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Summery; Hinata's life was pure hell. ..Until her guardian angel with black wings saved her. Will she survive this new life as a vampire?

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Chapter One; I don't believe we've met.


I always loved those make-believe fairytales my mother would read me at night.

I loved how the damsel in distress would come and get swept off her feet by her hereon.

How the villain would always lose.

But most of all…..I always loved the unrealistic happy ending.


A loud uproar of laughter emerged as the young Hyuga hit the ground with a small 'thump'.

She attempted to pick up her scattered belongings but it proved useless as they were kicked in different directions by bystanders.

The sadistic laughter got louder as big wet tears dripped from her lavender eyes.

"The little baby's gunna cry. How pathetic!" Sakura spat out, holding her sides from laughing so much.

The crying Hinata cringed at those familiar words. She attempted to get up for the second time but was pushed down harshly by Ino.

Without warning, the school bell gave a loud ring. But not before Sakura dumped her smoothie on the midnight girls head.

"Okay class, open your books to…" The middle aged teacher stopped, looking at the 16 year old who was scurrying to pick up her books. Muffled laughter could be herd.

The teacher frowned at the girl, shaking her head with disappointed eyes.

"Miss Hyuga, please go to the office." She sighed.

Getting up weakly, she stumbled out of the classroom. Little did she know a certain Uchiha watched the whole thing wih disapproving eyes.


The enraged father punched the coughing girl roughly across the face, sending her into a wall. The Hyuga coughed up a small puddle of blood while getting yanked up by the neck.

"You stupid piece of SHIT. This is the eighth time this week." He hissed with venom tighting his grip on her pale throat.

"…I…I'm s-s…..sorry….f-father…." She chocked out between pained gasps.

"Tch….your worthless." He spat, dropping the girl to the ground who took in much needed air.

Hinata supported her weight with her weak arms. Which wasn't a lot of weight anyways. She rarely got any food. Her baggy jacket hid that fact, though.

Wheezing, she stumbled quickly to her room. Hanabi sat in the corner smiling at the scene.


Lightly flopping on her cheap mattress with springs sticking out, she let out a shaky sigh.

This was her daily life.


But…it wasn't always like this. There was a time when she was happy. When her family was happy.

She closed her eyes remembering those long forgotten memories. Her mother would hold her during a scary thunderstorm or after a nightmare. Warm summer days while her mother's wind-chime laughter echoed threw the meadow.

The Hyuga fell asleep with a small smile gracing her lips.


A horrible pain shot up her spin waking her up instantly. The source of her pain was a rusty dagger impaled in her stomach. She nailed her eyes shut, trying to deal with the pain.

"Get up. You have to do your homework." He sneered, twisting the dagger in her stomach.

She let out a heart-wrenching cry, gripping the mattress for support. This made him laugh in amusement.

Hinata pushed herself off the bed,limping to the door,only to get another dagger pushed into her side.

Hinata let out another pained cry while coughing up blood. She began to violently tremble.

The younger girl, Hanabi, had a baseball bat in her hands. This horrified Hinata to no ends.

She pushed herself backwards with her legs, hitting a wall.

"Now now, you two play nice now." He laughed with pure malice, amusement dancing in his eyes.

Hanabi pulled back the bat above her head before slamming it down on the trembling girls head.

Hinata lost conciseness being consumed by the darkness.


The Hyuga woke up in a large puddle of her own blood with a stinging sensation swarming threw her head.

She laid there shaking for what seemed 5 hours trying to get over the pain. Once there was enough strength in her body, Hinata weakly pushed herself up.

Grabbing her bloody stomach with a small wheeze, she stumbled over to her door. Through the crack she saw her father sleeping on a recliner. The T.V. light flickered against his manly features with signs of stress and aging aparent.

The Hyuga tiptoed to her only escape where she wouldn't be caught; the bathroom.

After whipping off heaps of blood, she jumped out the window without a sound.


The graceful Uchiha scanned the clubs women. Looking for a meal as course, he didn't need to approach them. They were all surrounding him in large groups.

This bore him very much.

With a small yawn and a strech,he walked past the disappointed fangirls to the club's exit.

Sasuke reached for his pocket, pulling out a pack of cigarettes. Sticking one in his mouth, he proceeded to light it up only for a snow flake to put it out.

His eyebrow twitched in agrivation.

Throwing down the unused cigarette, he walked down the deserted road covered in a thick sheet of pure white snow.

It was lightly falling from the starry sky. Sasuke let out a sigh.

"I'm bored as hell, and all of those tainted women's blood is disgusting.." The handsom boy thought dimly.

Right when he was about to turn around, he caught the sent of blood. And not just any blood. Virgin's blood. And it had such a tempting smell to it,too...

Raising an eyebrow, he trailed off to the sent.


Hinata lightly limped on the cold empty road, blood dripping in small dots creating a trail.

"...I…I don't want this… N…No more…no….more…" the Hyuga thought weekly, stumbling to the cold snowy concrete ground. Her wheezing grew as the snow flakes hit her open gashes.

Then she saw her way out. A bridge. With a 7 story drop, at most. Tears leaked from her bleak lavender eyes,melting some snow on the ground.



The scent was getting stronger till he stopped at a small trail of blood disappearing from the falling snow.

The Uchia had a really bad feeling about this.

Surely enough, his hunch was right. He saw a very weak looking girl with blood profoundly dripping from her head, stomach, and side.

"Wait a…" Sasuke mentally jumped when he recognized the Hyuga.

"Shit...!" He cursed, quickly pacing towards Hinata.


