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Chapter 23~ Final Chapter

Ichigo's POV:

Everything around me was so quiet, I couldn't tell what sounds belonged to which creature and object it was so nerve wracking this… silence; thankfully, the Commander broke the eerie silence with a few knocks on the wooden door to try and work our way in without alerting the Choushu that we might have found them.

Soon enough, the knocks were answered by a tender and we walked in to the inn. The tender soon ran to the stairs and shouted out something that I couldn't make out and the commander's sword ran threw him, killing him almost instantly. I couldn't let my mind be clouded by guilt or fear and it soon allowed my feelings of anger and revenge to come through and before I could have any recognition as blood from the tender landed on me. We quickly moved up the stairs, slicing another enemy down to clear our path to the rooms.

The Commander opened the sliding doors to reveal a whole band of men

"If you resist…" The Commander's boomed through the room "We shall ruthlessly slay you. We will not tolerate any disrespect." At first, the men were terrified enough that they would have surrendered if it hadn't been for this one man who had tried to flee, the others did the same until this other man boosted their confidence

"Wait, don't flinch! There aren't many of them; if we all go against them we should be able to defeat them with our superior numbers!" I nearly scoffed at his remark "Begin by slaughtering those two!" Of course the three of us, the commander, Soji and myself, took out the first few in a few slices.

"Let me say it one more time…" Our commander began to repeat himself "If you retaliate, we shall ruthlessly slay you." The moment the last word escaped from his lips, more men appeared and had surrounded us, Soji and I immediately went to work and they had fallen like flies. "I warned you! Kill those who resist! Don't be merciful towards those that run away!" An adrenaline soon filled my body at that command and all I could think about was seeing my enemy's blood flowing out and covering the floor.

I soon began to branch away from Soji and the others, only going towards were they were coming from; a seemingly reckless idea, but I didn't have any control of my body. It was like my own emotions had full control over it. That gave them almost every opportunity for them to attack me and could probably defeat me, and that takes a lot for me to say.

Well, it turns out that I was right to assume that I could be attacked, someone came from my right and I only had enough time to block the force of his attack before my balance was disrupted by the pools of blood and I fell back and down a few stairs to this other space. This also 'woke' me from that murderous wrath and had left me fully vulnerable to the man above me. He gave this evil chuckle, like if he could, he would do something more if he had time to, but instead raised his blade. I quickly covered my head with my free arm expected to feel a very painful death.

However, all I heard were gasps and splatters. When I moved my arm to see what was going on, I found that Soji was in front of me and had the enemy on his blade. I slide out of the way and Soji had let him fall. When I turned to face Soji, he gave me this… fowl, evil glare that made me feel small and far beneath him,

"S….So…ji?" I could only force my voice out into a very small whisper. He seemed to snap out of this gaze and concern quickly took over and he kneeled in front of me,

"Ichigo? Are you hurt?" I shook my head

"Are you?" I asked in that same whisper and he seemed to understand why I had that tone.

"I'm sorry, Ichigo. When… we do these things, I can lose all control and seeing you… in that position, made it worse. I didn't mean to frighten you…" He looked down, what could I do? I really just can't let him beat himself up for his… outbursts. I had one just moments ago. The only thing that could really go through my mind to comfort him was something that I get shy about around almost anyone. I sat up on my knees to almost get at his level and wrapped my arms around him, I really didn't care if I got bloodier or if we were seen, I just couldn't stand seeing him this way.

"Stop that. You know that isn't going to stop me from caring about you. I still love you for you." I felt him relax and he returned the hug. I pulled away from him, "Shall we find Shinpachi?" He smiled and nodded. We helped each other up and made our down stairs to find Shinpachi in the middle of a job

"Now then! What will you do? You won't be able to flee like this… regardless of what it is you do… courage is always needed for that first step." I sighed and was about to him either make him surrender or finish him, it was pointless to taunt him in that fashion, but a sudden change in the air around us suddenly forced us to divert our attention over to our left side.

Down the hall, that man from Shimabara was there… with this murderous intent, he walked towards us with a spear in his hand and was ready to strike us. We soon raised our blades, with our intentions of fighting back when ready. I almost let my fear consume me, but I guess that with Soji here, I felt safer and was able to keep a clear head. The tension was soon lifted when a sword had struck at that man… now I know, Soji had told me about him once before Yoshida…

As it turns out, it was Heisuke that had struck at him, and had missed at that! It almost seemed that Heisuke was toe-toe with him and had sliced Yoshida's spear in half, bad that was a mistake on his part, now that his weapon was smaller it gave Yoshida more control and it appeared that Heisuke would lose. I nearly winced as I watched that broken weapon nearly kill him, it was Shinpachi's sword that saved him from dying. I could only skip a rhythm of my breath as I watched him fall to the ground with a wound to his forehead.

