The first rays of light woke her up early in the morning, hitting her in the face. She turned around, eyes still closed, so the sun wouldn't touch her skin. As she did so, she then noticed the arm wrapped around her, which she was holding just as well as hands held together, fingers linked, resting over her stomach. Slowly and carefully, she examined that hand, it was soft, well taken care of and... Oh yes, it belonged to a woman. Why couldn't she remember what happened the previous night? She wasn't sure but the still lingering taste of wine in her mouth and the terrible headache she already had made her realize she got really drunk the previous night, was with another woman in bed and she didn't know where she was!

Opening her eyes, she looked around the room, or at least the part she was able to see from her position, resting on her right side, and it all was confusing for her: she's never been in that place before. Trying to remember the previous night, she then felt the warm breath of the other woman in the back of her neck as much as the body next to hers, giving her more warmth and, in a very odd way, making her feel as alright as she could with the hangover she had.

Minutes passed and she was quiet. She waited for the mysterious woman to wake up but it never happened, so she had no choice but facing her. Turning around, her eyes grew wide as she recognized the form of the sleeping woman next to her. How... How did that happen? Were they in her house? And why the hell were they sharing a bed? They couldn't have... Really, they couldn't have just... There's no way, just... No... Right?

She wanted to get mad but she just couldn't. The woman before her, still fully asleep, looked so peaceful, calmed and relax, a side she'd never thought she'd ever witness but she was glad she did. It made the sleeping woman more human, even vulnerable, and in a way she never thought she'd think of, beautiful. Her long, and now messy hair, covering part of her face, make up free and a little smile on her face as she slept. Now, why was the woken woman having those thoughts for her bed partner? She didn't know, yet she wasn't confused either just because women can simply admit another woman's beauty without being judged by others, unlike men.

Patiently, she waited another ten minutes for the woman to wake up but she was too deep into slumber to wake up, so she had no choice but waking her up. Trying different things and them all gave her the same result: nothing. If it hadn't been for the sleeping woman's chest rising and going down again as she breathe, the woken woman would've thought her bed partner was dead. There was still one thing she didn't try and she really didn't want to, but maybe, just maybe, it was the only way to wake the other woman up. First pulling away, gently, the hair covering her face, she then leaned over and kissed her bed partner gently, lips lingering trying to get a response but it didn't work so the major disgrace of the woken woman, she had to work harder. And she did, indeed, her now free hand was laying on the other woman's hip and was tracing circles over the silky nightgown, her lips claiming the other woman's in a slow and deeper kiss, and finally she got a reaction, a shaky breath and fluttering eyes as well as the kiss being returned the same way.

"Morning." The brunette whispered, a grin on her sleepy face.

"Hey... You were really asleep." The blonde said, a shy smile on her face as she had enjoyed what happened a few seconds ago.

"Tends to happen when I get drunk... Just like the hangover I have right now." She groaned as she opened her green eyes.

"Welcome to the hangover club." Brenda said and then let out a giggle.

"What's so funny?"

"Your face. You look so sleepy... Your hair's a mess... And you have this... Little marks in your cheek, from the pillow." Brenda said.

"And you enjoyed waking me up, quite an assault right there." Sharon said.

"Because there was no other way to wake you up!"

"Hush, honey, I don't need a worse headache already, I just woke up and I feel like hell." Sharon said as she slowly sat up and pulled the hair away from her hair.

"I feel like that too and... And I don't know if we... Well you know..." Brenda said as she sat up next to the brunette.

"If we what?"

"If we... Well... Slept... Together..."

"We did." Sharon was just as calm as ever as those two words left her lips.

"WHAT!" Brenda yelled.

"Hey, what part of 'hush' didn't you get?"

"For God sakes, we slept together and you're so... Calm!"

Growling and falling, dramatically, over Brenda's pillow, Sharon let out a loud sigh. "We slept together, but not the way you're thinking!"

"Pardon me?"

"Did we sleep together? Yes. Did we have sex? No."

"How can you be so... So sure?" Brenda asked, confusion all over her face.

"Because when I have sex I don't dress afterwards, I sleep naked." Sharon explained.

"Well, I didn't need to know that." Brenda said, letting her southern accent through.

"You did to get we didn't do anything to ruin your marriage. And as you can see, I'm dressed so we didn't have sex." Sharon sat up again and looked at Brenda. "We only slept together because we were really drunk and tired last night so we share my bed... After we made out in the couch... And here, too."

"Because you wanted to make out with me!"

"What are you talking about?"

"You! You were the one who said 'get even', make out with someone else to get even with Fritz." Brenda said, arms crossed over her chest.

"Excuse me for giving you an idea, I never said 'do it, Brenda' or 'make out with me' neither did I have a gun pointing to your head to kiss me."

"Are you saying it's my fault?"

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying."

"How... How dare you?" Brenda said, now standing on the mattress.

