Title: Bright Soul

Rating: PG-13, I suppose

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, background Dean/Castiel

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Hah, as if I seriously owned Supernatural.

Summery: Castiel has disappeared and the only one who knows what happened or where he has gone is Gabriel but the archangel won't tell, not unless the youngest Winchester does something for him first.

-Bright Soul-

Castiel was missing. Well, as missing as an angel can be but he hadn't check in with the brothers in several days and that wasn't normal. Sam was a little on edge, worried that something more powerful then an angel was out and prowling. Dean was just worried period, which lead them to their current situation, after all to find an angel the best thing to do is get another angel to find them.

"Where is he?" Dean's voice was dark and very precise, as if daring the archangel to not answer.

Gabriel only huffed and smirked, "I know where he has gone but I won't tell you."

Sam watched Dean's face flush in rage, part of which he knew was only a cover for the worry his brother held for the missing angel. Then the wording Gabriel used caught his attention and Sam turned toward the former Trickster. "Will you tell me?"

Dean made a sound of surprised confusion when Gabriel smiled and nodded. "It's good to see you use that brain of your's Sammy."

The use of Dean's nickname for him made Sam tense and Dean growled. "Why can't you tell me!"

"It's not that I can't, but more like I don't want to."

"Why not?" Sam asked, before his brother could say something to piss the archangel off enough to leave before they got an answer.

"Because, Sammy, your brother is a douchebag." Gabriel stated simply.

That made even less sense then Sam had been expecting. "You won't tell Dean where Cas is because he's a jerk?" He repeated, just for clarification.

Gabriel stared him in the eyes somberly, as if considering something, while Dean fumed quietly. "No." He said finally, prompting Sam to raise an eyebrow. "I said I wouldn't tell him because he's a douchebag, not a jerk."

"Oh, right." Sam muttered, deciding to pretend that made as much sense to him as it apparently did to the archangel.

"But before I tell you anything, I want you to do something for me first."

"Hell no!" Dean shot down Gabriel's demand without a second thought, glaring heatedly.

"Quiet! I was not talking to you." The archangel snapped, before turning his honey gold eyes on Sam. "I want you to come with me someplace, once there I will tell you what I know of dear Castiel."

"Where?" Sam returned, warring between curiosity and uncertainty.

Gabriel smiled cheerfully. "Well, it's no fun if I just tell you."

"It doesn't matter where because he's not going." Dean interrupted with a scowl of fierce protectiveness.

"Dean…" Sam trailed off once he had his brother's attention and they communicated silently with a series of facial expressions as Gabriel looked on in amusement.

Absolutely not, Sammy. There is no way in Hell I'm leaving you anywhere near that thing!

He's the only one who knows what happened to Castiel. I have to, Dean.

No! He can't be trusted!

He hasn't done anything to hurt us yet and he's still an archangel, he has to keep his promises.

Damnit, Sam!

For Cas, Dean. I know how worried you are and I want to find him, too.

I don't care, I still don't want you going anywhere with this guy.

Sam ignored Dean's last look and turned to Gabriel, who was smiling widely, obviously already knowing his answer. "Deal." He said calmly, eyes holding steady with the archangel's.

"No deal!" Dean shouted, glaring harshly now at his brother. "What the fuck are you doing, Sam?"

Gabriel, having received the permission sought after, ignored the older Winchester and in a movement missed by both the mortals, he stood uncomfortably close to Sam and reached a hand toward his head.

Dean had only enough time to inhale for protest when they disappeared, just like that, no blinding light, no fanfare. They were just gone. The archangel with questionable motives had his little brother, and there was nothing Dean could do about it.

He stared sightlessly at the spot where his brother formerly stood, mind reeling as he realized he was alone. First Cas had disappeared without a trace or a word and now Sam was taken by some creep who's only enjoyment in life seemed to be tricking humans.

Damnit, Cas. Where are you? He thought almost mournfully, raising his gaze to the sky in some vain hope the spoke of angel would hear and respond.

Sam inhaled sharply as his stomach turned and the world around him just shifted. In less then a second he found himself standing breathlessly next to Gabriel in an open, grassy field, the sun shining merrily overhead. Panting, he looked around somewhat wildly before turning his wide hazel eyes to Gabriel. "Where are we?"

"Just a pretty little place I found a few years ago. You like it?"

Sam took another look around, absorbing the peacefulness like a sponge. "Yeah, I guess so." He said, before realizing that Gabriel still stood uncomfortably close. "So, uh, will you tell me where Cas is now?"

Gabriel grinned, and tilted his head slightly in an unconscious mimicry of the missing angel. "Nope." He said, making a popping sound on the 'p'. "I told you, there is something I want first."

"Well, what is it?" Sam absently wondered why he wasn't moving away, shouldn't he be feeling a little uncomfortable being so close to the archangel?

Gabriel shifted himself a slight bit closer and Sam almost didn't notice but he did, and still he made no effort to move away. "What I want is one little kiss."

Sam heard the words, how could he not with the archangel practically breathing in his ear, but they did not compute. His mind sort of blanked and he blinked a few times at Gabriel. "What?"

"You heard me. I want a Sammy kiss, then I'll tell you where Cas is so Dean can go confess his profound love and the two idiots can have a happily ever after, or at least a nice illusion of one."

