We All Deceive

Bella's Point of View

"Yes," Shelia said smiling, "Come in; I was wondering when you were going to come by. You raised me and then disappeared."

"Other pressing matters." I replied and hugged her, "The years were good to you. Did everything work the way I wished it to?"

"Perfectly," Shelia replied, "Thank you Bell, I was worried about what would happen to Bonnie with no one to help her."

"What about Lucy?" I asked referring to her distant cousin, "Does she not practice?"

"Lucy is a witch for hire; she works for the vampires and cares not of why they want what they want." Shelia replied sadly. "What can I do for you because I know this is not just a social call?"

"I need to find it Shelia," I said seriously, "Before Katherine does."

"Who did she give it to?" Shelia asked.

"A Lockwood." I explained, "In exchange for his help in escaping she said it would help keep him from transforming, but she didn't tell him everything."

"Well let's see; we have the doppelganger, plenty of vampires, the moonstone, but no werewolf." Shelia said.

"No," I said, "Tyler Lockwood's uncle is a werewolf." Bella said, "Apparently he has returned since his brother has died. I could smell him from a mile away."

"Is Tyler…" Shelia trailed.

"No," I replied, "He has not killed anyone, but since he is getting older his body is beginning to react to his family lineage."

"We will have to watch him." Shelia stated calmly, "Bell do you think he will come here?"

"He has no idea Elena even exists. I have spent most of my immortal life keeping him from ever knowing Cassie had a child. It took Katherine three hundred years to realize that. I will die before I allow him to know or even come near her." I said tensely, "Shelia we have to find the moonstone."

"Bonnie and I will get started on it." Shelia said as she patted my hand, "It will be alright."

"Shelia for the safety of everyone, I believe we shouldn't tell anyone the reason Katherine is here or the possible pending danger." I said tentatively.

"I agree, I want those kids to live and not worry so much." Shelia said and stood up with me, "What they must contend with for now is enough."

I hugged Shelia goodbye and blurred away into the woods. I had one more person to visit with today and I knew exactly where she was.


I knocked on the door and an old lady answered.

"Hello," the lady said

"Are you Ms. Flowers?" I asked sweetly.

"Yes," she replied, "Are you in need of a room?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Please come in," Ms. Flowers said.

The moment I was invited in I began to compel the old woman. Katherine had already compelled her, but with my witch side and the fact I was older my compulsion overrode hers.

"Ms. Flowers when Katherine returns do not tell her I am here. Greet her as you would normally and then do not come up the stairs." I said.

The old lady repeated what I said and showed me Katherine's room. She shut the door and I looked out the window and waited.


Two hours later it was Twilight and I felt a little bit of pain as I remembered Edward, but I shook that feeling off and I smelled Katherine approaching. I quickly hid behind the door as she opened it and once she was inside the room I shut it loudly.

"This really doesn't fit your taste Katerina." I said, waving to the room, "A bit small."

"How did you find me?" she asked tensed and ready for a fight.

"Please," I laughed, "You can't hide from me Katerina, we are after all blood. I know you better than you know yourself."

"Really," Katherine asked narrowing her eyes, "Please educate me since you are all knowing."

"I know why you're here." I said, "I know how you were turned. A couple centuries I met a very intriguing woman; I believe you know her…Rose?" I said and Katherine froze.

"I thought so." I continued, "She told me a very interesting story about a young girl who was sent away from London by her mother and father after his eldest daughter had died. She met a very mysterious man who was actually a vampire and it turned out they needed this girl for some ritual. But the girl was cunning and she enticed a young man by the name of Trevor to help her escape because Trevor worked for this man. Now Trevor falling for the false innuendos the girl made sent her to his friend…Rose. Now she realized what and who the girl was the moment she opened that door so she locked the girl in a room and swore to return her. While the girl was captive she came up with a deceitful, but brilliant plan. She cut herself and Rose, the vampire, fed the girl her blood. Well when Trevor came to the house that night and Rose started fighting with him and they heard a crack and ran in to find the girl hanging. Well it didn't take long for the girl to come back to life after they cut her down. Rose intended to kill the girl, but she was clever and as Rose came at her with a stake the girl grabbed the compelled woman over and Rose stabbed her by mistake. The girl fed off the dying woman and then she ran away." I finished and Katherine was pale.

"Now does this story ring a bell for you dear sister?" I asked.

"What do you want Isabella?" Katherine asked.

"I don't want anything because I already know everything." I replied laughing. "Really do you think he is just going to let you hand over Elena and the moonstone and then you will just be free? He is more vindictive than that and you know it. He is going to make you suffer and he will never let you go free."

"You don't know that." Katherine said.

"I do actually." I replied, "You are only fooling yourself if you continue to believe as you do." I walked to the window and then looked at Katherine, "I'm warning you now Katerina if you value your pathetic, manipulative life you will not come near Elena or anyone else who she is associated with. You will run as you have for the last five hundred years and you will never come back here."

"I'm not leaving." Katherine said defiantly.

