Outside Point of View

There in the basement of the building laid Anna with a stake in her heart, but the fire hadn't consumed her body. The door at the top of the stairs opened and a shadow makes its way down. The shadow is that of a woman although many would consider her a girl since most don't know the truth. She bends down next to Anna's body and sighs. She pulls the stake from Anna's body.

"You aren't leaving me just yet girlie." The mystery girl says as she brings her wrist to her mouth and bites on it.

She holds her wrist that is bleeding over Anna's mouth and starts to chant. Slowly color starts to come back into Anna's face, the hole where the stake was starts to heal, and Anna stirs.

"That's it; come on." Mystery girl says.

Anna begins to drink on her own and finally opens her eyes, "Is it really you?" she asks the girl.

"Yea girlie it's me, come on we gotta go." The mystery girl says helping Anna stand, "I want you to go to the car at the end of the street, there's blood and I want to drink then go straight to Elena's house."

"My mom." Anna says.

"We will get her, but for now do as I say." The girl says and runs off thinking to herself, "This time Katherine won't win."

Elena's Point of View

I had just walked into the kitchen to find my Uncle John bleeding.

"Who did this?" I asked as I grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding.

"Katherine; she's still here." He choked out.

I grabbed the knife that was beside him; I could feel someone watching me. I grabbed my phone and called Stefan; he and Damon were on their way.

"Elena, behind you." John said I turned and saw the mirror image of me.

"Hello Elena." She said and grabbed my throat, "I'm Katherine."

She started choking me and lifted me in the air. My head was going dizzy, but then I fell to the ground. Standing in front of me was a beautiful girl with auburn hair and fangs. Katherine and the girl glared at each other for a while, but then Katherine left. The girl's face changed to normal and I saw she had chocolate eyes.

"Are you alright?" she asked.

"My uncle." I said.

She walked over to John and bit her wrist. He willingly took her wrist and she began talking to him.

"You fool; I warned, but you refused to listen." She said.

John's wounds healed quickly and he stood up, "I thought…."

"You didn't think John!" she snapped then she looked at me, "Is there someone else in the house?"

"My brother." I said.

She ran upstairs and we followed. There on the bed was Jeremy.

"Jeremy!" I yelled.

"Move." The girl said and I saw her face change.

"No!" I screamed.

"Look Elena he has taken a bunch of pills along with vampire blood you can either let me do this or watch him turn; it's your choice." She said.

"Help him." I said.

She bent down and started to drink from him.

Her head came up and her face changed back to normal, "His blood is clean." She said.

Suddenly Anna was in the room and John looked shocked.

"I killed you." He said.

"You forget what I am capable of John." The auburn hair girl said and John coward.

"Yes we all seem to forget that." Someone said and I looked over to the window to see Katherine, "Poor little Bella."

"What's the matter Katherine jealous of me?" the girl asked.

"Don't make me laugh." Katherine sneered. "You have nothing I want."

"You know you suck at lying." The girl, Bella, replied.

Katherine's face changed and she attacked Bella pinning her against the wall.

"How dare you?" Katherine hissed.

Bella's face changed, "Get out of here now." She commanded and flipped it so Katherine was pinned.

Anna and I grabbed Jeremy and ran outside where Stefan and Damon were waiting.

When Damon saw Anna he froze, "You died."

"Yea, but now I'm back." She replied.

"What's going on?" Stefan said.

"Katherine came in stabbed John, I found him, called you, she grabbed me by the throat, then some girl pushed off of me, gave John blood, ran upstairs, saved Jeremy, then Katherine showed up again and now they are fighting." I said.

"Who is this girl?" Damon asked.

I was about to answer when I saw someone fly out the window and land in front of us.

"That's her." I said.

Damon bent down, turned her over, "Oh my god." He said.

"What?" I asked.

"That's Isabella; Katherine's sister and Damon's ex." Stefan said.

"Half-sister technically, but as far as family goes she means nothing to me; just like him." Isabella says pointing to Damon. "Get out of here now."

"Bella, please." Damon pleads with her; it's the first time I see his humanity.

"I said get out of here." She says and shoves him. "Get them out of here."

She ran back towards the house and I could hear the scuffle.

"Come on Damon she's right; we have to get them out of here." Stefan says.

"I'm not leaving her again." Damon says heading for the house.

"Damon, Katherine won't kill her; she needs Isabella and you are only going to piss her off if you don't listen." John says.

Damon looked towards the house and I saw the tug of war he was having, but he gave in and we headed for the boarding house. I called Bonnie and she was going to meet us.

Jeremy was finally starting to wake up, "Am I dead?" he asked.

"No; why did you do that?" I asked him.

"I didn't want to feel the pain I felt when Damon said Anna was dead." He answered.

"I'm not dead Jeremy." Anna said.

"Anna?" he asked and then kissed her.

We pulled up to the boarding house and went inside.

"So what's going on?" Bonnie asked.

"Katherine tried to kill me, but her sister saved me." I said.

"Her sister?" Bonnie asked confused.

"How many times do I have to say it; we are half- sister's by blood, but it doesn't mean she's my family." Someone said and we turned to see Isabella.

"I know you; I've seen you in my Grams' photo albums. She said you were her best friend and teacher." Bonnie said.

