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Cornelia can only stand and stare at her supposed to be dead brother. Lelouch is smiling by the reaction he is getting from Cornelia, but he sneaks a glance at Guilford, who is more or less the same like Cornelia. Nunnally and Suzaku had a small smile while watching the scene. Suddenly Cornelia grabbed Lelouch by the throat.

Lelouch can only widen his eyes before crashing on the wall. Nunnally and Suzaku's eyes are wide and are frozen in place. Cornelia stares at Lelouch in the eyes with so much hate that Lelouch thinks he might've caught on fire. "Why the Hell are you doing here you demon!"

Lelouch managed to move his head to the side and watch as a fist soared through his line of vision before smashing to the wall. Lelouch looked towards his left and saw that the wall was cracking from the punch. He gulped before turning his head back towards Cornelia, who was glaring at him hate still very much present. "Well!" Lelouch flinched from the shout. "Are you going to answer how are you even alive when you should be dead?" Lelouch sighed, knowing he won't get her hand off his throat unless he explains. "I'm immortal dear Cornelia. I should've died, but unfortunately, father thought that by cursing me with immortality will cause me pain, which isn't the case. After I was 'killed' in that day, I came back from the dead, which Suzaku and Nunnally only knew up 'til now. Why do you think Nunnally wasn't crying her heart out when I was gone? Because she knew I was alive but I couldn't be there for her."

Cornelia loosened her grip, but was still able to keep Lelouch in her grip. "And what about Euphie? Why is she dead and you are still alive?" Lelouch lowers his eyes, guilt taking over his visage. "I don't know why I am still alive and Euphie is dead. All I know is that I don't deserve to live. If I could trade my life for Euphie's, I would do it in a heartbeat."

"Then why did you kill Euphie?" Lelouch looked at her with tears in his eyes, so much sadness can be seen in his eyes that Cornelia let go of Lelouch's throat.

"Euphie was a person who wanted peace and to live with me and Nunnally again. On that day, VV decided to make my power go out of control, thus giving Euphie an order that was against her beliefs, a choice she wouldn't make. She resisted my Geass the best she can, but my power is absolute, so she became influenced by my power against her will. At the time, the Geass Canceller wasn't made so the only way to stop her was either let her fulfill her command, or end her life." Cornelia's rage was subsided, but it was still there. " So why did you kill her?"

"Euphie's command was to kill all of the Japanese. That command was something she couldn't do, let alone think of doing. And since Suzaku was her knight at the time, she tried her best to resist to the most of her will, but if you keep on trying to resist, you will eventually die from brain damage. For Euphie, she would rather die and limit the amount of people killed then to be the cause for so many deaths. Think about Euphie Cornelia, do you think she could handle the amount of guilt knowing she killed so many people and her knight, whom she had a crush on for a while." Cornelia's eyes lowered as she digested his words. When it looked like she understood everything that was said, her eyes instantly snapped towards Suzaku. Said man, was sweating and stepping away from her very slowly. Lelouch was watching with amusement that couldn't be seen by anyone in the room, seeing Suzaku worrying over this predicament. Lelouch decided he had his fun by tormenting Suzaku long enough... for the time being.

"Anyway..." Cornelia faced Lelouch again, and Suzaku let out a sigh of relief and mouthed a very enthusiastic 'Thank You!' to Lelouch. "Do you understand why I had to kill Euphie. I was sparing her life from a life of untold guilt and misery, a life she doesn't deserve. She wanted the SAZ to be a complete success. If it was a disaster, she would have went to a deep depression even you couldn't help with. If I could, I would go back to that time so I can never make that command." Cornelia had tears in her eyes as she moved closer towards Lelouch.

Lelouch flinched but otherwise didn't move from his spot. Suddenly he was wrapped in a big hug from Cornelia. Lelouch looked at Cornelia with utter confusion as to why she is hugging him. "So that's the reason you killed Euphie. You wanted to stop her from doing something she hated to do. You still loved her, even in the very end. I'm sorry her hating you all this time little brother." Lelouch smiled, and hugged her back, happy that she forgave him, but he knows he will never forgive himself. Lelouch tapped her shoulder, making her pull back. "So... when is dinner going to be ready?" Lelouch asked, looking around the room.

Nunnally's eyes widened. "Oh! That's right! I completelt lost track of time. Dinner was ready 20 minutes ago!" Everyone in the room laughed at Nunnally, which she joined in as well. After a while, Lelouch was the first one to calm down. " Well? Are we going to go or are we going to let the food get cold?" Guilford and Suzaku gave a hearty chuckle, while Cornelia and Nunnally smiled, seeing a glimse of the old Lelouch when he was still living at the Aries Villa. Once they arrive at the room, Lelouch can only stare at how the room looked. The room was a soft white with grand windows facing so that the sunset an be seen. The table was long with a fancy table covering the top. The table was adorned with plates, silverware, and what Lelouch can only describe as a feast. (I'm not going to describe the food. Just imagine something you eat at a huge family meeting or something.) Lelouch turned his head to stare at his sister.

"You eat like this all the time?" Nunnally shook her head. "Not really. I just decided since you are back, I asked the chief to cook everything you liked foe dinner." She said with a bright smile on her face. Lelouch smiled back before turning to the others. "Well, shall we?" he gestured to the food. On cue, Suzaku's stomach growled. Everyone had a laugh, then sat down at the table. Lelouch then turned to Cornelia. "Oh Cornelia I forgot to ask. Are you and Guilford you know, official?"

