Moonlight 1

I walked along side the white beaches of Okinawa, listening to the sounds of the oceans breathing in and out. I thought to myself about my day, remembering the college entrance exams I took, hoping to at least get a decent grade on it (praying silently).

"Ichigo! Ichigo, wait up!" I heard my friend, Fuji, calling me. She was wearing her bikini (blue like the ocean) and her hair was up in a pony-tail (about shoulder level).

"What's going on, Fuji?" I asked quietly, noticing some of the other boys from our school.

"We're going on, Tenma's boat! Wanna come?" she got excited, like a grade schooler getting a new toy.

"Uh ... that's ok, Fuji-San." I kind of backed up, I've had this fear of water for as long as I could remember, and I don't know why. Fuji knew, but she still tried to get me out in the water. She patted my head. I made a face at her.

"Don't worry! I'll make sure you don't drown, and you use your fancy martial arts on the boys if they get outta hand." she smiled and that kind of made me smile. I was a black belt in kenpo and I was one of the best in my class in kendo.

"*sigh* Ok, Fuji. You got me. Let me go change out of me uniform." gesturing my clothes.

"No need!" she said grabbing my hand and pulled me along.

"B-but I'll get salt water on my uniform!"

"Then I'll clean it! Simple as that!"

She took me on, Tenma Senri's boat; he smiled at, Fuji and me,

"Well, Fuji! You brought your head red with you?" (Yes, I have red hair, with silver streaks, and cat-like eyes that look as though they change color, depending on the emotion that I feel.)

"You got a problem with that?" I said, I absolutely hate it when people call me red head, and since everyone knew that I was trained in martial arts, they wouldn't mess with me from past experiences with other people who ticked me off, *cough, cough*

"N-no! No your worship!" he said nearly falling over the boat.

"K' then." I flatly said" Don't call me a red head."

"Yes, ma'am!" Please don't kill me!" he said bowing. Everyone seemed to be afraid of me when I get angry. The other boys saw this and called to Tenma.

"You, idiot! Don't you have any pride in, ya?"

"Not around, Ichigo, no." he said (Gloom)

Fuji and I kind of smirked at each probably thinking the same thing.

"Men, over board!" I shouted as me and Fuji pushed Tenma and the other 4 boys over the boat

"Hee-Hee!" I kind of laughed and Fuji then said to me,

"Glad I kidnapped, you?" she giggled

"If you mean, ME, actually getting on a boat? Then, yeah!" I smiled at her.

"I suppose we could help them up" she grinned.

"Yeah, I guess." I replied looking over the boat.

A couple hours later...

"Fuji- I thought we were staying close to shore!" I said "All of this water is making me nervous." waaaayyyy more than usual, it was like something unnatural moving in the water.

"Really? I didn't say that, Ichigo." she looked confused.

"Fuji!" I yelled and looked to my, noticing a huge wave coming straight at us.

"Da-Da-a-" I started yelling as the wave crashed against the boat causing me to fall over the side of the boat and into the warm waters, I didn't know how to swim so I couldn't keep my head above the water.

I don't know how long it's been since I've been under water, I opened my eyes seeing stars and galaxies pass by me in shades of greens, reds, and blues.

"Am I dead?" I thought as I let sleep take over me.

I slightly opened my eyes, and found myself looking at green fertile landscape, and tall buildings, I then heard people around me.

"I-is that a demon?" I heard a man say.

"It looks like one! Look at the way she is dressed!" another man had said.

"Are they talking about me?" I thought to myself.

"Look its Okita Soji of the Shinsengumi" a woman said

"Okita... Soji? Shinsengumi?" I thought "Where am I? When am I?"

"What happened here?" a man with a child-like and friendly voice said.

"We don't know. It seems she just washed up here."

"Really?" He questioned as I felt the earth, disappear from where I was laying and was being carried.

I opened my eyes and found myself in a room, an ancient looking one at that. I looked around, and nobody was here. I sat up, coughing up what was left of the sea-water, catching my breath, and trying to remember what had happened to me.

"Huh? A kimono?" I looked down and I was wearing a light blue kimono.

"Oh! You're up?" I heard a woman's voice.

"Uh, who are you?" I asked, looking up at her intensely, my sister? Here? (A couple years back, I had an older sister who was murdered in front me; I had never really recovered from that shock. This made me have little trust in most people.)

"I'm, Yamazaki Ayumu, but you can call me, Ayu!" she said smiling.

"Ayu, huh?" I swear she looked like my late sister, "I'm, Ichigo." I said smiling back at her."Ayu, where am I?"

"You're inside Shinsengumi residence." she replied.

"S-Shinsengumi?" I exclaimed, confused as hell! As my father would've said, 'This defies all logic'

"Hm? What's wrong, Ichigo?" Ayu asked looking confused.

