Summer Full of Strangers

Part 3 of 3

-Five Days Later-

*Knock, Knock*

Maggie looks up from her book to the closed door. With a sigh she closes her book, A Business Glossary, marking her page, and moves to the door. "Who is it?"

"It's me."


Maggie rolls her eyes as she opens the door and sees her own face smiling at her. "Hello Me what can I do for you?

Frankie snickers and rolls her eyes at her sister's sense of humor. "You can get dressed."

Maggie looks down to see that she is in fact wearing clothing. "I am." Maggie looks up to see Frankie roll her eyes again.

"Not those clothes. Get dressed in something nicer."

Maggie scrunches her face in confusion as she remains where she is in the doorway leaning against the doorjamb. "Why…?"

"So you can go out with me and Bianca."

Maggie snorts out a laugh as she closes the door on her sister's face and walks away. There is no way she is going out with the two of them to listen to them whisper into each other's ear and smile at each other as they look deep into each other's eyes. No. That is not how she would like to spend her Friday night. Given that she would much rather be out with a friend or talking to her father or brother then sitting in her temporary bedroom reading.

Frankie groans and opens the door and follows Maggie into the room. Slamming the door behind her as she moves to stand in the middle of her sister's borrowed bedroom her arms crossing over her chest as she glares at her twin.

"What is your problem?" Frankie demands.

Maggie has hardly said a thing to her since the weekend when Bianca Montgomery and her mother Erica Kane showed up to spend the afternoon. Then again, every time that Bianca has arrived at the manor with her mother, Erica has spent a great deal of time talking to Maggie keeping her from the two of them. So, at first Frankie thought it was only Maggie being physically unable to tell Ms. Kane that she would rather be spending her time with her and Bianca. Then when Maggie stayed three rooms down from whatever room they were in without Erica present, Frankie began to realize that something else was going on.

"I don't have a problem." Maggie doesn't even look at her sister. She sits back up against the headboard of her bed and picks up her book, obviously dismissing her sister. This, arguing with her sister, is not how she wants to spend her Friday night either.

Maggie knows that something is happening with her and Frankie but she feels helpless to stop it. Maggie wonders if her fear of what is happening to her relationship with Frankie is mirrored in her twin and is why she is pushing so hard to include her in everything she does with Ms. Montgomery.

"Well bullshit, Maggie!" Frankie exclaims as she stamps her foot and her glare intensifies. "You have something shoved so far up your ass that it's poking out at your shoulders!"

Maggie rolls her eyes at her sister's exaggeration, her eyes scanning the page in front of her.

Acceleration Clause: A condition in a real estate financing instrument giving the lender the power to declare all sums owing lender immediately due and payable upon the happening of an event, such as the sale of the property, or a delinquency in the repayment of the note.

"Can you at least look at me!" Frankie screeches as she feels her anger at her sister rise. "What is your problem! You've never been like this before!"

Never…and that scares Frankie more than her inability to easily read what is going on with her sister. She knows there is something major happening with Maggie but Maggie hasn't asked her for help or tried to talk to her about it. She's worried and when she's worried she's easy to anger. She knows this but her fear has been slowly rising each day her sister's refused to open up to her. Her!

Maggie continues to ignore her sister. Flipping randomly through the glossary and picking random words out from the page.

Cumulative Preferred Stock:Preferred stock whose dividends accrue, should the issuer not make timely dividend payments.

Frankie can't stand it. Maggie's never acted like a bitch before. Not to her! And certainly not about someone as nice as Bianca!

Hell, Maggie wasn't this much of a bitch to Robby Pelt, Frankie's last boyfriend.

Frankie just doesn't understand why Maggie has refused to partake in any of her outings with Bianca. Frankie knows it has something to do with Bianca, whatever is happening between them, but Frankie refuses to give up her sister or her new crush. She's just stuck between a rock and a hard place with Maggie's refusal to give Bianca a chance and Bianca's clear anxiousness over Maggie's attitude.

Deterministic Models: Liability-matching models that assume that the liability payments and the asset cash flows are known with certainty. Related: Compare stochastic models

Usually when Frankie asks Maggie to come with her to hang out she says yes, even if it is someone she has shown an interest in. So Maggie not coming along with her and Bianca to the park the other day and Willow Lake the day before shocked her.

Now this…

Maggie will hardly talk to her and she doesn't understand why. She doesn't know what she could have possibly done to warner such resentment from her sister or what Bianca could have done to push Maggie so far away she won't even talk to her.

Stochastic Models: Liability-matching models that assume that the liability payments and the asset cash flows are uncertain.

"Maggie!" Frankie yells as Maggie continues to read her damn book.

Cumulative probability distribution: A function that shows the probability that the random variable will attain a value less than or equal to each value that the ran-

"Hey!" Maggie tries to grab the glossary back from Frankie but her sister has already thrown it halfway across the room.

"There…" Frankie refrains from smiling at the sound of the loud thud of the book slamming against the floor behind her. "Now talk to me!" Frankie demands her voice breaking as she holds her sister's eyes.

Maggie shakes her head and pushes back further against the headboard of her bed as she looks away from Frankie, her arms crossed over her chest now as well.

Frankie stands before Maggie's bed fuming. Her sister's head turned to look away from her.

"You know what, fine. Whatever!" Frankie throws her arms up in defeat. "Be that way! But don't you dare complain to me about how much it sucks that you don't have any friends!"