"Yes; I knew Emily as well. We worked together to try and keep Katherine under control; after she died I stayed very close to your family and helped them find their way." Isabella said.

"Are you a….." I trailed off.

"A witch, yes I am." She replied.

"Is Katherine a witch too?" I asked.

"Only as far as her personality goes although I consider her to be more of a little bitch than witch. Katherine and I had the same father, but different mothers. My mother's side is where my witch comes from." She explained.

"Why is she here?" I asked.

"Katherine enjoys playing games and she never got finish the one she started here." Isabella said.

"Why didn't you ever do anything?" Bonnie asked.

"Because I didn't see the truth; I pitied Katherine because of our past. It wasn't until 1864 I saw the real Katherine." Isabella said.

"What are we going to do?" I asked holding onto Stefan, "She's been invited into the house."

"That won't be a problem." Isabella said and reached into her pocket pulling out a vial, "This is a potion that contains Katherine's blood all you have to do is pour a little on your front door and even though she has an invitation she won't be able to come in." she said and handed it to me. "Stefan I would offer you some, but I have a feeling certain people would rather not keep Katherine out."

"Isa, can we talk?" Damon asked.

Bella blurred and then I saw she had Damon pinned against the wall, "Don't you ever call me that again; do you hear me?"

"Bella I'll take a vial if you don't mind." Stefan said walking over to her.

"Very well." She said letting Damon go and handing a vial to Stefan.

"Bella, my mom." Anna said.

"Tomorrow; I can't do it tonight." She answered. She turned to John, "Next time listen to me actually all of you should listen to me; Katherine wants what she wants. She doesn't care about anyone or anything and when you have served your purpose she will kill you."

"Isabella." I said as she started to leave.

She turned, "Elena call me Bella." She said and left.

"Damn it." I said.

I wanted to talk to her because she was the only one who could answer my questions. Jenna called us saying someone had broken into. Bonnie told her Jeremy and I could stay at her house and Jenna said she was going to stay with Alaric. We rode over with Bonnie to her house;

"Have you heard anything on Caroline?" I asked closing the front door.

Bonnie was about to answer, but there was a knock; she opened it to reveal Bella.

"May I come in?" she asked.

"Yes." Bonnie said and let her in.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I know you want to talk." She replied.

"You didn't want to talk in front of Damon did you?" I asked.

"That's correct." She replied, "There are certain things I do not wish to discuss around him." She walked into the living room and sat down, "What do you want to know?"

"How am I related to Katherine and you?" I asked.

"Katherine and I are your aunts. My father and Katherine's mother had another child." She replied.

"What is up with you and Damon?" I asked

She became very still and I saw sadness in her eyes, "I came to Mystic Falls before Katherine arrived to scope out the town and met Damon." She said standing up and going to look out the window, "It was sunny and I was in the market place buying some herbs when I bumped into someone and dropped my purchases. I turned to see the most handsome man I had ever met. He had icy blue eyes that shone like diamonds in the sun.

He smiled, bowed, and said, 'Excuse me Miss.'

'No sir it was my mistake.' I said as I bent down to pick up what I dropped.

'Allow me to help you.' Damon said and that was the first time our hands touched; I had never felt such electricity from one touch.

We talked for a few minutes and he kept asking me my name, but I kept declining. Eventually we went our separate ways and it was later that afternoon I arrived at the Salvatore home where I would be staying. Damon was out front waiting for me and that was how it all began. We spent all our time together and I feel completely and madly in love with him."

"What happened?" I asked.

She tensed, but never looked at me, "Katherine came and I found out that she wanted him and she got him. I found him and Katherine in bed and I left that night. By the time I heard of what she was doing from Emily I was too late."

"I'm sorry." I said.

"It's over and done with." Bella said, "Next question."

"How did you bring back Anna?" Bonnie asked.

"Using my blood and a spell." She said.

"Can you bring back my Grams?" Bonnie asked.

"Yes in fact I plan on doing that, but it will take a lot of power and I need to feed so I need to be going." She said and stood up to leave.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"A club in the next town; care to join me?" she asked.


Damon's Point of View

I couldn't believe it my Isa was here, but she wasn't mine anymore. I had allowed my old ways to get the better of me when Katherine showed interest in me and I lost her.

"Are you alright?" Stefan asked; he knew about Bella and mine's past.

"No." I replied. "I had forgotten how beautiful she is."

"Yes she hasn't changed a bit." Stefan replied. "She still has an effect on you."

"When didn't she have an effect on me." I said. "I thought I was over her."

"Damon you were never over her; you just found many distractions." Stefan said. He was quiet for a while and then said, "Damon why did you really want to get into the tomb?"

I knew this question was coming, "I wanted to find out where Bella was."

"What about after Bella left in 1864?" he asked.

"I was lost and Katherine compelled me." I admitted.

"You said she never did." he stated.

"I lied brother." I said and threw the book I was holding. "No matter what I do, I always dream about Isa and our time together. No amount of booze, sorority girls, or Katherine can ever make me forget her."

Stefan's phone rang, "Hello?" he answered.

"Stefan its Elena; look I know about Damon and Bella's past and I know she still loves him." I heard Elena say and I froze. "Look we are going out with Bella to some club in the next town. I just wanted to let you know; bye." And she hung up.

"Was that code?" I asked.

"I think it was; feel like partying?" he asked me.

I smiled and we headed for my car.

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