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Chapter 1: Fated meeting...

Hichigo Shirosaki stalked the dark streets of Karakura Town, his pale white skin and hair almost glowing in the moonlight above him. A cool breeze blew past, causing him to pull his leather coat tighter on him. Damn these cold nights...he thought. As he ran down the streets, something flew across the rooftops. Get back here, you asshole... He ran even faster, trying to catch up with the mysterious shadow. As it landed in the back of an alley, Shiro had to cover his nose from the stench. " one already huh? Shit." He grumbled. The odd being emerged from the shadows and Shiro gagged at the sight. A huge monster stood before him, huge claws, muscular arms and legs, and four horns sticking out of its head, one on its nose. In its mouth was the body of a woman, probably a passerby or stripper. It tossed the body up and crunched on the bones, causing Shiro to gag as the blood dripped from its large mouth. "In all the years i've done this, i've never gotten used to that."

" the Hunter scared?" The monster spoke, its voice making a gurgling sound and its huge jaws dripping with blood. Shiro smiled, his sharp canines glinting in the pale orange glow of a streetlight.

"Not at all. It is you tha should be scared Demon. You've just had your last human." he hissed. He crouched low, his face twisting up in a snarl and his nails suddenly growing slightly longer, resembling claws. "You shall pay for this in hell!" He launched himself at the Demon and dug his claws into its shoulder. It laughed and smacked his side, sending him into a brick wall. He stood up slowly, waiting for it to strike again.

"Oh, I shall?" it grinned, its razro sharp teeth dripping with the poor woman's blood. Shiro could smell it and covered his nose.

Shit, this is bad...he thought. He looked around slightly. Where the fuck is he?

"Now, what was it you were saying? I was going to pay?" The Demon grabbed him and dug its claws into both of his shoulders, causing him to cry out. "Looks more like i'm going to pay for an upset stomach!" Juat before it chomped down on Shiro's head, he gave off a smirk as the shadows around the Demon flickered.

"No, looks like it's over for you." He said. The Demon gave him a confused look as its own shadow attacked it, grabbing its throat. Shiro was released and he landed on his legs with ease. "What took ya Ulquiorra?" he asked the darkness. A figure almost as pale as him with shining emerald green eyes appered.

"I was surprised that you decided to play 'bait' this time." He replied in his usual monotone voice, but Shiro knew he was amused.

"Well, Grimmjow isn't here tonight to Hunt, so why not try to spice up the evening a little bit?" he asked, receiving a small smirk from the other Hunter. He watched as the Demon struggled in its own shadows grip. "You're finished." In the blink of an eye, he hopped onto its ugly head and gripped its upper jaw. It let out a roar of pain.

"W-wait Demon Hunters! I h-have something to share with you!" It cried out. Shiro stopped and instead tore a horn off. It cried out as he tossed it to Ulquiorra, who held it at the Demon's jugular.

"Sorry, not interested." He whispered before completly tearing its top jaw from its bottom one. Green, foul smelling blood splattered the two Hunters as it fell to the ground, dead. "Now!" Ulquiorra took the horn and quickly ran it through its heart.

"There, now it won't rise again on certainty." he said. Shiro nodded and flexed his shoulders. He looked at his leather coat and sighed.

"Shit, it ruined my coat. I really did like this one." he grumbled. Ulquiorra chuckled softly at his annoyed tone.

"Well, buy one tomorrow. For now, we must get back." he said. Shiro sighed and looked around. The blood of the woman still lingered in the air and he felt his stomach clench painfully. Ulquiorra noticed he wasn't following and stopped. "Do you wish to go? I can hold Grimmjow's curiosity at bay if you'd like." he offered. Shiro shot him a thankful look with his deep golden eyes and was gone in a flash.

When Ulquiorra got back to the large apartmant complex, a blue haired man greeted him. " was the Hunt?" he asked, matching blue eyes shining with excitement.

"Fine and rather quick. Shiro was obviously not in the mood tonight." Ulquiorra replied. The man let out an annoyed huff.

"Tsk, he never is." He replied.

