"After all, living with any amount of doubt with their relationship could haunt for centuries. Millennia even."

The senshi thought this over. It was true. If one day in the future, Usagi decided that she and Mamoru really didn't love each other, the results could be catastrophic.

Even end the world.


Makoto sighed, dropping her hand from propping up her chin, "Okay. So what do you want us to do, Usagi?"

The blonde gulped, "Well... you have to swear not to tell Mamo-chan anything. I haven't seen him since I used the crystal, so I don't know if he even knows me in this lifetime."

"Usagi," Ami was using her "intellectual face," meaning she was about to ask a serious question-one she doubted anyone else had thought of yet, "How are you going to handle this if Mamoru doesn't fall in love with you?"

Usagi sucked in a breath, "I'll know. I'll know it was just our past, and that he and I are in the past... and I can move forward. I will move forward. I'll be disappointed. But I would rather be disappointed now, and continue on with my life than wait and wonder. The world was a different place 1,000 years ago... kingdoms were smaller, technology was primitive, the societies and cultures were different. People fell in love for different reasons now than they did back then."

At her answer, the other girls' expressions softened. Apparently, their princess-their ditzy, klutzy, spacey princess-had thought of this devastating possibility.

"Well, I'm up for going to the Crown to find out," Makoto stretched and stood from the temple's tea table, "I'm famished and could use something to eat before heading home."

Ami began gathering her books, "I'm going to skip it tonight guys, we have that algebra test tomorrow."

At the word, 'algebra,' Usagi paled, "What?"

Ami sighed, "The algebra test is over chapters 6 and 7. I'm sure you'll have time to do your last minute cramming session during lunch."

"No way, she'll forget her lunch and be too busy mooching," Minako teased and followed the other two out of the temple, "Besides, its not so bad. Usagi and I will get to have study hall together."

"By 'study hall,' don't you mean detention?" Rei sneered, holding the door open for her friends to exit, "You guys go to the Crown. We all know that Makoto and Minako only want to show up to see Motoki."

"No way!" the two protested at the same time.

As the girls walked their separate ways, Usagi continued on her walk home. She mutely nodded when Luna said she would be going with Artemis to work on new battle strategies. Why, Usagi didn't know. As far as she was concerned, there were no new threats, and wouldn't be for quite a while. Her guardian had given her that at least.. that she had chosen a calm time to have their key ally, and the planet's Prince, forget about his past. In all honesty, Usagi wasn't quite sure what Mamoru would, or wouldn't forget. She had intended the crystal to only wipe Mamoru's memory of their romantic relationship… but you never knew with the crystal. While the gem would listen to it's owner's heart, certain unintentional "side effects" would be required to accomplish the overall goal.

Once in her room, Usagi sighed and looked at the clock. It was only 7:30. No evil to fight tonight, but she was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open. Mamoru was just getting out of his night class. Usagi smiled wishing that she would be receiving her routine phone call from him. The two would spend two hours on the phone talking… shaking her head to clear her thoughts; Usagi reached into her book bag and pulled out her text book.

'a4 plus 42 times the square root of 16 equals…'