Title: Bright Soul: Part Three (3/3)

Rating: NC-17, finally!

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Hah, as if I seriously owned Supernatural.

Summery: Castiel has disappeared and the only one who knows what happened or where he has gone is Gabriel but the archangel won't tell, not unless the youngest Winchester does something for him first.

A/N: Well, this took far longer to get out there then I expected. I've got a bunch of excuses but that's really all they are so I'm not gonna bother listing them.

I just want everyone to know that listening to "I Just Can't Wait to be King" from the Lion King is not conducive to writing porn. Like at all. It came on my itunes and suddenly I was incapable of continuing that scene. I had to listen to Saving Abel's "The Sex is Good" and "21 Guns" by Green Day before going on. Yeah, it was awkward.

Anyway, here it is and hope everyone likes the wrap-up. Now I can focus fully on my NaNoWriMo work. *sigh*

-Bright Souls: Part Three-

It was two weeks after Sam's near death experience and Gabriel had run out of anything resembling patience after day three. Why? Because he had yet to claim Sam. The reason for the wait? Well, it certainly wasn't his idea and neither was it Sam's. No, Dean f-ing Winchester had proven to be oblivious in everything but the budding relationship between the archangel and his precious baby brother.

They hadn't had more then five minutes along together since Gabriel had healed Sam. Gabriel could see what Dean was doing, oh yes, he was onto that sneaky bastard. Unfortunately, Sam was blind to his brother's trickery, merely chalking up their lack of time together as coincidence. Whenever he tried to bring up Dean keeping them apart, Sam only looked at him doubtfully and said that it wasn't his brother's style.

"If Dean had a problem with us, or even if he's noticed anything, which is highly doubtful, he would've said something by now." Sam had pointed out, then gave Gabriel a quick kiss before the hotel door opened and Dean and Castiel came in with perfect timing, as usual.

In frustration, Gabriel had even turned to his angelic brother for assistance. Usually he would be more then happy to remove whatever object lay between him and what he wanted but he had a feeling Sam wouldn't appreciate him turning Dean into a pig, literally. When faced with his questions, Castiel had only tilted his head, confusion evident when he responded that Dean had given no indication of knowing there was anything between Sam and Gabriel. Then, Castiel had gotten this little half-smile and his blue eyes were bright.

"I'm happy for you, brother." The younger angel had said, with such sincerity that Gabriel's Grace fluttered in appreciation.

"Well, thanks but nothing's certain yet." He had grumbled in response, snickering at Castiel's sound of confusion. "Sam and I need some time alone but Dean is always around and he can't take a hint."

"Perhaps Sam should tell him. Dean will want to know before anything happens." And Castiel looks so certain this will help that Gabriel just doesn't have the heart to tell him that he suspects Dean is only looking for a reason to deny them.

"Yeah, maybe." Gabriel had sighed then snapped himself back to Sam's side, where Dean was inevitably waiting.

That was a week ago. Gabriel had talked to Sam about talking to Dean but the younger man had only shook his head.

"Not yet. Dean still doesn't trust you, I think we should give him some time to see that you're not going to try and force us to say 'yes' anymore."

Okay, so that was a logical excuse but Gabriel still didn't like this waiting bit at all. The longer they remained unbound the more danger Sam was in. If he had Gabriel's mark then most other demons and even some angels would think several times before attempting to harm him, knowing they would face the full wrath of an archangel. Well, that and he just really wanted Sam.

Eventually, Gabriel came to the conclusion that the real reason why Sam didn't want to tell Dean about him was that he was afraid his brother would disapprove. And after everything they'd been through, Gabriel just knew that if Dean told Sam not to be with him then the younger Winchester will obey. Sam will deny himself happiness if that is what Dean decrees because he is too terrified of losing his brother. Gabriel understands this, he does but he'll be damned before he'll let Dean's stupidity hurt Sam again.

And so, he decided upon the perfect course of action. Which in hindsight, might not have been the best idea after all but hey, Trickster he may be but perfect he is not.

"Umm, Gabe? Where are we?" Sam is looking around cautiously, with a look that's a cross between confusion and a bitchface. Last thing he knew he'd been in the process of plugging in his laptop for some research and Dean and Gabriel had been arguing over something, he hadn't really been listening. After all, those two argued as often as they could, as if to see who could out yell the other.

Gabriel's smile was self-satisfied and edged with anticipation, "Just one of my many homes throughout the globe."