"And you know the reason why, Grimmjow." Ulquiorra said as he walked into the apartment. All the Demon Hunters lived here. The apartment was bigger on the inside than on the outside, so each of them had their own room. Grimmow plopped onto the couch and sighed.

"Yeah yeah, I know." He folded his hands together and looked at the floor. "Can't say I enjoy it myself. He's even more different than us as it is."

"Yes, so are you." Ulquiorra replied as he grabbed a shot glass from the cuboard and filled it with whisky. He gulped it down and poured another. "I'm going to bed. I'll talk with you later." As he finished his glass and headed towards the door, Grimmjow called to him.

"Where's Shiro now?" he asked. Ulquiorra sighed.

"You should know. He's getting something to eat." he replied.

Shiro slowly follwed a rather thin woman into the park. She had thick, wavy brown hair and looked to be no more than twenty. A decent age I suppose...he thought. As he walked up from behind her, she noticed his shadow and almost cried for help when she locked her frightend brown eyes with his glowing golden ones. "Relax..." he whispered in a soft, seductive voice. He watched as the woman's eyes began to glow with the same eerie golden light and reached his hand for her. "Come here..." She walked towards him slowly. As he grabbed her arm, he retreated into the shaodows with her. Once he was sure he was alone, he slowly lowered his mouth towards her neck and bit down into her neck. She flinched, but never cried out. He sighed around the bite as her blood filled his mouth, satisfying his stomach. As he slowly licked his tongue around the wound, he heard someone call for her. Shit... he quickly released her arm. "Go and remember nothing..." he whispered. When she reached the end of the alley, the bite had already healed and he watched as she ran up to the man that had been calling for her. He watched, sadness filling his chest as the two of them embraced each other and kissed deeply.

"Where'd you run off to?" the man asked. She jus shook her hea as they walked away. Shiro felt a pang of lonliness, but shook it away.

Never again shall I make that mistake...he thought. He rubbed his eyes and sighed. Guess I should go back. He slowly walked out of the alley and back to the apartments.

As he arrived back, Grimmjow was asleep on his cuch. Why does he see this apartment as his as well? He thought. He pushed the Hunters shoulder, trying to wake him up. When that didn't work, he tipped the couch over, knocking him off. He watched in amusement as Grimmjow sat up sharply, his teeht turning into fangs and hair slowly growing from under his grey t-shirt. "Cool it Grimm. It's just me." he chuckled. Grimmjow snapped his eyes in Shiro's direction and sighed, his teeth shrinking and the fur dissapering.

"You fucking jerk. I was sleeping good too." He grumbled as he stretched his back out.

"My damned apartment. Go back to yours." He huffed as he put the couch back in its right place. He stalked towards his bedroom when Grimmjow stopped him.

"You ok? You seem...tense and upset." he asked. Shiro stopped in the doorway and sighed.

"No, on all accounts i'm not ok. However, I will survive." He said. He hoped Grimmjow would leave him alone, but sadly, he wasn't that lucky.

"C'mon, tell me what's eating ya. I promise not to tell." he said. Shiro sighed.

"Grimmjow, I am not in the mood. Good Night." Before he could argue further, Shiro slammed the bedroom door in his face.

The next day on another part of town...

Ichigo Kurosaki sat on his couch, nibbling on some Blueberry Pop-Tarts as the morning news popped up on the T.V. Better be something good...he thought. His eyes widened at the headline; Another mutilated body found uptown. How many did that make now? Fifteen? Ichigo quickly shut the TV off. Don't even wanna see the images... He rushed upstairs and began getting ready for school. He knew exactly what was going to be the topic aup on campus, and he wasnt exactly excited about it. People made it sound like monsters were killing these poor victims, and Ichigo didn't believe in that stuff...most of the time. All supernatural shit...he told himself as he brushed his teeth, but he was only trying to convince himself otherwise. When he finished getting ready, he ran out the door and saw one of his friends already waiting for him.

"Hey Ichigo!" The girl called as she waved her hand.

"Orihime, you didn't have to wait for me, you know." he said as they began walking towards the college.

"Well, I wanted to ask your opinion on what happened last night. You did watch the news, right?" she asked. Ichigo rolled his chocolate eyes and rubbed his neck.