"How dare I? You fell over me after you tripped and... And instead of standing up... Or moving to the other side of the couch, what did you do?" Sharon then stood up to face the blonde. "Kiss me, that's what you did. You were the one who started it, Brenda. I never thought you'd even listen to me let alone do what we did. Ever."

"I was drunk... And hurt and... You were just there and..."

"Yeah, let's take advantage of a fellow drunk woman."

"Hey, you never complained or pulled back or anything so don't play the victim here, Raydor."

"Fine... Johnson. But if I didn't move it was because it was impossible and if I did you would've hit the floor and maybe I didn't want you to get even more hurt last night, so forgive me for trying to behave... And also, forgive me for stopping you when you wanted to go further." Sharon was already screaming at the blonde as she reached for her robe. "Maybe we can never get along, I... I really, really hoped... Thought... Believed, we could do it one day, it would take time but I really thought we could be friends, we're not so different; turns out I expected out too much of you, Chief." Sharon said, back to a calm voice and giving her back to Brenda. After all, calling her Chief seemed more natural than using her first name.

Brenda listened to her, first shocked as she'd never hear the brunette yell at anyone but then, as she confessed her hopes, something within the blonde crashed as deep down she had hoped the same for them: be friends one day.

"Sharon... I... I'm sorry for all... This... I shouldn't... I am so sorry..."

Hearing her footsteps, Sharon raised a hand to make her stop. "You can take a robe from the first drawer in the closet if you'd like. Or shower or... Just whatever you feel like doing. I'll make breakfast." She said and quickly left her room.

Knowing it would be useless to follow the brunette, Brenda walked over to the closet and opened the first drawer as she was told, and there she found a matching robe for her nightgown. Walking back to the bed, Brenda sat down on Sharon's side, or at least the one she slipped in that night and sighed, hugging the pillow. Did she jump the gun with her actions the previous night? Would this hurt her and Fritz permanently? And then what about her offer to the Captain? Would that deal be over as well? And what about the trust and begining for a friendship she finally had stablished the previous night, would that be gone, too? Those were the more recurring thoughts in the blonde's mind, all while she could smell the coffee and pancakes Sharon was making downstairs.

Letting the pillow down and putting on the robe, Brenda slowly left the bedroom and walked downstairs to the kitchen, silently. Seeing as Sharon had her own cup of coffee ready, the blonde then poured one for herself. They didn't say a word, neither look at the other, it was just... Awkward, like when they first met over a year ago and always were at each other's throat. Gosh, they had gone from there to finally trust each other and all was ruined in one night.

Looking as if she didn't notice her presence in the kitchen, Brenda walked towards Sharon and laid a hand over her upper back, making her inhale a deep breath and freeze, she was clearly uncomfortable so Brenda muttered another apology before walking away to the counter and waited.

Breakfast was quiet, too quiet and awkward, again. An uncomfortable silence between them, looking away from the other and just trying to pretend they were alone when they weren't. Each washed their cups, cultery and plates. As Sharon finished sooner, she took the time to clean the living room and by the time she was back in the kitchen, Brenda was gone. The blonde had walked upstairs and collected her clothes as she then looked around for a spare room with another bathroom and luckily for her, the guest room just had that.

They didn't meet again until an hour later, in the living room. Brenda wearing the same as the previous day while Sharon was wearing her Armani suit, a white blouse underneath the jacket and black high heels. As well as her already classic necklace. Just looking at them both you could tell they were from different worlds, or think they were because in essence they were the same but with a different edge. Saying goodbye to each other, each of them got into their cars and drove off. Sharon went to work whereas Brenda went home to change into fresh clothes and also feed Joel. Changing into a cerulean dress, matching mini jacket, with ¾ sleeves and nude pumps, Brenda took her bag and left home, this time it was time to go to work.

Stopping by in a floor that she didn't belong to, she patiently waited for Sharon to be done with a meeting so they could have a brief talk, and indeed it was brief as it was only a polite 'morning, Chief' before Brenda could react and almost had to run after the brunette. Taking ahold of her arm and spinning her around, Brenda quickly explained she was going to talk with Chief Pope and it was very important for her to have her, Sharon Raydor, in that room. Despite what happened in the previous hours, she just needed the Captain in the same room. Stunned by that request, the brunette agreed and she would've smiled if the hangover wasn't as bad as it was at that time as she left home without taking anything.

Luckily for them, they didn't need to wait to talk with Chief Pope which was good for both their hangovers and awkwardness.

"Morning, Chief." Both ladies said as they walked in and Sharon closed the door behind them.

"Chief... Captain. What can I do for you?" Asked Will, as both women stood next to each other in the middle of his office.

"Actually, you can't really do anything." Brenda said.

"So? Why are you two here?" He asked, looking from the blonde to the brunette and back to the blonde.

