"Heard you went to Heaven." it's the same brunette from before, she's sadder looking though, dark shadows beneath her eyes, indicating her lack of sleep. She's also slimmer.

She-Lily needed to stop coming by here. She picked the worst times.

Sam snorts anyway she's not going to leave, it's obvious. "Ya, waste of time."

"Angel scam ya?"

Weird Lily girl say what? Huh?

"What ?" Sam asks despondently.

"Scam you ya know, show all of your less than best moments, in front of the closest person to you?"

How did crazy weird chick know about this?


"Interesting tactic I suppose. Stupid. I'd kill Zach for you, but I'm not allowed up there." Lily states blandly.

"Oh?" Sam asks, Lily may be crazy but fuck if the girl wasn't a good listener.

"don't worry, nothing bad." she states and gives him a devil's smile. Sam stares, this girl is freakin WEIRD and it'd help if someone explained who exactly she was. But, c'mon when had he been THAT lucky.

Then he gets the idea.

"Hey! Lily!"


"Will you take this for me?"

"No Sam I couldn't, not after…no."


She sighs she so did NOT sign up for this "fine, but if I lose it it's on your head."


Lily rolls her eyes and says, "this has been oodles of fun but I have to go, Demons to talk to Angels to kill. Or is it the other way around?" she chuckles at her non-humorous joke and vanishes.

Fuck, he wished she'd stop popping by when he was busy hating himself. With a sigh, he walked into Bobby's house.