"Yes..." he sighed. The news casts bothered him, but not because he was nervous about the killer. Well, he was, but there was something else about these deaths that didn't fit. Like whoever, or whatever, was doing these killings was searching for something. He wasn't sure how he knew that, he just...did.

"Ichigo? You ok?" Orihime asked as Ichigo snapped out of his thoughts.


"You spaced out on me! Hee hee, you had a Me Moment!" She laughed and Ichigo smiled. Orihime was the most clueless and carefree person at college, and she had a tendency to space out, so it became a joke that whenever someone was spacing out, they were called Orihime Moments. The funny thing was, she didn't mind the joke at all. "So...what do ya think about all this?"

"I think this guy's a sick crack." He mumbled. Orihime sighed and shifted slightly.

"Well, I hope no one at school gets caught in this huge mess." she said. "I'm not sure if anyone at school could handle it." As they walked into the college campus, Ichigo sighed.

This is gonna be a long one...

He was right to. The entire day felt like it had crawled by, and Ichigo had no clue why. It wasn't like he was waiting for something to happen when he got home...or was that it? For some odd reason, for the past few days, he had felt like his mind was anticipating something, but what, he had no clue. When the school bell finally rang, he had rushed out of the school and down the street to get back home. Just get home...just get home...he repeated to himself over and over again. As he walked, he passed a strange looking man, but he was too busy trying to get home to notice. That was...until the guy began following him. He stoped and turned around to face the man. "C-can I help you with something?" he asked.

"Yes, you could say that..." The man's voice sounded odd and it made Ichigo's brain yell for him to run. But for some reason, his body wouldn't react. The man suddenly seized him by his neck and forced him against a brick wall.

"Ngh!" Ichigo grunted as he was pinned, clawing at the hand that gripped his neck tightly. He froze temporarily as the man leaned in and sniffed his neck. "Wh-what are you-" The grip on his neck tightened, cutting him off.

"Hmm...I do believe i've finally found what i've been seeking..." The man whispered. "You smell promising...and I haven't had smething decent in awhile." Ichigo's eyes widened in fear as the man's mouth suddenly widened, revealing rows of small,razor sharp teeth.

What the fuck? Before the guy could do anything, Ichigo kicked the man in the groin and gasped as he was released. The man crouched low and hissed as he gripped his throbbing tenders.

"You little fucker!" he hissed. Ichigo turned around and instantly began running towards the most crowded place he could.

A few hours earlier...

As the sun began setting behind the city, Shiro finished his shower and ran a hand through his silver hair. Guess this'll do for tonight...he thought. He slid into a pair of black leather pants and a black Linkin Park t-shirt. He fiddled with a silver dragon necklace around his neck, the small dragon pearched on a blue saphire, its ruby eyes shining as it breathed silver fire. He finished putting on some wrist chains and walked out of the bedroom. He wasn't at all surprised when Grimmjow barged his way into his room. "Do you seriously have nothing better to do than annoy me?" he asked.

"Aww, c'mon, Shi! Don't be that way!" Grimmjow whined, causing Shiro to wince at the even shorter version of his nickname.

"I told you; Shiro is acceptable, but not Shi!" he snapped. "I hate that nickname." Grimmjow's smile widened.

"I know; that's why I call ya that...Shi." Shiro threw his arms up in defeat.

"What the fuck ever." He grabbed his other black leather coat and headed for the door, but Grimmjow blocked his way. "Move it."

"Not until you tell me where you're headed." he smiled.

"Out, that's where." the pale vampire replied. He shoved his way past Grimmjow and stormed down the hall. As he watched him go, Ulquiorra appered next to the blue haired Hunter.

"What's up with him?" Grimmjow asked. "Do ya have any idea?" Ulquiorra shook his head.

"The attacks are becoming more frequent, so he's been going out more often. I think this time, he's just trying to relax." Ulquiorra replied. Grimmjow shook his head and ran a hand through his hair.

"Yeah,well, he doesn't have ta keep acting like a prick about it. I'm just concerned, that's all." he sighed. "He should know that by now." Ulquiorra didn't reply.