"Don't look at me, Chief, I was only asked to come along. I have no idea what Chief Johnson has in mind, let alone why she personally requested my presence." Sharon said, yet she did know why she was there but she wasn't that sure anymore so she decided to play the innocent card.

"I... I just wanted to let you both know I decided to... Turn in my application for Chief of Police and..."

"Brenda, we discussed this, you have no..." Will said, cutting her, and that made not only Brenda but also Sharon raise their brows and give him a 'shut up' look, which made him stop.

"Like I was saying... I decided to turn in my application, which would not have been possible without the Captain's help... And little bag of tricks as well." Brenda said and then looked at Sharon, with a little smile on her face. "And also... I... I decided that in the case I get any kind of promotion who will be running Major Crimes or well be in your current position."

"And who is that, Taylor?" Asked Will.

"No, it's not him." Brenda said.

"Then, who?" Will asked again.

And this time, Brenda just looked at Sharon whose mouth was hanging opened and her green eyes were as wide as they've ever been.

"Chief... I-I don't know... What to say... I'm so... Surprised and honored at the same time... And well, also thankful for being taken into consideration..." Sharon said, truly surprised.

"There's no consideration here, Captain, it's a fact and future reality if I get promoted." Brenda said, smiling wider as now Sharon was smiling back at her.

"So you're telling me, you want Captain Raydor in your team if either of us is chosen as the next Chief of Police? When you can't stand each other for more than five minutes?" Will said, comepltely stunned though that was probably the understatemente of the year.

"Sharon and I may not get along but..." Brenda then reached for Sharon's hand and held it tight. "That doesn't mean someone can't get a well deserved promotion just because two officers spend most of their time bickering even if they close the case. And I believe, here, Shar... Captain Raydor deserves that promotion. She works hard, fights anyone who dares to cross her path or even not follow her rules..." They glanced at each other and had to do their best not to giggle. "And deserves a break from being so disliked by her own officers just because she's doing her job and nobody really trusts her for being in Internal Affairs, so if someone really needs to be seen in a different light then that's her..." And then Brenda turned to look at Will, still holding Sharon's hand. "Who will have your job if I get picked as Chief, or my current job if you're the chosen one as you told me I'd be getting your job. And if none of us is our next boss, then the Captain will be part of Major Crimes and I'll be sorry for Lt. Provenza as the Captain will then be my second in command..." And Brenda turned to look at Sharon again. "If you want to be part of this, of course."

And while Chief Pope had to sit in his chair behind his desk, Sharon pulled Brenda into a tight hug.

"I'm in, for good or worse, I'm in." Sharon whispered into Brenda's ear.

"Forgive me, please?" Brenda whispered back, refering to all she did that day.

"Forgiven." Sharon was pulling back when Brenda pulled her closer again.

"Let's get even." The blonde said, pulling back now and a smirk already on her face.

Raising a brow, and getting a nod in return, Sharon then leaned in to capture Brenda's lips with her own in an open mouthed kiss; Brenda's hand in Sharon's waist and the brunette's in the blonde's neck, for support as their kiss evolved into something more passionatte as they ignored Will and everything he tried to pull them apart until they had to break it as they were in need of air.

"What the hell was that?" He asked.

"Our way to seal the deal." Brenda answered.

"Oh so now each time you seal a deal you make out with the other part?" Will asked again.

"Jealous it isn't you, Chief?" Sharon asked, sneaking her arm around Brenda's waist. "Because you see, I think it's my turn to sleep with the boss to get promoted." Which only made the blonde stare at her for a moment and then looked away. "Oh my... I already did that last night." The brunette added, trying to sound innocent.

"What? Does Fritz know about this, Brenda?" Will asked, once more, not knowing what to think anymore.

"What's there to know about? That Sharon and I slept together?" Brenda said.

"Well, yes, exactly that, it could be the end of your marriage if he finds out." Will answered.

"And why would it be the end, just because we happened to watch a movie in at my place and we ended up drunk so much we couldn't make it to separate rooms and so we shared my bed? That's why you think it will end her marriage?" Sharon said.

"Didn't you say you slept together?"

"Oh and we did, but the kind of sleeping together that doesn't involve sex." Brenda said. "We should get going, I'm sure Captain Raydor is starving as much as I am even if she made a delicious breakfast this morning."

"My, thank you, Chief." Sharon smiled. "Shall we go out for lunch?"

"Absolutely." Brenda said and then looked at Will. "See you later, Chief."

Leaving his office arm in arm, both women bursted in giggles as they couldn't hold it back anymore. Everyone looked at them surprised, because they just simply looked like if they were getting along and also seemed to be having a good time, which for everyone else was a bit confusing as they didn't know what was more dangerous: Chief Johnson and Captain Raydor as allies, which meant anyone who got in trouble with one of them was then in trouble with both of them and their teams, or as enemies which meant the sometimes possible destruction of the LAPD if the police department was ever forced to take a side or the other.