"Uh-huh. But why are we here? You do know Dean's going to be pissed right?" And damn if Sam doesn't look nervous.

"Dean can shove it for all I care. I'm wanna spend some time with you, Sammy, not the whole gang." Gabriel stubbornly refuses to admit that he sounds like a petulant nine year old.

Sam, the predicable heart that he is, softens and smiles shyly at him. "Me too, Gabe but you know how upset he gets if I go somewhere without telling him first."

"Oh, I told him."

"You did?" Sam blinks at him for a moment, trying to remember if Gabriel did in fact say he was taking Sam somewhere before just snapping them away. "Are you sure?"

Gabriel almost laughs, because it's not as if he could forget something like that, but instead nods earnestly. "Yup. I told him I was taking you for a romantic night out."

Sam looks torn between touched and embarrassed then narrows his pretty eyes. "And Dean just let you?"

Ah, now here is the tricky part. He can't lie because he told Sam he never would but at the same time he can't really admit that Dean's response had been a very angry "Fuck no!".

"Letting me had nothing to do with it. It's really not as if he could stop me. But at least he does know where you are, and you're completely safe with me."

Instead of looking reassured or relieved or anything remotely similar to that, Sam actually looked mortified. "He's gonna try and tear you limb from limb." Sam sounds faint and looks much the same and damn it all because this is so not how Gabriel had planned the night to go.

"Aww, come on Sammy, it's not that bad. Besides, it's not as if he actually can."

"It doesn't matter, he'll find a way to do something. Dean's really good at that." Sam mutters, bowing his head and running a distressed hand through his hair as Gabriel shifts his weight uncomfortably.

Okay, so maybe he hadn't thought this through all the way but seriously, it's not as if Dean is here now and they really have unfinished business to tend to. Gabriel was just stalking toward Sam to give the human a completely different reason to be distressed when there was the sound of wings cutting through air and Gabriel's large living room is suddenly graced with the presence of one very pissed off human and uncertain looking angel, Castiel's hand firm on Dean's shoulder.

"You Son of a Bitch!" Dean's lunge is aborted roughly by Castiel's grip. "You're about to find yourself doused in holy fire!"

"Oh, calm down Deano."

"Calm down? No, I will not calm down. You kidnapped my fucking brother!"

Gabriel snorted and rolled his eyes. "Wow, how many times do I have to say it? It's not kidnapping if you knew I was taking him."

"It doesn't count if you tell me then mojo him away! You're supposed to ask first!"

That got a raised eyebrow and almost a bitchface from Sam. "Really, Dean. What am I? Twelve again?"

"Hey, you're the one who ran off with that bastard without a proper word of warning!" Dean snapped back, carefully ignoring Castiel's unhappy look at his description of Gabriel.

"I didn't know he was going to do this!"

"Nooo, but you still wanted to." Gabriel piped in cheerfully and Sam tossed him an exasperated glare.

"Do you not know how to shut up!" Sam hissed.

Gabriel pouted and shrugged one shoulder. "Well it's true! And there's no shame in wanting to spend some time alone with your boyfriend."

Sam sputtered, his face flushing brightly red, and Dean made sound like a cross between a growl and a snort as Castiel tossed Gabriel a dull, unimpressed look.

"Boyfriend?" Dean repeated, voice tight and derisive enough to make Sam cringe.

"Dean." He said softly, "Don't freak out."

"Don't freak out? Why would I freak out? You only went out behind my back and got yourself an Archangel boyfriend! Not to mention one that can't be trusted!"

"Hey! I resent that!"

"Dean." Gabriel's protest was ignored at Castiel's firm interruption, "Gabriel has been a crucial assistance since he joined with us and despite his prior actions I feel he has properly redeemed himself. Do you not agree?"

Sam shot Castiel a wordlessly grateful look and the angel merely nodded shortly in return as Gabriel preened at the words.

"No, I don't agree." Dean's scowl refused to lessen. "He fucking tortured Sam more times then any of us can count and you expect me to just forget about that? How could you have possibly forgiven him for all that?" The last question shot like a bullet toward Sam, who blinked in surprise.

"How can I not? I understand what Gabe was trying to do. All he wanted was to spare me the pain of what was going to happen. Yeah, he went about it a little extremely and he admits that but Gabriel has done nothing since to make me regret being with him."

Dean could find nothing in that to argue, it sounded far too genuine. "Yeah, well how do you know he hasn't just whammied you into being willing to sleep with him?"

