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Chapter 33: Together in Eternity

Ichigo remained where he was, with his head buried in Shiro's cold chest. Why...why did you do this? !

"Well, it seems he meant it when he said he'd give his life for you." Ichigo turned around to see a woman with green hair and soft, grey eyes walking towards him. He recognized this woman.


"Ichigo I-"

"Don't fucking come near me!" He screamed, holding Shiro closer to him. "don't you come any closer!"

"Ichigo, son, I-"

"Don't fucking call me that!" Ichigo scooted backwards, dragging Shiro with him. He refused to let him go. He just couldn't... "You have no goddamned right!" Nel sighed and walked towards the two and knelt down next to Ichigo.

"You're right, I lost the right, but you are still my son." She sighed. She gazed at Shiro's limp body, eyes now closed because Ichigo could no longer bear to stare at them, to see them sightless. "you loved him didn't you?"

"I...I still do..." Ichigo whispered. "I'm not leaving him here."

"Ichigo, you must."


"Ichigo listen to me!"

"Why the fuck should I? !" Ichigo snapped angrily. "He wouldn't leave me, and because of that he's...he's..." Ichigo buried his face in Shiro's hair, gripping his bloody shirt tightly. "Leave me alone..."

"You don't want to be alone." Nel said, wanting to reach out and comfort her son.

"I deserve to be alone..."

"No one deserves that fate Ichigo."

"So Shiro deserved this? ! Because I'm a fucking idiot? ! Did Shiro deserve to die for this? !" He snarled.

"He died for the person he loved you stupid child!" Nel snapped, making Ichigo's brown eyes widen in shock. Ichigo then narrowed his eyes and glared at her. He was aware of this! But that didn't make it any easier to swallow. "Look, how much do you love him Ichigo?"

"I'd do the same for him, over and over. Nel...he's all I have left."

"That is not true; you have friends outside, waiting for you and Shiro."

"Yes, me and Shiro, not me with his dead body. I could never face them like this...I just can't." Nel nodded in understanding.

"Did he ever tell you about your blood, Ichigo?" She asked him. Ichigo gave her a confused look. "suppose not. You're blood is rare and special my son. It gives life."

"But it's not like he can drink it; he's dead." Ichigo said, feeling his gut twist painfully. Dead because of me...

"Ah, the magic of your blood works. But I will say this, he'll end up Turning you because of this, understand?" Ichigo looked down at his lover's chest, and the hole where his heart was meant to be beating. "I will take care of this, but you must be quick." Ichigo looked at her and nodded. He wasn't sure, but he damned if he didn't try. He grabbed a sharp rock and let it cut into his wrist and held it to Shiro's mouth. He opened his mouth and let the blood drip in.

"Shiro...please come back. I love you...I need you..." He begged. He turned to see Nel's hands working on the hole, making it seal up. Shiro then opened his eyes and gasped, quickly latching to Ichigo's wrists and drinking furiously.

"Relax Ichigo. He won't remember yet...just let him drink." Nel said, patting Ichigo's head gently. Ichigo watched as Shiro then grabbed his hair and dug his fangs into his neck. Right then, his world went dark.

Shiro wasn't sure what was going on. At first, he knew he was dead. The burning in his chest told him this much. He could hear Ichigo crying, but could do nothing. Ichigo... That was when something suddenly cooled his throat, making him feel thirsty. Wh...what?

"Shiro...please come back. I love you...I need you..." Ichigo's words had echoed in his mind and the next thing he knew, he blinked and was holding Ichigo in his arms, lloking deathly pale and still.


"Bite him again, Shiro." He turned to see Nel kneeling next to him. "Finish this all." He understood, albeit the facts were still blurry. He leaned down and bit Ichigo again, feeling his venom flow into him. Ichigo twitched and moaned. Shiro released him and sighed as Ichigo crawled up him and bit his neck, drinking just briefly until he passed out. Shiro felt exhausted himself.

"What...what happened?"

"I told you; Ichigo's blood gives life, but he has to be willing to give it away. You now have a newborn vampire on your hands, boy." She smiled. "I never thought I'd say this, but I feel indebted to you. You did not go back on your word. And since you live again...well it would not be fair for Ichigo to do something you cannot."

"What are you talking about?" He was surprised at how hoarse he sounded, as if his voice hadn't been used in years.