'You won't even give her a chance.' Frankie thinks and then shakes her head dejectedly as she storms out of the room. 'All Bianca wants is to get to know you.'

The fact that Bianca was clearly showing more an interest in Maggie bothered Frankie, but also left her with hope that if Maggie continued to act like the bitch Frankie never knew she could be, and then Bianca's interest could shift towards her.

Maggie waits until Frankie slams the door before she looks at the dark red wood. As if looking at the red oak could help her understand why she feels terribly uncertain around Bianca Montgomery.

It isn't as if she doesn't like the girl. She does. It is the fact that whenever she tries to talk to the younger girl she cannot voice anything. She opens her mouth but nothing comes out. Her throat closes and she has to turn away from Bianca and walk away. Upset with herself for being unable to participate in any type of conversation with the younger girl.

She is Mary Margaret Cambias!

For goodness sake!

She simply is not supposed to be tongue tied around a freshman! A female freshman! She is not Frankie. She does not go around looking for new friends or conquests.

She likes the friends she has but she isn't incapable of making new friends or making conversation! She can make new friends! She can…she knows she can but she doesn't just want to be Ms. Montgomery's friend and that terrifies her. She isn't Frankie. She doesn't go around looking to hit on women or date them.

At least, she hasn't.

Not yet.

Not until now.

Though the idea of flirting with Bianca, much like Frankie has been doing since they met the girl has crossed her mind a great deal.

It frightens her.

She has never liked another girl. Not like Frankie likes girls—sometimes.

Then again she doesn't flirt with men either. Not really.

She playfully flirts with her friend Anthony, but Anthony is not interested in her and she is not interested in him. They just…have that kind of relationship. Anthony and their flirting is beside the point.

The point is that she is more content to spend her Friday nights in long discussions with her father, Uncle John, or Mikey. Her contention with spending her Friday nights talking with her family does not mean that she does not occasionally enjoy going out to the movies or to a party with friends. She does, she just prefers not to partake in getting drunk or making out with any of the people at said parties either.

Maggie talks to people. She is a very articulate person. Her teachers commend her on her articulation. She is horrified with her incompetence when it comes to talking with Bianca Montgomery. It bothers her. Makes her frustrated and angry at herself! If Bianca mistakenly thinks that her anger is directed at her—for whatever reason—then that is for Bianca to know and Maggie to wonder about.

It is untrue in all senses.

Maggie is not angry with Bianca and she does not hate Bianca. Quite the contrary, she enjoys spending time with Bianca, or she had. Since she has still been unable to communicate with the young woman she has stayed away from her. Frankie has picked up on her emotions and she too has mistakenly interpreted them to be directed at Bianca. They are not.

Groaning Maggie throws herself onto the bed covering her head with her pillow as she curls her knees up into her stomach. She screams her frustration into her pillow her hands pounding away at the innocent mattress.

Maggie can't even escape from Bianca. Frankie has invited Bianca over to the Manor every day since they first met. The two are becoming very friendly with each other. Maggie is afraid to know exactly how friendly they have become. It isn't like she expects her sister to sleep with Bianca.

Frankie isn't like that.

Maggie also can tell that Bianca is certainly not like that. Not at all. The poor girl blushes a deep crimson red at the merest idea of innuendo.

Frankie is still a virgin! Maggie knows this. Just like Frankie knows that there is something going on inside her head that has made her pull away. She also know that Frankie isn't afraid to test the waters. Maggie understands this. She has listened to Frankie's recounting—detailed—retellings of those experiments many times in the past.

The thought of Frankie telling her about how it feels to kiss Bianca makes her pause in her beating of her bed's mattress. Her heart skips a beat and her palms become sweaty as she feels her blood rush through her. She wonders why her stomach has twisted into so many knots and her chest is hot and heavy at the thought of Frankie kissing Bianca.

"Argh…" Maggie throws herself back down onto her mattress and this time hides her head in her pillows to drown out the sound of her own sobs.

Why…? Why was this happening to her?

What is happening exactly!

And why…

Oh why…is she now unable to get rid of the image of Bianca Montgomery's lips moving towards her own—not Frankie's.

Maggie realizes that she was right in her first assessment of their three weeks here in bumbleF**k Pennsylvania.

It is going to suck.

It is going to suck because she is going to be subjected to seeing one Bianca Christine Montgomery. Both a pleasure and an annoyance as the wonderful caring girl will remain a stranger to one Mary Margaret Cambias.

Maggie moves over to her window at the sound of a beeping horn. Outside she can see the family limo pulling up. Frankie is rushing to it with a bright smile and an aura of happiness about her. Maggie wants to hate her sister for finding such happiness with Bianca while she can find nothing but frustration and sorrow over her lost chances to speak with the beauty that is Bianca Montgomery.

Maggie wants to be angry at Frankie as she hugs the younger girl, who is as tall as they are and promises to be taller in the future, tightly against her before she enters the limo first not sparing her window a single glance.

Maggie's breath catches in her throat when gorgeous soulful brown eyes look up towards her window. Maggie takes a step to back from the window sure that the girl has not seen her and if she did that she can no longer see her even as she looks out the window and watches as shoulders sag in a sigh.

Then the moment is gone and the honeysuckle eyes are riveted on something inside the limo and a bright aura surrounds her as she slips through the back door and Jim closes it. Leaving Maggie behind in her incompetence and cowardly glory.

Yes, Maggie decides as she watches the limo pull away. The next two weeks here is going to suck.