"I haven't slept with him." Sam muttered with a faint blush.

"Yeah, you haven't left us alone long enough!" Gabriel was definitely pouting now but it was with an undercurrent of exasperation.

"Gabriel has done nothing to Sam with his powers, beyond warding his dreams from Lucifer." Castiel interceded calmly, again.

Dean turned thoughtful at that and nodded a bit. "I noticed that you've been sleeping better." Realizing that he was slowly being talked down, Dean frowned again and crossed his arms haughtily. "I don't care, I refuse to trust him."

They were getting nowhere with this and Gabriel could practically sense Sam's growing defeat and desperation. He clenched a fist and cast a look at his human but Sam was looking down and biting his bottom lip, hair shadowing his eyes. He won't stand for this. Gabriel won't, can't, lose Sam. Not after everything, and he suspects that Sam feels much the same. He pulls himself up right, tall as his vessel can stand but it's his Grace that flares, making him seem taller then he is. He intends to show Dean the extent of his true power and only hopes that Castiel won't interfere because he really doesn't want to fight his brother, no more then Sam does, but he will. If he has to.

Fortunately, that worry becomes pointless because before Gabriel can even move Castiel had spun Dean around and was glaring coldly at his face, closer then Dean had to be comfortable with. Beneath his own astonishment, Gabriel feels a faint amusement at the shocked expression on the eldest Winchester's face.

"Your arrogance and pig-headedness on this matter and others involving my brother have grated my final nerve, Dean." Castiel growls lowly, barely loud enough for the other two to hear and Sam's jaw is on the floor as Gabriel fights back his amazement and grins softly.

"You speak of lack of trust for Gabriel, that is fine, I understand that. What I do not understand is your inability to trust your own brother or myself." Dean's eyes are wide and he is clearly speechless but Castiel doesn't wait for an explanation. "Samuel has made poor decisions in the past but you will not hold that over his head while he finds happiness. After everything you two have been through, together and apart, do you not think that he, as well as yourself, deserves to be happy? He is uninfluenced in this decision in any way and this is what he wants, will you deny Sam this?"

Dean swallows thickly, eyes locked with Castiel's angry blues, while Gabriel shuffles closer to Sam and takes his hand, which is squeezed tightly.

"Gabriel is my brother, Dean. While I may not be what I once was…" His gaze on Dean doesn't falter but something shifts between them. "…I am still an Angel and if you cannot trust me after what I have done for you then perhaps you are incapable of trusting anyone again. If that is so, then I am deeply regretful that I cannot help you the way I wished to."

Suddenly everyone knows Castiel isn't just talking about Sam and Gabriel anymore, that his anger goes deeper then this one outburst. After another minute of intense staring, Castiel releases Dean abruptly and takes a calm step back, away from his charge.

Dean sucks in a somewhat unsteady breath, as if he's been holding it this whole time, which isn't unlikely and blinks a couple times. He clears his throat and straightens up a bit, turning slowly toward Sam and blinking again at their joined hands.

"Uh, Sammy." Dean sighs and nods to himself. "I'm sorry. Cas is right. It's beyond time you get something positive back from all this even if it is him, so long as you're sure it's what you want?"

"Yeah, Dean." Sam says softly, soulful eyes on his brother, hopeful and bright. "It is."

"Okay then. Just one condition." Dean narrows his eyes slightly and frowns. "Do not, ever, tell me anything that you two do together. Ever. I've been scarred enough."

That startles a laugh out of Sam, bright and relieved as Gabriel grins somewhat dirtily. "Don't worry, I won't." Sam promises and Dean nods once before shooting a glare over at Gabriel.

"And you. Hurt him, in anyway, and I swear on all that's even partly holy that you will regret it, immensely."

Normally, Gabriel would scoff at any threat and wave it off but this was too important, to everyone involved so he just nods, more serious then they've ever seen him.

"Okay then." Dean sounds vaguely satisfied and turns to Castiel. "If you two love birds will excuse us, Cas and I have things to do."

Castiel is smiling slightly, and nods to both of them before reaching out to Dean. Before they disappear, Dean gets out one last remark.

"Don't forget to use lube!"

Sam's mouth drops and Gabriel laughs loudly, grinning. "As if we're gonna forget lube. One of the many, many perks of being me; magical powers!"

"Angelic powers." Sam correctly lightly, "Big difference."

"Aww, are you protecting my Angelic dignity? That's so cute and many millennia too late."

"No, I was just keeping you honest. Someone has to."

