Chapter 1

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I start to open my eyes when I feel pain... unbearable pain. I try to look around only to see a kick aimed at my face.

"How Did you get onto my ship human?" A voice yelled above me.

I tried to look up but I was met with another kick to my face. I could feel myself coughing up blood as I cried out in pain. I opened my eyes again and looked around. I could see a blue looking alien that appeared to be female. Wait! She looks familiar

She was Chained head to toe pinned against the wall with her hands above her head. She had bruises all over her body. A huge gash ran across her face. She gave me a look that felt like pity. I glanced around to see a Dinosaur looking alien also chained to the wall and glancing more I saw a human and a alien that was in some kind of weird suit chained to the wall also. I took this time to note that only two guards were in the room.

"Jored... I don't think he knows anything... he's probably just some bum red sand user that tried to stow away on the ship." The other voice said. I could see them now talking with each other. I don't know why but I felt my vision focusing more and my body tensing. I knew I had to do something because I was getting the feeling that my time was coming to an end soon if I didn't.

" I guess the human is of no use then." Jored exclaimed as he turned and made his way to me.

Ok... wait for him to get close.

"Puny looking thing. I'll end your misery right now." He said drawing his gun.

With a flash I swung my leg out catching the leg of the guard as he fell I snatched his weapon spinning him around and doing a quick double tap to the other guards head.

"What are you go.!" The guard tried to say but was cut short when I grabbed his head and twisted it hearing a sicking crack I forced my self to calm down.

The blue alien watched me with a great amount of interest. I turned and looked at her and lifted up my gun. She glared at me and hung her head.

If he's going to shoot me than do it

He looked at her than aimed for the bindings of the chains and with two quick taps her chains were blasted apart.

She looked up in surprise and was shocked to see him offering her his hand. She watched him with curiosity before taking his hand and getting to her feet.

"Are you ok?" He asked. "Yes." She said flatly. "Do you know whats going on here?" He asked. She looked at him with surprise.

"You mean you don't know what kind of ship your on.?" She asked with shock. The look on his face gave her his answer.

"Were on a slave ship headed for Omega!" She stated.

He looked at her "Whats Omega?" He asked.

She nearly choked with her response "Are you serious or just stupid?" She asked.

The look on his face surprised her "Wow.. I don't think I've ever met anyone that didn't know of Omega."She said.

"I have no idea what hell is going on here. I have no idea what you are. What those aliens on the walls are and what those things with the four eyes are on the floor. The last thing I remember was at home in my room laying on my bed and the next thing I know I'm getting my ass kicked by some four eyes weird looking thing." I said with frustration.

"Wait.. your telling me you never heard of a Batarian before?" She asked with total shock in her voice.

"Err... Whats that?" He asked rubbing the back of his head.

She nodded toward the four eyed alien.

"My species is called Asari!" She stated.

"Wow... nice to me you miss umm.." He trailed off.

"It's Alena." She said.

He smiled at her and offered his hand again "Eric *****" He said.

She smiled back and shook his hand.

"HEY! I know this is one of those priceless moments but would either of you two kindly get us the hell out of these chains." The dinosaur looking alien said.

"Oh Right!" He said.

30 minutes later...

"The names Zareia. My species is called Turian." Eric was about to ask when the Zareia held up her hand silencing him. "The names Alan Marks." Said the human while shaking his hand. "Xetia Vas'Nadia." The suited alien said. "My species are called Quarian." She stated.

"You act as if you never seen another alien species before." Zareia said.

"Actually I haven't." I simply answered.

She stared at me for a moment before burst out laughing "Oh man.. that's a new one I haven't heard." She kept laughing but I just stared at her blankly.

She finally calmed down and realized I wasn't joking.

"Your really serious aren't you.? You've never heard of other alien species?" She gasped.

I shook my head. She kept staring at me with pure amazement on her face.

"It must be overwhelming for you. I had thought all humans knew about other species. Especially given the first contact war with Turians." Xetia said.

He looked at her "The What?" He asked staring at her.

"Are you seriously stupid or what? How can you not know about the first contact war!" Alan said.

"I'm sorry I really don't know. I remember getting home from work and collapsing onto my bed to relax when I was blinded by some kind of bright light than I woke up here to a greeting of a foot to my face." I stated.

"What Else do you remember?" Alena asked her curiosity peaking.

"Umm... It was thursday night and I was about to watch the ***** vs. the ****." I stated

I was about to continue when I was Alan intruded. "Wait ***** hasn't existed in a 120 years were you watching reruns?" Alan asked.

I stared him "What are you talking about.. the team's only been around for 15 years." I stated.

Alena had alarm written all over her face "Eric... I want you to calmly tell me what the date is?" She said.

September 2nd.!" I said.

She nodded it was correct for human date

"What is the year." She asked.

"You must think I'm retarded or something its 2010." I said.

Surprise grasped her features and she stared at me as did everyone else.

"What?" I asked starting to feel uncomfortable with all the stares.

"Eric... The Year is 2183." Alena stated.

What! That can't be

"Your joking right? This is a dream and I'll wake up right?" I stated more to myself than anyone in particular.

"I'm afraid not." Zareia said.

I could feel my knees buckling and next thing I know is blackness.

Some Time Later...

"Eric... Wake up!" A voice said.

I opened my eyes to see Alena just inches from my face. I stared at her face. She was beautiful for an alien. She seemed to notice me eying her up and down because she blushed a deep blue before quickly getting up.

"I'm sorry I blacked out Alena." I said embarrassed.

"No need to feel embarrassed Eric. I know it is quite a shock to find that your nearly 200 years into your species future." She said.

I nodded "I still don't understand how it happened though?" I said letting the question hang.

"Sometimes... things happened that we can't control.. maybe it is your destiny to be here at this time and at this moment." She said.

He smiled at her and she returned his smile.

He felt a flood of emotions flow through him just from her stare at him. Why am I feeling so embarrassed about myself right now

She seemed to noticed his struggle and just laughed and shook her head.

He was about to ask what she was laughing about when Zareia Came walking through one of the doors off to the left.

"Sorry If I'm interupting something... but I just wanted to let you know that the ship is secure and we've plotted a course to the nearest relay. ETA.. Is 2 hours." She said.

He was about to say that nothing was going on but held his tongue.

"Where's Alan and Xetia?" He asked.

"Xetia's in Engineering working on the drive core and Alan's checking out the armory."She said.

"Wow.. How big is this ship?" He asked.

"Not very big.. just a small frigate. It's an older model probably why the Blue Suns converted it into a slave transport and why it only had a skeleton crew." Zareia said.

He nodded not fully understanding but accepting it just the same.

"Zareia.. Do you know where we are headed?" Alena asked.

"It's a small Asari colony called Tal kempt. It should be small of enough for us not to get noticed but big enough for us to get some repairs. Those Suns aren't worth crap when it comes to maintaining a working military ship." She Said.

Alena nodded before turning to Eric "Well since we got a few hours to kill are you hungry. We can grab a bite to eat and I can feel you in on anything you might want to know." She said smiling.

He noticed Zareia rolling her eyes he chose to ignore that and nodded to Alena.

As they made their way to the mess he turned to her "So my first question. What is a Relay?" He asked. She sighed heavy and launched into an explanation about it.

He listen to her.. but he kept getting this nagging feeling that everything was somehow familiar to him. He couldn't understand how could something almost 200 years into the future could be familiar. He decided to just let his feelings go for now.

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