As Shinpachi quickly moved Heisuke away from the battle, Soji and I stood against Yoshida. The man that was able to get through my defenses as if it were nothing. I kept a fair amount of strength with my emotions to keep me steady with my defenses and my balance so that I could stay head strong with Soji. The moment Soji made the first move, I stood back to get a clear idea of how to fight with him truly side by side. Yoshida's counter attack was something I would never have anticipated, he literally bent all the way forward and had used his partner's dead body as a meat shield to block Soji's sword. It gave Yoshida the time to also strike through him and made an attempt at Soji, and Soji quickly dodged the stab and that's when I moved in to fight.

I quickly anticipated Soji's move the moment he made a jump to dodge the sword, he quickly flipped over Yoshida and I moved behind Yoshida to strike at him but he somehow blocked both of our attacks! The moment Soji landed Yoshida made his move at him, assuming that he would be an easier way to defeat both of us. However, the move made at Soji resulted in Soji beating his slice and was able to slice his cheek. At least Soji was able to make him bleed. All our strike against him seemed like child's play and was able to parry them or block them all together!

With just a smidge of luck, we were both able to stab into Yoshida's chest and back into the doors, preventing him from moving. Soji turned his blade over to give the final move and I took a step back to let him finish the job. But something distracted Soji for just a millisecond and he was kicked away from Yoshida and into me. When we finally landed I found Soji on top of me and with him dazed. I had the air knocked out of me long enough me to almost freak me out to the point of not being able to move. All I heard next was something that made me feel all the blood fade from my face

"What are you doing, Tetsu!" Tetsu was here? "You can't handle him alone! Run away! Quick!" All I heard next were feet running in the opposite direction from us and a step towards them until I felt Soji finally move off me and prevented Yoshida from going after Tetsu.

"You aren't done with me yet…" His tone grew dangerous once more and our fight resumed. My only guess was that now with Yoshida distracted with Tetsu we were able to get a more accurate strike on him and Soji was able to stab him once more. But Soji was quickly knocked away and Yoshida continued his pursuit for Tetsu. I quickly helped him up and we swung our blades at Yoshida who quickly ducked in time. Something went through this man's mind and he was on the ground crawling towards us, Soji was able to get in front of me and stabbed Yoshida's arm. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to even faze him and Yoshida rammed his foot into Soji's torso, the force of the kick was able to reach me and we both were coughing now. I gripped Soji's Hatori for mild support and was coughing more until I saw and felt blood fall from my mouth and suddenly, I heard Soji cough something up. I was almost too afraid to look at what happened with Soji and why it would make him stall for this long.

Everything became a sudden daze as Soji was pushed back and a hand wrapped around my throat and was chocking me. I couldn't imagine what was happening with Soji until I heard a slam and then cracking of a breast plate. My heart nearly stopped when I heard Soji nearly scream in agony and I tried to wriggle my way out of Yoshida's grip, but it only grew tighter. Soji's struggles stopped and his breathing became heavier. I nearly lost my hope as I felt my breathing grow shallower until I heard a stab and heard a loud collapse. I had already been released before the crash but was able to see that it wasn't Soji that was stabbed, it was Tetsu stabbing Yoshida! I quickly made my way over to Soji who was being supported by Tetsu, to see how he was and I felt shattered, he looked like he was in so much pain and it hurt me knowing that I couldn't do anything for him at this second.

"You were right, Mr. Okita!" I looked at Tetsu "I was the one who was wrong. If I wanted… I could become stronger… but it was never in my aim to kill…" I gave a small smile as I saw the tears slide down his face. Soji reached up to wipe those tears from his eyes. We felt our moment stall as we heard Yoshida stand, I knew that with my injury to my chest and with something possibly damaged in my throat that I wouldn't be able to last long if I fought. Something grew in Tetsu and my eyes widened to see Tetsu draw his sword, "From now on… you won't kill anyone!" I took Tetsu's position from supporting Soji and he walked over to take his stand against Yoshida. It blew my mind seeing Tetsu suddenly blossom and was easily going toe-to-toe with the other man! "It wasn't you that I wanted to kill… the one I hated and the one that couldn't do anything… it was nobody else but me!" I find a new respect for Tetsu at that second, which made me smile.

Soon enough, Tetsu and Yoshida's battle moved to the outside, making Shinpachi and the commander follow after them. This gave me the chance to see how Soji was and… what he has

"Soji?" He looked up at me "How badly injured are you?"

"I'll be fine, we should go and watch Tetsu…" he tried sitting up, but I leaned down before he could get far and whispered in his ear

"How long have you had it?" I heard his breath quietly hitch "How long have you had tuberculosis?" I had to hold myself back from shedding tears right now. It really hurt knowing that someone I deeply cared about had this… pretty much incurable disease. I pulled back to see his face, it was torn between hurt and guilt.

"How did you…?"

"I can recognize the symptoms because of the history that happened years from now. Your signs matched with those." I bit the inside of my cheek, in a poor way of trying to keep myself from letting go of my self-restraint. We were quiet a moment before he let out a sigh

"I will tell you when we get another chance." I nodded and helped him over to Shinpachi and the Commander. It was difficult for me to breath because of whatever damaged I received, I could only lean against Soji's shoulder to try and regain my bearings. From my understanding, Tetsu seemed to be winning until I heard him scream out.