"A kiss?" Sam repeated dully, momentarily ignoring Gabriel's assumptions about his brother and Castiel.

"That's what I said, please try to keep up here Sammy."

"Uh, okay…why?"

Gabriel's grin at hearing the okay faded at the plaintive and confused question that followed. He reached out and casually slid his arms around Sam's waist, pulling the bigger man close to him and letting their bodies finally meet. "Because I want to."

Sam shivered when the former Trickster's hands gripped lightly at his hips. "But why me?"

Gabriel sighed, feeling the turmoil of loss and uncertainty swirling in the hunter's overactive mind. "Because, Winchester, I can see your soul and it's honestly one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen." That may have sounded gay as all Hell but it was true. As an archangel he had the power to see the innermost parts of a human, their souls. Sure Sam was nowhere near pure, he never was or could be with the taint of demon burned like a brand on his soul, but he was damn close. Despite everything he had been forced to endure, the human had a soul that shone brighter then any other he had seen before. It maybe a little ragged around the edges but the potential for so much good lay within Sam, and it was mind boggling. It awakened every human feeling within Gabriel that he'd always tried to ignore. Protectiveness, possessiveness, caring, and the biggest of all: love.

He loved Sam Winchester, the man who had released Lucifer into the world and who would later sacrifice himself to cast that same evil angel back to his cage.

Sam snorted in obvious disbelief, his eyes focused on some point over Gabriel's shoulder and the archangel briefly mourned his human's inability to believe himself deserving of anything good.

"Listen Sam, I am many things but a liar was never one of them." Gabriel tilted his head to catch the younger Winchester's hazel eyes and held them, slowly drawing closer until their breaths mingled. Sam froze, utterly still and he took that opportunity to close the small gap between them, sealing his mouth over Sam's.

The first thought through Sam's mind was; Wow, chocolate. That was quickly followed by; Wait! What the Hell? But both of those faded in the face of Gabriel's talents, leaving behind only a buzzing pleasure and a growing need for air as the kiss dragged on. Finally Sam was forced to break it with a loud gasp, leaning ever so slightly away from the former Trickster to inflate his lungs.

Gabriel grinned proudly, his unnecessary heart beating hard at the hazy glaze over the other's hazel colored eyes.

"Wow…" Sam breathed, his voice a slight bit ragged and the sound of it made Gabriel shiver.

"Ah, so you liked it." A pointless observation but the blush that bloomed over Sam's cheeks was worth it.

"Yeah well, you have your kiss so where is Castiel?"

It took everything he had not to sigh in disappointment but Gabriel nodded once, reluctantly. "Alright, fine. He's hiding out at a hole-in-the-wall diner somewhere north."

"Hiding? Why?" Sam looked interested, in a confused and worried sort of way and didn't seem to notice that neither of them had moved away at all.

Gabriel raised a hand to flap it in the air with a roll of his eyes. "My brainless Bro is sulking over his feelings for your clueless brother." He said easily before settling his hand back on Sam's hip, who still didn't appear to notice.

"Huh?" Sam seemed to take a moment to think about that before his eyes widened comically. "Oh, oh."

"Yeah. I'm seriously starting to think that the only way to get those two over themselves is to lock 'em in a closet together."

"But Cas would just mojo them out again."

Gabriel frowned for a moment. "Then I'll just ward them in, I'm stronger then Castiel on a good day and he hasn't had a good day in a long time."

Sam nodded, looking pensive and a little sad and Gabriel could sense his regret over Castiel losing his grace. Without thinking, Gabriel set out to remove those solemn thoughts by kissing Sam again. He was meet with another few seconds of surprise but then Sam actually began to return the motions and Gabriel didn't bother to hold back his moan. He wisely pulled away before either of them could get too lost in each other and smiled widely at the breathless young man.

"Ready to go back?"

"What?" Sam burst, looking adorably confused and Gabriel had to fight the desire to just pull the giant down to the ground and claim him.

"Your brother. You know, the guy who's waiting for you to give the word on Castiel?"

Light dawned in Sam's eyes and he nodded. "Uh, right. Yeah, sure. Let's go." Sam shot him a look then, filled with longing, regret and a quiet resignation and Gabriel was so close to just saying screw it and taking Sam. Instead he squeezed his arms around the taller human tighter before abruptly releasing him and snapping his fingers.

In an instant they were back, standing in front of a shocked Dean, who then wasted no time grabbing his little brother, questions falling out his mouth like water and all of them variations of concern.

Gabriel took a step back and watched quietly before flying away. There would be plenty of time later for him to catch Sam but he was going to do this right, no screwing up, not this time. Sam deserved honest effort being expended on his behalf, even if he didn't believe so. Gabriel was an archangel and he didn't do anything halfway, Sam would be his but only after he had earned the wounded Winchester's soul.


A/N: Holy crap. That came out a lot more intense and meaningful than I had intended. Seriously, it was just supposed to be a little fic about Gabriel teasing Sam and bargaining a kiss out of him then end of story but all this little angst came out instead. But, either way I still like it. Hope the rest of you do too.

Final Chapter will be up soon, since I got a very persuasive reviewer who gave me a good kick in the ass to continue. Thanks for that CastielLovesDean :)