Shiro sighed as he walked down the streets. He didn't sense any Demons, so he was able to enjoy himself, at least, for a little bit. He breathed in the air around him as anoher cool breeze passed through, bringing with it the scent of fear. Hmm...something isn't right...he thought. But he just shrugged it off and headed towards a nearby bar. He walked in and breathed in the air around him. It smelled of smoke, alchohol and, only to him, blood. He smiled as he sat at the bar. So many to pick from tonight...wonder who I should try tonight...he pondered. The bartender walked over, cleaning out a glass, his red hair being held up by a bandanna.

"Can I get ya something si-" The man was cut off when he recognized Shiro. "Hey there Shirosaki! What's up?" he asked.

"Nice to see you too, Renji. Been awhile, eh?" he asked. He was surprised that he had caught Renji on his shift. Means free drink for me...he thought with a smile.

"It's been way to long. And tense too." he leaned down and whispered into the vampires pale ear. "Between you and me, I think the Demons are getting smarter." Renji was one of the few immortals he knew that wasn't with the Demon Hunters, making him a excellent source of information. Suddenly, there was a ruckus from the front of the bar. Shiro watched as someone wandered towards the bar, apparantly out of breath. He had his hood up, covering his face and hair and looked completly worn out.

"What can I get for you sir?" Renji asked.

"Anything, just nothing too strong please." he replied quickly. Renji nodded and turned back to Shiro. "For you?"

"Same thing." he replied. Renji shrugged and headed off to fix their drinks. Shiro then turned to face the newcomer. "Never seen you here before." he commented.

"I...I uh...don't normally drink." the human whispered. Shiro could smell fear coming off of him in waves.

I wonder... "Hey, you ok? Ya look like ya just ran a marathon." he asked. The mortal nodded abruptly when Renji appered with their drinks. Hmm...maybe i'll take this kid here...he thought. Renji caught his look and cleared hs throat.

"Not here. Follow if ya want, but I don't want ya using those...abilities here, thank you." he said as he walked off. Shiro sighed and shook his head.

" need someone to walk with ya or something?" he asked, trying to sound genuine. The mortal shook his head.

"N-no. I just...came in here to hide." he admitted quietly. Shiro raised a pale eyebrow at that.

"Hide from what?" When the human locked eyes with him, he felt like he was frozen. The human had warm, chocolate brown eyes that seemed to shine with fear. When he ulled his hood down, his gaze went straight to the bright orange hair at the top. Never had he seen a human like this before...and it made him want to take him that much more.

"I'm...i'm not sure. But i'll be ok." He said as he quickly downed his drink and placed the money on the bar. "I gotta go. But thanks for the offer." he said as he walked out as quickly as he had rushed in, leaving Shiro dumbfounded. When Renji returned, he also placed the money down.

"You didn't even drink-"

"Have it. I found something...or someone, more interesting..." he said as he followed the orange head out of the bar.

Ichigo quickly made it home and locked the door. Whew...too close...he thought. Whoever, or whatever, had been chasing him seemed to be gone now. As he took off his clothes and climbed into the shower, his mind drifted back to the bar. There, he had seen the most...interesting person he had ever seen. Completly pale skin...siver hair, and the most interesting mix of gold and black for had completly stunned him. He didn't want to leave, but he knew that he had too before he embarrased himself. I should've at least asked for his name...he thought and shook his head. What the hell are you thinking Ichigo? You don't even know how old that guy was! As he climbed out of the shower and put on some sweat pants and a white tank top, he heard something in his bedroom. As he opened the door to check, he was suddenly slammed against the wall.

"Thought you'd outrun me?" It was the man from before. Ichigo tried to scream, but the man's hand was pressed hard against his throat, making it almost impossibe to breath. He tried to kick free, but arms suddenly shot from the man's back and pinned his arms and legs against the wall. "Same trick don't work on me twice, mortal."

Wh...what the hell is this guy? Ichigo thought as he felt his vision fade from lack of oxygen.

"Let my prey go." The next thing he knew, a pale hand shot straight through the man's body, causing him to drop Ichigo. As he fell, he could barely make out who it was that was in the room. His head hit the hardwood floor and he was knocked out.

Chapter 1 end~!

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