Gabriel grins at that. "Honestly is overrated and no fun though!"

"Which is exactly why you need me to sift through all those lies." Sam says in return, not really meaning much by it but Gabriel straightens.

"Not to you, Sam. I won't lie to you, not ever. I promise you that." He knows just how important this is to Sam and needs to make sure his human realizes it.

Sam sobers instantly, thinking of all the times Lucifer has said the same thing but he knows, without a doubt in his heart, that Gabriel actually means it. He knows that Gabriel won't lead him astray and he knows that he can trust the Angel, with everything, including himself.

"I know, Gabe." He says softly, breaking out a shy smile and Gabriel pulls him closer by their clasped hands to catch his mouth in a kiss. It's slow and intense, as if savoring the taste of each other and tongues slip and slid together. Gabriel pulls away to suck on Sam's bottom lip before parting completely and grins mischievously.

"C'mon Sammy." He purrs, "Let's get to the bed." And then he snaps and he's got Sam sprawled out beneath him on the softest bed in existence. They're still dressed, but only because he wants to do this the right way for their first time.

He leans down to kiss Sam again and shoves his hands under the human's shirt, seeking out the feeling of soft skin and sleek muscle as Sam shivers at his touch and slides one hand into Gabriel's hair and the other to grip his hip. Gabriel is intent on his mouth, mapping out every corner of the wet heat and possessing it. He's got Sam's shirt rucked up as far as it will go but it's not enough so he nudges with his hands to get Sam to lift up and peels the offending garment away to fling elsewhere before relocking lips.

Sam moans when Gabriel's hands find his nipples, tweaking and pulling until they pebble, and arches into his touch. Hands slid up and down Gabriel's back, nails digging slightly with each pass and he presses down, trying to get the Angel flush to him. Gabriel obliges just enough to brush hips and their breath huffs out at the contact, Sam's turning into a moan as Gabriel growls, biting at Sam's lip then swiping over it with his tongue in silent apology.

"Gabe…" Sam pants against the Angel's mouth, breath hot and moist and Gabriel hums briefly as he moves to suck a mark onto the skin of his human's neck. "Get…your shirt off."

Gabriel grins and leans back, conveniently rubbing their erections together as he does, to grip the bottom of his shirt and rip it over his head where it then disappears like Sam's. Instantly, Sam has his big hands on Gabriel's skin, sliding reverently over every inch he can reach.

The temperature in the room has been steadily rising but with a bit of mojo it doesn't become uncomfortable.

As much as he loves the view he's got now, Gabriel wants more and lifts off Sam so that he's properly straddling him to work on the fastenings of his human's jeans. He's wound tight and eager, waiting this long has done major damage to his staying power but Gabriel's not an Archangel without an iron grip of control, even if that's being steadily demolished by the sight and smell of Sam.

He works the jeans open and slips a hand inside to grasp Sam firmly, wringing a delicious whimper from up ahead as he strokes teasingly a few times before pulling off to tug at the material. Sam instantly lifts his hips and Gabriel slides the denim down smoothly, eyes greedily absorbing the sight before them. He tosses the jeans to the side and crouches over Sam, running a hand up the inside of each thigh and around the area where Sam's cock stands proud to grip his hips tightly.

Sam whines, breathing quickly and so aroused by the sight of Gabriel between his legs that he can't even think straight. He wants the Angel so much that he doesn't know what to do with himself, so instead he whimpers and shifts restlessly in Gabriel's hands.

Gabriel looks up from studying Sam's dick and what he sees sends a jolt of lust straight to his already straining erection. The youngest Winchester's eyes are wide and darkened with need, his teeth a white flash biting into the tender flesh of his lower lip and his hands are clenched in the sheets. Gabriel winks and smirks and Sam's breath hitches once before stopping completely when the Angel takes him into his mouth without warning.

"Gabriel!" The heat is overwhelming but it's the suction and, oh god, the tongue that has him closing his eyes and setting up a pretty continuous stream of babble punctuated with moans and if he could hear himself he'd realize he wasn't making a lick of sense. It doesn't matter though, because the sensations are so amazing he couldn't hope to think of anything else. But he's been waiting for this for far too long and if Gabriel keeps it up Sam knows he won't make it to the finale.

As if sensing this, Gabriel pulls off with an audible pop and leans up to claim Sam's mouth in a wet kiss, sharing the taste of his own pre-cum. He then presses their foreheads together and stares into Sam's eyes, both dark with want. "You ready, Sam?" He asks, brushing lips lightly.

