1. Grunt

"Uh...is this thing on? How do you know if it's on?"

"See that green light in the corner?"


"That means it's on."

"Oh. Right. Battlemaster?"

"Yes, Grunt?"

"Get out of here, this is supposed to be private."

"You're welcome, Grunt."

"So...my name is Grunt. Urdnot Grunt. I'm a krogan but not like other krogan. I wasn't born of a female but was grown in a tank by Warlord Okeer. He's dead. Gave his life to preserve mine. Shepard says I should feel grateful for that but honestly, only an idiot would give his life to save another. If a person isn't strong enough to survive on their own, they deserve to die. The salarian calls that 'natural selection.' Whatever."

"We're supposed to be fighting against the Collectors but so far, we seem to be spending more time helping random people we run into planet-side like that salarian who lost his family's genetic data. Damn salarians, we should kill them all. Turians too. Shepard wouldn't like that though and I've seen enough of what she's capable of when she's mad that I know I wouldn't survive."

"Shepard's crew is...interesting I guess is the right word. The people who run the ship are all human but I don't think much about them. The red-haired female who suggested we all talk to these recorders looks like she'd make a nice snack, though. Aside from the Cerberus people, there's a salarian and turian. The turian has some nice battle-scars and at least knows how to fight. There's also that crazy tattooed biotic who hates Cerberus. There's some real potential for carnage there but Shepard keeps her in line. Then there's the drell and asari. They both keep to themselves mostly. The drell prefers to hang back and shoot with a sniper rifle. Part of me thinks that's cowardly. Real combat means getting close enough to your enemies to feel their blood spray into your face but the drell racks up plenty of kills so I guess he's OK. The asari does that weird blue glow thing and people die after getting slammed into walls. Still, I prefer shooting things."

"I'm feeling hungry, think I'll get something to eat. Talk more later."

2. Jack

"Shepard, hey."

"Got a minute, Jack?''

"Depends, what are you after?"

"Chambers thought it might be helpful for the crew to record their thoughts and feelings on an audio diary."

"Diary? Pussies keep diaries."

"Journal, then. Log. Call it whatever you like. Call it the Miranda's a Bitch and I Hope She Dies file."



"You're not as funny as you think you are."

"Are you going to do it?"

"Talk about my feelings, Shepard? The fuck is that supposed to do?"

"Make you feel better maybe?"

"Feel better? I spent over ten years in a Cererus facility being experimented on - nothing's going to make it all better!"

"I'll just leave this here in case you change your mind."

"Go to hell!"

3. Thane

"Shepard has offered me a unique opportunity to unburden myself for which I am grateful. I have done much in my life others may find morally questionable, serving as an assassin for the hanar and Shepard has offered me a chance to atone for my sins. If I am to die in the pursuit of the Collectors and Reapers, it will be a good death, I think. A death in the service of something greater than any one of us. Until accepting Shepard's contract, I was unused to working alongside others, having them watch my back. I have worked alone for so long, it is a sometimes difficult thing to adapt to, working as part of a team. Shepard has recruited some incredibly skilled people, beings from such disparate backgrounds - a salarian from the Special Tasks Group, an asari Justicar - and it is impressive to see how they have all come together, united in a single purpose. It is Shepard who has given them - me - this purpose and she handles the burdens of command with both grace and good humour."

"If what the crew say of Shepard is correct - that she died and was brought back by Cerberus - I doubt anybody else would be able to accept that and continue to function as they did. Shepard does. I only wish I had more time left to learn more of her."

4. Jack Redux

"That bitch, who does she think she is anyway? Does she think she can just come down here and say Hey, record some stupid diary and feel better? What would she know? She thinks she's seen what Cerberus is capable of. The crew say she took out a few Cerberus facilities a couple years back. Idiots, there she was going around, blowing up their bases and they talk about her like she's some fucking hero. Still, at least they're smart enough to stay out of my way. Heh, I gave that redhead a good scare when she first came to see me, threatened to splatter her all over the bulkhead. She back-pedalled out of here so fast, she almost tripped over her own feet."

"If Shepard had any backbone, she'd ice the crew, take the ship and carve out a little kingdom for herself somewhere in the Terminus where the fucking Alliance can't touch her. Come on, a stealth frigate? Nobody else in the ass-end of space has anything even closeto that level of technology, Shepard could make a killing taking out freighters. And what is she doing? Letting Cerberus call the shots and letting the Illusive Man make her his bitch. Wait, that'd be the Cheerleader's job. Heh. That whore."

5. Mordin

"Exercise in confession and self-reflection?"

"Something like that, yeah. I can understand if you need to put your work first though, Mordin."

"No, work on seeker swarm countermeasure largely complete. Can afford to take time to...reflect."

"All right, then. I'll leave you to it."

"Of course, Shepard. Appreciate visit."

"Must be careful not to reveal anything of classified nature. Doubt STG would appreciate such openness. Can talk about work on genophage modification...and impact of such work on me personally. Still believe in necessity of genophage, krogan numbers would have exploded exponentially otherwise, left galaxy consumed by war and death. Unacceptable. Better to limit krogan birth-rate than to kill all of them. Still stand by original decision. Still, difficult on personal level to see suffering and chaos wrought by genophage. But necessary evil. Or so I tell myself. Shepard surprisingly understanding of decision to unleash genophage. Unexpected. Human history full of violence, war. Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki terrible, terrible injustice on civilians. Turning point for war, though. Perhaps such loss of life and destruction avoided a greater loss of life from prolonged fighting? Still, are such things acceptable? Difficult for me to say, not human. Lack context."

"Interesting to see interactions of Cerberus crew with non-human personnel. Expected much more friction and animosity given Cerberus' hardline pro-human sentiments. Of course, easy to find anger and resentment. Engineering sub-deck, perfect example of anti-Cerberus sentiments. Experiments on 'Jack' interesting to me purely on a scientific level. Unacceptable to force such things on unwilling subjects. Can understand Jack's hostility towards Cerberus. Mission must come first though. Cannot have success jeopardised by personal issues. Suspect Shepard will have great difficulty in reining Jack in. Perhaps I should suggest variety of non-lethal options to subdue Jack? Should begin work immediately. Continue later."