"He is still unique. But not to fear, I'm quite capable of doing this for you." She reached out and, once again, kissed him full on the mouth. He spat and gagged as the woman chuckled. "Cute."

"The fuck woman? !" He snapped. He tried to stand, but his legs shook and he fell again.

"Relax now. I will take us back." She whispered, moving his bangs from his eyes. He couldn't help himself. As soon as he felt arms wrapping around him, he fell asleep.

4 months later...

Ichigo streatched his arms out as he looked at the setting sun. He ha djust finished feeding and was waiting patiently for Shiro. Wonder what's keeping him... he thought.

"Ichigo!" He turned to see Shiro rushing up to him, holding a cell phone in his hands.

"What is it? Even for a vampire, ya look out of breath." He chuckled.

"Rukia...she...she gave birth!" He said, holding up his cell. It showed a picture of Rukia holding not one, but two babies in her small arms.

"Holy shit twins? !" Ichigo gasped.

"Yeah, a boy and a girl. She named the girl Hisana, after his older sister." Shiro pointed to the babe on the left. "And the boy is named after her step brother, Byakuya."

"How cute." Ichigo sighed and looked at Shiro. Never in the time he'd know the vampire had he ever seen him like this. Guess Nel's present helped him out... he thought with a grin. After they had woken up, Ichigo learned quickly that he could walk in the sun. Shiro had tried to stop him by accident, and when the sun didn't burn either of them, well Shiro spent every waking moment possible outside, mostly with Ichigo of course. "What? Want children now?"

"Only if you're willing to grow a vagina." Shir laughed as Ichigo punched his shoulder and he kissed him in return. When they broke, Sjhiro was smiling. "Ya know I love you, right?"

"Of course I do." Ichigo replied, kissing back. Shiro smiled and ruffled his hiar.

"You wanna go see them?" Shiro asked. Ichigo's eyes shined and he nodded, rushing past the vampire and making him laugh. As he ran, he caught sight of Nel along the river banks. He walked down and stood next to her.


"Did I ever get to thank you for this?" He asked, knowing full well he had. She smiled and sighed.

"This river brings back far too many memories. I remember leaving Ichigo with Masaki here. What had I been thinking?" She wondered out loud.

"People do crazy shit when they love someone. I know from experience." He chuckled. She laughed and turned to face him.

"Has he been feeding well?"

"You're such a mom." He grumbled. "Yes, he has, and todays was his first chance alone. He's fine, Nel."

"Call me Mom. I...I want you to." She whispered.

"I thought you hated me." Shiro teased.

"I used to, but not so much anymore, considering I know the other reason you're here with me." Shiro's golden eyes widened as she smiled. "You do not need to ask, I give you my blessing." Shiro fingered the small box in his pocket nervously. "Well?"

"I...I uh...thank you."

"Now you know why I wish for you to call me Mom." She laughed. "I used to hate vampires because of what happened, but I had almost forgotten that most vampires start off human...Mortal." She turned and sighed. "I had heard about your history from Ichigo. I do wish you'd forgive me for giving you a hard time." Shiro just shrugged.

"Neh, forgot all about ya being a bitch." He smiled and she sighed with relief. "Wanna come with us to see the babies, and Ichigo's utter shocked face?" Nel griined and allowed him to help her up the hill and they both headed towards the hospital, eager for Ichigo's answer.

Of course, his answer was a screamed yes, followed by nurses hushing him and shoving him and Shiro out the door. They now sat on the bank of the river with Nel watching them a goosd distance away. Ichigo had his head on Shiro's shoulder, his fingers tangled with Shiro's a small silver band on his ring finger. "I can't believe you asked." He whispered.

"I can't believe you said yes." Shiro teased, kissing Ichigo's hand gently.

"Of course I did. Someone has to watch after you with Grimmjow and Ulquiorra M.I.A." He grinned, only imagining what the two were off doing now. Oh, he was sure they were enjying themselves, driving some poor couple nuts with screaming. The mere thought had him laughing.

"What's so funny? You do forget I'm older than you."

"Eww, I'm engaged to an old man." Ichigo chuckled and Shiro shoved him playfully and kissed him gently on the cheek.

"Yuo asked for it." He whispered and kissed him fully, their tongues tangled and hands wandering. Nel watched and sighed, smiling at the new couple.

Each life is filled with happiness... she told herself. These two will be happy for many lifetimes... She walked away, letting the two have their moment. Let us see what eternity has to show us now...


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