Sam huffs out a breath. "More then you can imagine."

Gabriel quirks an eyebrow and runs a feather light touch over Sam's cock. "Oh, I think I've got a good idea." He purrs, licking at an ear and sucking a mark beneath it, the issuing moan is music to his ears, or cock rather. He slithers down the long line of Sam's body, rubbing as much as he can, before settling between Sam's legs, which open to accommodate him.

Gabriel snaps to mojo up a handful of lube and rubs his fingers together, getting them nice and slick. He eyes the puckered hole and has to take a moment to breathe before leaning forward and planting a lingering kiss on the head of Sam's cock as he circles the tight muscle and pushes slowly in.

Sam's whole body shudders once before relaxing slowly and Gabriel works his finger in deeper, sliding his lips over his human's erection as a distraction, which works if the long, drawn out groan is anything to go by.

Sam throws his head back against the pillow and whines, pushing his hips closer to Gabriel's mouth while trying to rock back on the finger in his ass at the same time. He's almost on a sensory overload, it all just feels so amazing. Then Gabriel crooks his finger to brush that sweet spot and Sam shouts, hips bucking as pleasure more intense then anything he's felt yet strikes. Gabriel pulls off his dick and grins up at him, mouth red and wet and Sam feels almost faint he's so damn turned on.

He whines the Angel's name and spreads his legs farther apart, pushing desperately against the hand on his ass and giving a stuttered moan when another finger pushes in alongside the first.

Gabriel's turns his eyes down to his hand, drinking in the sight of his two fingers in that tight hole moving steadily in and out before carefully scissoring them and smirked at Sam's instant vocal response. He moans and shuffles closer, running a soothing hand down Sam's flank. "Sammy…damn…you're so tight." His own cock, still tucked away in his pants refuses to be ignored much longer and Gabriel's not sure how much longer he'll be able to wait. "Need you so damn badly."

Sam makes a noise of agreement and he works in that third finger, feeling how Sam's ass clenches then relaxes and can't help but imagine how that tight heat will feel wrapped around his cock. He pants a few times in effort to calm himself but it's been too long and he needs this now. He pulls his fingers out, relishing Sam's whimper of loss and shifts away to stand. Sam stays spread out on the bed and Gabriel pauses a moment to just admire the gorgeous view before hurrying out of his jeans and shorts. It took only a few moments but its an instant relief to touch that tanned skin again once he's back on the bed. He's distracted with touching everywhere when Sam makes a frantic grab for his wrist and catches it. They lock eyes and Sam looks desperate.

"Please, Gabriel. I need you, now."

The Angel nods and kisses him once more, snapping to get another palm full of lube and slicking himself up a quick as he can. He feels like he's already on the edge and he hasn't even gotten in yet. Gabriel settles between Sam's splayed legs again and holds himself at the ready, taking a moment to brace himself before pressing in.

They both moan brokenly as he sinks slowly into that heat and it's so much better then he'd ever dreamed. He has to pause about halfway in because it's all too much and if he's not careful he'll blow before they get started.

Sam makes an impatient sound, not at all liking that Gabriel has stopped and wraps his long legs around the Angel's waist, allowing for a far better angle and for him to press Gabriel deeper.

"Sammy…" Gabriel whimpers himself at being pushed farther inside as Sam's ass clenches and welcomes his cock in. "Fuck, Sam!"

"That's the…idea." Sam gasps as finally, finally Gabriel bottoms out and he's balls deep. There Gabriel stops, he has to regain control because the need to just pound away at that tight channel is so hard to resist.

"Keep moving! Damn you!" Sam is insistent though, demanding and Gabriel caves with a growl, giving in and pulling nearly all the way out before thrusting back in.

The pace they set is fast and almost brutal but neither cares because they need it so bad that the need itself is a physical pain.

Gabriel stares down at the writhing, bucking body beneath him, absorbing every twitch and breath to be stored permanently into his memory. He can't believe how lucky he is to have this beautiful being all to himself and now that he has he won't ever allow anyone else to have Sam. No one. Not ever. Not even Lucifer.

Gabriel slows his pace a bit and wraps a hand around Sam's cock, stroking along with every slid in and pull out. The tension is building and heat pools at the base of his dick. It won't be much longer now and Gabriel curves his left hand around Sam's hip, gripping tight. A few more thrusts and strokes and Sam's coming with a scream of his name, cum splashing hot between their bodies and the feel of Sam's ass spasming around his cock forces Gabriel over the edge. As he fills Sam with liquid warmth, Gabriel sends a shockwave of Grave through his hand and into Sam's skin, prompting another orgasm instantly on the heels of the first for Sam.