"Then you and I will go head to head and I will win every time." I said and got in her face, "You never could beat me Katerina when we were younger and it still stands true today." I headed for the door, but stopped, "Oh and one more thing sister." I hissed the word, "Don't think about bringing Edward into this; it will only make it worse for you."

I left Katherine to ponder what I had said, but I knew that she was not going to take my advice…she never had. If Katherine wanted to play this game we would play and she would lose.


Damon's Point of View

"So do you want to tell me what you fought about?" Stefan asked me.

"Worry about your own problems like Katherine who wants you back." I hissed.

Stefan smiled, "Deflection is not going to work Damon. If you want her back, stop being a jealous son of a bitch."

"My mother's your mother." I retorted.

"Look, you have no right to get upset about her being with other people; you aren't exactly a virgin and you sure as hell weren't one when you two met." Stefan said.

"Oh talking about my sexual history," I said and decided to throw a below the belt punch, "Need some tips to satisfy Elena?" I said and quirked my eyebrow. "Lacking in some areas?"

Stefan rushed me and pinned me to the wall with his fangs out, "Don't talk about her like that." He hissed.

"Yea," Elena said coming into view, "Don't talk about me like that. Mine and Stefan's sex life is just fine and he doesn't compel me unlike you. Now why don't you pull your head out of your ass, swallow your pride, and get over yourself. Bella sees through your bullshit and she apparently always has so if you want even the slightest most minuscule chance of getting her back, you need to quit comparing her to Katherine. That's a low and sick blow especially when you do it to someone you seem to love."

"What do you suggest I do you little child; you've barely lived?" I spat.

Elena straightened up, crossed her arms and said, "Why not try acting like the man she fell in love with the first time around. You two need to start from scratch; there's been distance and time that's passed…145 years to be exact. You need to get to know one another again and don't give that oh the man she knew is gone. He isn't gone, he's just buried somewhere in you and you need to find him."

Elena turned her heel and walked back up the stairs.

Stefan let me go and smirked, "Everyone sees through your act Damon so why not cut it out."

Stefan left me alone and I stood there frozen for a moment before I blurred up the stairs and outside. I needed to get away from this house and its occupants and I needed a drink….both kinds.


After about two hours at The Grill I had drank a couple girls and now I was downing bourbon as if this was my last night on earth.

I was angry at the fact Elena thought she could lecture me about anything, especially Bella.

"I'll have a cherry vodka…sour." Bella's voice said bringing me out my self-pity mode. I looked at her and then she looked at me, "You numb yourself up yet?" she asked.

"I'm getting there." I sneered a bit. "What have you been scheming?"

"Not tonight Damon," Bella replied tired.

I became worried, "What's wrong?" I asked and scooted down next to her.

"Sometimes, especially after you make your damn comments, I think I am like Katherine." Bella admitted.

I was shocked; in all the time I had known Bella, she had never said that.

I started to realize that my comments, my insecurities were affecting someone I loved a long time ago.

I took a deep breath and said, "You aren't her; anyone that says you are doesn't know you."

Bella laughed and quickly downed her drink, "No Damon that's where you're wrong. No one knows me; even I don't know myself anymore. I lost who I was a very long time ago, but 145 years ago a young, charming, handsome man started making me remember who I was." She said and stroked my cheek. "He made me believe in love with all my heart even after it was broken, but then the man I fell in love with shattered my heart. Even now when I look at him and remember our times together I can still feel what he made me feel and it breaks my heart all over again because he's now a shell of the person I knew and I know, in part, I caused that."

Tears started streaming down Bella's face and when I made a move to wipe them away she turned quickly and walked out the door.

I ran after her wanting her to know that I could still be that man; that she didn't cause me to be like this, but by the time I hit the door she was long gone.


Bella's Point of View

I made it to Anna and Pearl's house and just walked in.

"Isabella," Anna said noticing the tears falling down my face, "What's wrong?"

"I don't want to talk about it." I said and wiped them away. "I saw Katherine."

"Why?" Pearl asked coming in.

"To warn her; I knew she was planning something and I wanted her to know I knew. It buys us some time, but not a lot." I said and sat down.

"We should leave," Pearl said to Anna.

"No mom," Anna said, "I don't want to leave Jeremy."

"No one is leaving," I said stopping this fight before it started, "We will figure something out."

"Why is Katherine back?" Anna asked, "I'm sure it wasn't just to get rid of us."

I smiled and laughed dryly, "No it wasn't and that is a very long story that is for another time. For now I'm tired and I need rest."

I said and walked towards the door, but stopped, "I suggest you start ingesting a little bit of vervain each day." I said, "There are worse things out there than us."

I could feel Anna and Pearl's eyes burning holes in my back, but I just walked away.


Katherine's Point of View

That little witch; she came here to me, threatened me and thought I would be scared of her.

Admittedly I am a bit weary; she knows why I'm here, what I want, and she's right about him not letting me go, but my dear sister doesn't realize if plan A doesn't work Plan B, C, or D will and if all else fails I still have a hell of a lot of the alphabet left.

I walked into the Grill and headed straight to the bathroom. I walked in and saw the lovely little Caroline looking at me and she tensed.

"Hello Caroline," I said sickly sweet.


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