Chapter 41

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"Mom hurry up or your going to be late" A little brownish redheaded girl said who had a few spots of freckles on her nose.

Jack sighed and turned to her daughter. "I know I know runt I'm trying to get this hair done." She sighed as she tried to fix her shoulder length hair.

"Kate can you help mommy?" Jack asked sitting down in the chair trying to not mess up her dress.

"Sure mom" She said grabbing a brush and coming up behind her mom.

"Mom.." Kate said.

"Yes dear?" Jack asked with her eyes closed.

"Why are you marrying dad?" She asked.

"Well... that's a long story in itself." Jack said smiling.

Kate giggled "Is that how I came along?" The girl asked.

Jack turned red "Now you listen I don't want to hear you talk like that again." She said pointing a finger at her daughter.

Kate nodded and returned to brushing her moms hair.


A few hours later she stepped out into the light as music started to play. She glanced left and right at the various people.

She saw Shepard off to the side with Liara and their 2nd child 'Vestia' Their other daughter 'Katherine' was sitting quietly with the other children.

She looked to her left and saw Kasumi giving her a encouraging nod as she walked down the aisle.

She spotted Joker with his new wife Rebecca Carter... apparently it was one of those love hate relationships.. Her idea was proven when Rebecca kicked Joker in the shin causing him to groan in pain.

She spotted Arisa and Miranda who were going to be her bridesmaids. She glanced at Arisa whose stomach was swollen to the point that she would burst. Yes she was pregnant with her second child. A boy this time I believe...

She looked at Miranda and even though Jack knew the former operative couldn't have kids She and Eric had adopted another child which strangely looked like a miniature version of Miranda. Jack had some speculations as to where the child came from but they were keeping it a hidden secret.

She finally stepped up next to her soon to be husband and took a deep breath.

She felt Kate's hand grasp hers and she smiled.

Samara stepped up to the altar and smiled "While this is highly unusual I really can't deny what you ask of me. Though bear in mind it most likely won't have any legal standing... are you sure you want me to continue?" The former Justicar asked. She had retired a few years ago so that she could enjoy her twilight years.

The next few minutes seemed to go by in a blur into she asked a question that nearly made Jack pass out.

"Jack.. do you take this man to be your Husband for as long as the galaxy burns bright?" Samara asked.

Jack swallowed and felt her throat dry. "I do." She finally managed to say.

The crowd cheered and Samara turned.


"Eric... Do you take this woman to be your wife until the sun burns out?" Samara asked.

"I do" I said.

"Than you ma..." Samara didn't get to finish as Jack pulled me into a kiss and pushed me back laughing.

Everyone erupted into cheers.

Jack leaned in close to me "Who would have thought that night long ago we would have produced something wonderful" Jack said as she eyed Kate playing with the other children.

I chuckled "Yeah.. to bad we got too drunk to remember it." I said.

Jack pulled me closer "Well your not going to be drunk tonight. Now come on your other wives are going to get jealous." She said grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the dance floor.

And so when I think about it now I'm really glad that I never went back to my original life.

Hell I have what most men dream. Three beautiful women that love him for who he is.

Children who love him as their father.. if you had ever asked me back then what I thought about having children I would have said your crazy.

But that's how life is.. its difficult to plan it.. you just have to live it.

The galaxy got saved and we were treated to a hero's welcome. Great statues were constructed to honor those who fought the great fight.

Humanity paid the worst price of it all. Nearly 10 Billion dead with only around 5 million left of the human race.

Slowly but surely with the help of the council Earth has been on the road to recovery.

The Geth and Quarians were finally close to finalizing an official alliance treaty. The Geth on the condition of the Quarian's cease fire against them returned the Quarian's homeworld.

As for me and my family.

Well we returned to Tal Kempt where I retired from the crazy life and resumed as head chairman of my new delivery corporation.

I had one of the best Turian pilots around and she sure as hell would tell you to think twice if you had doubts.

As the sun began to set..

I thought about everything that has happened. From waking up on a prisoner ship to practically being the savior the universe.. or at least the galaxy.

"Eric.. you there?" Arisa asked poking me in the side.

"Yes why?" I asked.

"The kids want you to come play." She said rubbing her stomach.

"Ok dear I will." I said as I turned heading towards my children.

Man these have been some strange times indeed...

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