"Oh, it's nothing."Shinsengumi... I thought when he came in, the man who changed my views on people, on my own life.

"Oh! Is she up?" I heard that voice from before. He came in wearing a white kimono, his hair was long (really long) and a cute friendly face.

"Oh. Ichigo! This is, Okita Soji. He's the one that brought you here." Ayu said.

"He did?" I asked.

"So, your name is 'Ichigo'?" he asked smiling" It suits you." he must have been referring to my hair.

"Um, Ayu?" It had suddenly dawned on me "Where are my clothes? The ones that I was wearing?" I asked.

"Those things were filthy, so I had them washed." she smiled "Where are you from?"

"I'm from an island called, Okinawa. I was with my friends on a boat, but a wave crashed against the boat and I fell in the water." I said the last sentence kind of quietly.

"Okinawa, huh? By the way, how old are you?" Ayu asked

"I'm 17, ma'am." I said not wanting to sound rude.

"Well, you're a young woman!" she smiled again.

"Um, how old did you think I was?"

"I thought you were, 14, maybe, 15, at least!" she replied.

"Ugh!" I groaned, why did everyone think that I'm younger than I look?

I explored most of the dojo and noticed a practice hall and 2 people were practicing with bakutos (wooden swords) I stayed to watch them. I then noticed one of them holding the kendo sword wrong, even if he was used to using the weapon like that, it was one of my pet-peeves.

"You're holding the Bakuto wrong." I said to him, and he turned to face me; He had red/orange hair with freckles.

"What makes you say that?" he asked kind of defensive and confused.

"Well if you hold the weapon like that, makes it slightly more difficult to control. Hold it like this." I said moving his hands closer to the blade- like part.

"Go" I said smiling.

"Hah!" he yelled pushing the big guy back knocking him off his feet.

"U-u- I let you hit me, Shinpachi!" the big guy yelled.

"Whatever, Sano!" he said back" Thanks for the tip, um, what's your name?"

"Ichigo. My name's Ichigo." I replied smiling.

"I'm, Shinpachi! Captain of the second squad. And this is, Sano." he said

"That's me, cutie! I'm Sano, captain of the 10th squad" Sano said putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Don't call me, 'cutie'." I smiled and pinched his arm off me.

"You just got denied, Sano!" Shinpachi said laughing.

"Shut-up, Shinpachi." Sano yelled.

They got back into fighting, and I left them to their fighting and went to see, Ayu, she looked stressed so.

"Ayu? Do you need any help?" I offered, remembering how I always helped my sister with dinner.

"Oh, Ichigo. That would be nice." She smiled her big smile. I helped her make dinner for everyone and that was way too much work.

"Ayu, how do you do this everyday?" I groaned

"I don't know, Ichigo. I've never really thought about it." she said as Soji came in and asked me

"Ichigo, you know how to use a sword?" he sounded excited "Yes, Mr. Okita." I replied trying to sound polite.

"Don't be so formal! You can just call me, 'Soji'." he said

"Sure." I replied "Why did you ask if I knew how to use a sword?"

"Oh, I wanted to see how good you are! Shinpachi told me that you helped him knock, Sano, to the floor." he smiled

"H- He just was holding the weapon wrong." I blushed ' What's wrong with me?" I turned away from him; it was probably because I was never in a way 'complemented on my swordsmanship.

"What's wrong, Ichigo?" he asked me.

"Oh, nothing! Um, you said you wanted to see how good I was?"


"Ok, Soji." I smiled. I was able to borrow some practice and they gave me a chest protector. Apparently word has gotten out that I was sparring, Soji. (Info on sparring- one-on-one combat, usually wearing gear and fight for however long the judge says)

"A girl, sparring Okita?"Sano asked

"You have a problem with that? I sparred with boys and girls back at home all the time!"I yelled

"There's no problem with that, Ichigo." Soji told me. And we got into a sparring stance, and I was usually the defensive type, so I waited for him to make the 1st move.

"You're the defensive type, are you?" he questioned.

"What if I am? I don't rush into things." I smirked.

"Well that's good." he said making the 1st move. I dodged to the right and struck at the left, he blocked it easily and attempted to strike my shoulder, but I then ducked under and did a back flip back and regained my stance.

"Not bad, Ichigo." Soji said to me.

"Thank-you, Soji." I smiled. We then charged at each other, blocking, then striking, then blocking. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw these 2 men staring at me. I then got hit on the head...

"Head, try to pay more attention!" he said laughing playfully.

"Owww! You, you, you!" I said rubbing my head and then ran and struck him on the head.

"Head" I smiled.

"Ow..." he smiled back.

That was overall, how my first day of being apart of the Shinsengumi came about.