Cornelia and Guilford blushed and looked away from each other. Cornelia, despite her embarrassment, answered. "Yes. We married about eight years ago." Lelouch nodded. "Well congratulations. Do you have any children that I should know of?" Nunnally and Suzaku laughed as Cornelia's blush deepened. "No, we don't have any children." Lelouch nodded again. "Ah, I see. That's too bad. I wanted to see if I have any other nieces or nephews and see if any of them look like their parents. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Let's eat." Everyone agreed and had their fill of food and enjoyed the sound of laughter and the wine.

Once everyone had finished their dinner, Lelouch spoke up. "Well this evening was wonderful. I am glad to spend it with you all. Unfortunately, I have to leave. I hope to see you again sometime in the near future. Goodnight Nunnally. Goodnight Cornelia. Guilford. Suzaku." He hugged his sisters, and nodded his head towards their husbands, then placed his mask on and went to leave.


Lelouch was walking along the street, still in the Zero outfit. The sun was just about finished setting when he left, so the lights were turned on. The streetlights bounced off the mask, making him more intimidating than he already is. Lelouch sighed. "Well that was a great time. I had dinner with my family and had fun, even though I was almost killed by Cornelia, but I would've came back, so that wasn't a problem. All in all, the evening was great."

Just then Lelouch blinked and looked to his left. "Hmmm. Kallen's place. I didn't know she lived so close to the government building. Well since I'm near, I might as well visit her."

Then an idea came to his mind. 'This can work. Reiko is there as well, so I can ask Kallen if I can give Reiko a geass, then try and convince Reiko to have Takeshi to accept a geass as well. Yes this can definitely work out.' With that, Lelouch walks to the Kouzuki residence.


Reiko yawned as she was heading up the stairs. Just then, someone knocked on the door. Reiko looked confused. "Huh? Who would knock on the door at a time like this? Might as well get it and see who it is." She went down the stairs and unlocked the door. Once she opened the door, she gasped as she sees who is at her front door. "Zero! What are you doing here! I mean why are you here? I mean..." She stopped panicing when she hears Zero chuckle.

"Reiko honey, who was at the door?" Reiko turned around as she sees her mother comes down the stairs. She steps out of the way so Kallen can see who it is.

She gasps as she sees Zero standing at the door. "Zero!"

Zero tilts his head to look at Kallen. Underneath the mask, Lelouch loses his breath as he sees Kallen. She is had her hair down, and was wearing a beautiful red dress with embroidery along the skirt and many frills at the end. Lelouch snaps out of his daze and addresses Kallen.

"Hello Q1. May I come in and talk to you?" Kallen recovers from her shock and clears her throat. "Oh! Umm, yes sir. Please, come in." Zero nods his head and walks in, then turns to Reiko.

"Oh, and who is this young and Beautiful lady?" Reiko blushed, shocked that Zero called her beautiful. "Umm, I am Reiko Kouzuki, sir. Pleased to meet you."

"Ah, your Kallen's daughter. You look just like her. Although I must say that you make beautiful look like an understatement. And the pleasure is all mine. I get to meet my Q1's daughter." Reiko blush deepened tenfold.

Someone clearing their throat interrupted the moment. Reiko turned to where the sound came from, which came from her mother. "So Zero, what have you come to talk about?" Zero looked back at Kallen "Ah yes. I need to talk to you alone. Do you have anywhere we can talk where is it is soundproof?"

Kallen nods her head. "Follow me." She then turns to Reiko. "Reiko, can you go to your room please?" Reiko nods her head. "Of course. Goodnight mom." With that, both mother and daughter hugged before going their separate ways. Lelouch watched the scene with happiness from where he was walking. Once they separated, he was being led down a hall to a study room. "So what did you need to talk about?" Lelouch removed the mask from his head. "What? I can't come over and visit?" He asked with amusement in his tone, and a smile on his face. Kallen smiled as well, walking closer to Lelouch. "Well, it would have been nice if you told me beforehand."

"Now where would the fun be in that?" Lelouch smirked, which Kallen gave one right back. "So anyway, what do you need to talk about?" Lelouch sighed. "It's about Reiko."

"What about her?" Kallen asked with fear in her voice. "She wants to try and make a difference, but she is powerless. I came over to ask permission if I could give Reiko a Geass."

Kallen was shocked. A tense silence followed for a few moments, then Kallen asked. "Why would you want to give her a Geass?" Lelouch sighed again.

"Because she wants to stop this fighting. I don't know what power she will get but at least she can help us." Kallen narrowed her eyes. "How can she help us? She doesn't even know to pilot a knightmare. She doesn't know how to use a firearm, let alone fight." Lelouch smiled a little.

"But that doesn't matter. It's in her blood to pilot a knightmare. It's also in her blood to fight. With a little training, she can become a good pilot just like her mother." Kallen blushed, but sighed in defeat. "Alright, you can give Reiko a Geass. Just take care of her alright?" Lelouch cupped her cheek with his gloved hand, making her blush more.

"Of course. What kind of person would I be if I didn't protect her?" Kallen pulled Lelouch close to her, faces almost touching. "You wouldn't be you if you didn't." Lelouch chuckled. "True." With that, they closed the gap between them and let their lips connect.