Hinata gripped the bridges railing with shaky hands for support, her messy hair covering her dimming dead eyes. Her breathing was uneven with occasional hitches.

The cold welcoming waves of black ocean reaching for her was a lovely sight. At least to her it was.

She slowly began to put her foot over the bridge, letting a sad smile form on her cut lips.

"Hey dumby."

Hinata snapped her head to the source of the noise, eyes widening at the sight.

"You know committing suicide is a sin, right?" The Uchiha stated flatly with a thin raised eyebrow.

Hinata gasped at the sight before her. Not the fact that he was an extremely drop-dead gorgeous boy, but he had large ebony wings crossed behind his back.

"A…A death god..!" she thought with horror, backing away from the handsome stranger.

"P-Please s-stay away, death god…I-I…." before Hinata could finish her sentence, she went spiraling off the bridge's ledge and into the freezing ocean, reaching out to Sasuke with a frightened cry.

"Fuck...!" The panicked Sasuke cursed.

When Hinata's body hit the oceans water, it felt like millions of little needles stabbing her as the cold slush water hit her overly sensitive skin. The ice cold salt burned her wounds as the water completely over took her body warmth of what was left of it.

Hinata went up for air only to be pulled back down by the black waves grabbing at her weak, struggling body.

"I-I can't die…! Mother would never forgive me… No, I don't want to go to hell and never see mother…!" she cried out desperately in her mind.

'This is what you wanted…' A voice reminded her in a hallow voice.

And then Hinata stopped struggling completely. It was true. And anything is better then this hell. ...Anything.

The Hyuga's body slammed into a jagged rock, knocking the breath out of her to be replaced with cold salty water. Her lungs burned fiercely from lack of air.

Hinata's eyes slowly began to close as her vision blurred,hitting the bottom of the ocean hard.

Everything started to become black and cold. The pain started to become numbed out slowly.

Then Hinata fell into an eternal, peaceful sleep. Never to wake.


Hinata's heavy eyes began to slowly open, her vision blurry. She took in the sight of a beautiful Victorian room. It had a vanity stand, a wooden oak wardrobe, and a window with a beautiful


Dark purple curtains blocked out the bright sun threating to come in. She winced as some sun light hit her over sensitive eyes.

"Wh-where…?" she began to question as she sat up from her fluffy Victorian canapé bed.

The bedroom door suddenly creaked open to reveal the same handsom 'death god' she saw the night she committed suicide.

Wait. She DID commit suicide, correct?

The frightened girl frantically looked around for an answer.

"Relax." He stated in a bored tone, plopping down next to her, crossing his long lean legs over the other.

"Drink this. It'll make you feel better." He said blankly, handing her a tall cup. He avioded skin-to-skin contact for nessacary reasons.

"Last time I touched her..." He shook his head,pushing those unwanted thoughts away.

Giving him a confused look, her suspicions faded from the wonderful aroma.

She began to sip, then greedily chug the unknown substance. The Uchiha let out a soft chuckle.

"W-what IS this stuff? It's a-amazing!" She stuttered, whipping her mouth with a smile. She began to drink the glass again feeling the energy flow threw her.

"Blood." He stated simply.

Hinata spat the blood all over her light purple comforter, earning her a bored expression and a raised eyebrow from the Uchia. His lip twitched, fighting a smile.

"B-b-b-BLOOD?" she cried, horrified.

"Mhm." He said bordly, flicking his sharp nails. "I believe I just said that."

"N-n-n-no,I mean why blood? Are you c-crazy?"

"Partly, but if you don't drink that you'll get weaker. You've lost a lot of blood. I'm surprised I managed to even save you after that predicament. And your one to point fingers, 'miss suicide'." He he qouted with his fingers, his onyx black eyes gazed into her fragaile lavender ones.

"…S-so it wasn't a dream..." she whispered grimly, casting her gaze at the ground.

"Nope. And unless you don't want me to look inside your mind, I'd advise you to start explaining. Now." He stated in an assertive voice, eyes turning hard and cold.

"Y-you can do that..?" The Hyuga questioned curiously,unaware that she was scooting very close to the blushing Uchiha.

"Err….Y-yeah. And don't change the subject. Why did you try and commit suicide.?" He asked, looking away from Hinata.

Suddenly she felt like the worst human being that existed. Guilt washed over her as she began to grit her teeth, holding back the tears threating to fall.

"..I-I'm...sorry…." She whispered grimly.

This confused the Uchia.

"I-If you wouldn't have met m-me, your life would have been better. I-I'm s-so sorry…" she began to quietly sob, bringing her hands to her face.

"What…? How can she be so stupid...?" he thought in disbleif.

"You idiot. That's the stupidest I've herd you say so far." He scoffed in disgust.

"Wh-what…?" Hinata looked into his black orbs with wet tears falling down her pale face.

Sasuke moved in closer instinctivly,atempting to wipe her tears away with his long pale fingers. Hinata blushed violently, eyes widening as he leaned tword her.

But before he could,a knock at the door stopped them,both jumping. It might have been her imagination, but he looked irritated.

"Sir Uchia, it's time for Miss Hyuga's bath." The maid reminded him from the other side of the door.

"Yeah, yeah, coming." He stated in a cold voice.

Turning his gaze back to Hinata, he nodded to her. She shyly nodded back.

Remembering something important, he turned back to the Hyuga.

"Oh, by the way…." He stated, casually running his long finger through his soft black locks. She tilted her hed to the side in confusion.

"You're a vampire." He stated simply.

There was a long pause.

And another.

Then another.



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