I quickly looked up and found that Yoshida had sliced his ear with a broken blade. I was very tempted to go and help him until I heard Soji speak out

"Don't… because the one to win will be our boy." I looked at him with a confused look "With Yoshida's injury he can barely stand, let alone fight." I quickly understood where he was going with this and watched the fight. Tetsu soon was parrying and equally fighting back with Yoshida, I had absolutely no doubt that he would win this fight. Even with Yoshida forcing him to the ground, I knew the technique he would soon pull; I had seen him use it once before and if he timed it right, he could easily win this.

The overall result of this fight resulted in the loss of Yoshida's arm. Every one of us let out a sigh of relief and I let myself slowly lay down, hoping to relax until the other members get here. Soji gave me a small smile and slowly stood up to walk to the commander and Shinpachi. The moment I let my eyes close, I heard a quick struggle and Tetsu's name being called before I looked back up to find Tetsu begin pinned under Yoshida with a piece of the broken blade ready to pierce Tetsu. I struggled to stand up, hoping that I would get to Tetsu in time, luckily Soji got to him faster and had killed Yoshida, making me sigh in relief. We all had taken a big sigh of relief as Tetsu went back to himself, the kind, energetic little puppy.

Once the other members got here, many of them were quick on trying to help Soji since he started coughing again. I had no idea what to do for him other than be there beside him; Hijikata soon entered the room with so much concern on his face.

"Soji… Ichigo…" I titled my head as he said my name, it wasn't until Soji was pulled into his lap and when he put his fingers on my lips and looking at them a moment, back to Soji, to me and back.

"Be careful with them sir! He may have broken ribs and the bones in her throat may have been damaged."

"Heheh." Soji's laugh interrupted the tension "You don't have to worry about me!"

"But the blood-!"

"A bit of blood only fell in my mouth in the fight!"

"And in the fight I was bumped into really hard and bit something." Soji and I gave him our smiles.

"You two need medicine" I still titled my head in confusion "Bring me some warm water!" I couldn't tell who it was directed to but someone came up to us with a glass of water, I gave a quiet inhale when I saw how bandaged up our puppy-boy really was and it kind of stung me inside.

After Hijikata made the liquid medicine, he had me and Soji drink a fair amount for whatever reason, I had no idea why he would make me drink it, but I didn't argue.

"Thank you" Soji smiled, but Hijikata didn't seem to be satisfied and he took a drink of the cup.

"So, this was your first cup of tea served on the battlefield. And that tea turned out weak and lukewarm to boot." I gave a small frown until Hijikata patted Tetsu's head "For a page of mine, that's a job well done." That made me smile "Can you two stand?" I nodded and stood up, while Hijikata assisted Soji

"Yes." I walked out with them

"Gather everyone out front for me."

"Thank you for giving us the medicine, I'm fine now."

"Me too!" I gave him my smile

"Hm? Right… Ichimura! Quit staring off into space and get that cleaned up right away!" I snickered as I walked out towards the front where this man stood

"Jyusuka Mastuda of the Higo Clan, Kitsuma Kitazoe of the Tosa Clan. This is Teizo Miyabe of the Higo Clan…" I began to doze a little until I heard Soji coughing to my left, forcing me to look over at him in worry,

"Soji, you go on ahead back to Headquarters." I almost agreed with Hijikata, but decided against it because it would be his decision now.

"I'm fine." I bit my lip to stop my protest and just continued to 'listen' to the speech until the Commander took over

"Everyone, your work tonight was truly commendable! Since there are some injured among us, we will return to headquarters for now! Let's go!" I walked alongside Hijikata and Soji, just gazing ahead and trying to process all that has happened last night, everything seemed so unreal and was almost like I was in a very realistic history book, and I was really living it.

Soji and I were bunked into the same room since everywhere else was full and my room was also needed. I didn't mind, after all, it didn't change our sleeping arrangements. We still were able to stay together and it didn't raise any suspicions! Fortunately for me, I was asleep for most of the day and was able to miss everything that the 3 jokesters did.

"It couldn't have been bad right?" I asked Soji as we were left alone.

"Well, it was enough to make Mr. Hijikata give in to them to a certain extent!" He gave a chuckle. I couldn't help but laugh.

"What did he give into?"

"Having them at least being able to see the fireworks!"

"Fireworks? For what?" Either I was somehow out longer than I thought, or I was really in the dark!

"The Gion Festival, it happens once a year!"

"Oh… and Hijikata wanted the best seats?" I took a random guess and Soji nodded.

"The best seats for the commander, us and himself." I shook my head

"I think he must've planned ahead. The jokesters would've tried harder if they knew that part."

"True, thankfully they didn't try hard enough." We both laughed,

This small conversation made me forget about the TB that Soji had, and what we'd had to go through in order to keep ourselves together. Our small conversations are what made us never grow apart and I was so happy with him. Most of my closest friends in the Shinsengumi, the Jokesters, Tetsu, and Tatsu found out about us, but they kept it a secret, lucky for them too! I eventually graduated school and decided to live with the Shinsengumi; after all, Tetsu was right. I was happier here and with Soji.

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