The Sun and the Moon
By Sileny

Summary: Are you happy, at the top of the world? Are you the sun, who everyone adores? Ah… but I am the moon, forever yearning for your warmth. Toxic Pair / NiouMarui
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Gender bender. Justified gender bender, but still. I've always wanted to do one of those. XD Slightly stronger language.


There walked upon the earth two gods at one time.

One was the sun, a beautiful being, enveloped in warmth, always smiling cheerily, as if he was pleased with the world and everything within it.

But he was not.

The sun was too warm, too brilliant, too perfect for anyone to approach. Everyone feared that they could not measure up to the sun, and so left him alone, speaking politely to him when they had to, nothing more, nothing less, choosing to love him only from afar.

But the sun was lonely, even though he was adored by all, needed by everyone. Even the sun wanted to adore someone, wanted to need someone.

And then came the moon.

The moon was everything that the sun was not. Where the sun was warm and amiable, the moon was cold and aloof. Where the sun was perfect in everything, the moon was flawed in an equal number of ways. The moon could care less for the sun, and likewise, the sun did not notice the moon.

But one day, the sun found himself staring up at the moon, and the moon's cold gray eyes mesmerized the sun in a way that nothing else had been able to do before. And the moon, staring down at the sun's curiously puzzled face, thought that he was the prettiest thing that he had ever seen, a jewel that put all others to shame.

"Can I have you?" the moon asked softly, fingers playing with a few locks of the sun's fluffy hair.

The sun considered for a moment, wanting to say 'yes,' but hesitating before the word could roll off of his tongue. What if the moon thought that he was too much and left him? The sun would be lonely again, wouldn't he?

"I will chase you, then, until you will let me have you," the moon told the sun, pressing a gentle kiss on the sun's forehead.

"I will chase you until you are sure that I will never leave you," promised the moon.

And thus, the moon always rises after the sun, keeping his promise that he would always chase the sun. Always, always… until the sun decided that the moon was worth having.

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