The feeling of euphoria is so intense that Sam blacks out for a moment and when he reopens his eyes Gabriel has collapsed on top of him, still buried deep. Sam focuses everything on breathing, because he's pretty sure that he'd stopped after that second orgasm. It takes several minutes but eventually he regains enough function to lift his head and peer down at the Archangel currently taking up residence on his chest.

"Gabriel?" He croaks, sounding fucked out and hoarse.

"Hmmm?" The Angel groans and stirred slightly. "Uh, Sammy. I think you broke me."

"You? I can barely move at all."

"…Are you complaining?"

"No, are you?"

Gabriel snorted. "As if. I think that was best sex I've ever had. And I've had a lot."

"I bet." Sam laughed weakly and lifted a hand to prod at the other, "You wanna get off me a bit, you're not exactly light for your size you know."

"Why, Sammy. Are you calling me fat?" Gabriel teased as he gently pulled out and settled instead at Sam's side, curling into him.

"Hardly, but you are heavy. Must be all that ego."

"Could be. Have to have some place to store all my awesomeness." The Angel returned, brushing his hand several times lightly over Sam's right hip.

Sam chuckled at that and let it go, shivering at the feather light touches. He sighed, and looked down to see what his Angel was up to but he never expected what he saw.

Right there, branded on the skin of his right hip was a handprint almost exactly like the one on Dean's shoulder. "Gabriel." He breathed, blown away.

Gabriel looked up at him and smiled softly. "You're mine now Sammy. No escaping it." As if to prove it, Gabriel slotted his hand over the brand and Sam was struck by a wave of feelings not his own. His gasp was covered by Gabriel's mouth and mutated into a moan.

"How did?" He breathed the broken off question against the Angel's lips and shivered.

"My Grace, Sammy. Infused you with a chunk of it to mark you better then anything else as mine and mine alone. I will kill anyone and anything that tries to steal you from me."

"Gabriel…" He didn't know what to say to a declaration like that so all he could do was press another kiss to the Angel's mouth and shove all his love into that. Gabriel hummed happily and licked the inside thoroughly before pulling away to lounge back against Sam's side.

Sam smiled and rested his hand overtop of Gabriel's on the mark. After a moment a thought came to him and he turned his head toward Gabriel.

"Hey, Gabe?"


"This looks exactly like the one Dean has."

Gabriel gave a giddy kinda laugh. "It does, because he is bonded to Castiel." Sensing Sam's questions he hurried on. "Their bond is incomplete because when Castiel pulled him out he had to pump Dean with some of his Grace but the ritual wasn't finished. Their bond has never been consummated and so it's only half-formed. If they'd get a clue they could finish it and be happier already."

"I think today helped with that." Sam said after a moment's thought.

Gabriel nodded, knowing instantly what Sam meant. "Yeah, Castiel's hurt that Dean wouldn't trust him must've filtered through the weak bond they do have 'cause I'm pretty sure when Dean said they had things to do, he really meant each other."

Sam grinned, happy that the two finally worked their obliviousness out and were finally together before wrinkling his nose. "Oh, ewww."


"Nothing, let's just say I completely agree with Dean's decision about sharing info on the bedroom activities."

Gabriel snorted and patted his Sam over the heart, "What's the matter? You don't wanna ask for a foursome?"

"Gabriel!" Scandalized, Sam smacked the Angel lightly on the back of his head and made a face. "That's sick on so many levels!"

"I know but the look on your face was priceless!"

Sam smiled and shook his head before a jaw cracking yawn stole over. He blinked blearily and sighed before cuddling closer to Gabriel to close his eyes. "Love you, Gabe." He muttered happily.

Arms wrapped tightly around him and Gabriel dropped a kiss to the top of his head. "Love you too, Sammy."

"It's Sam."

"Sure is, Sammy."

A grumble, a snicker then quiet breathing as the two entwined beings fell asleep together, wrapped tightly in the warmth of Gabriel's invisible wings.

A/N: Yowza. So, that was tougher then I expected but it's my first higher rated Supernatural fic and I hope it wasn't too bad. Oh, and this was completely un-beta'd too so if you caught any errors let me know so I can fix them. Hope you enjoyed!