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"Are you crazy?" Quinn screamed as soon as she slammed the door for the second time. "I mean, are you that fucking psychotic? I know you're capable of being controlling and a little manipulative, but this...this..." She held up the paper and threw it in the air in her frustration. "You are certifiably in-fucking-sane."

"It's been a long time since I've hear you swear like that." Adrianne retorted leaning against the desk coolly, expectant of the insults, as Quinn leaned against the closed door, running her fingers through her hair as she calmed down. "But to answer your question, no, I'm not crazy. I may have been a little off from center when I type that up and tricked you into signing it, but I'm not right now." Quinn lowered her hands and looked at her ex girlfriend, she was calm, unmoved, and maybe even a little ashamed of what she was doing. "Look, I need the job."

"What happened to the job that that letter was suppose to be for?"

The brunette diverted her eyes to her conjoined hands resting on her thighs. "It fell through."

"It fell through? Why? How?"

"Because I wouldn't sleep with the prick. You know how it is. How many times were you proposition on your way up?"

Quinn sighed in understanding. It was the worst part of the business, of most businesses, for models, assistants, apprentices, anyone looking to better their position. It's hard to get anywhere without giving something up, normally self respect. Quinn had been offered dream jobs and desired promotions if she would just sleep with someone. It was part of what brought her and Adrianne together in the first place. They could trust each other.

"Look, I know how fucked up this is..."

"This is beyond fucked up, Adrianne."

"I know, but I need a job, you need help. So let me help you. If I'm heloing you out in the studio it will give...I don't know her name, your assistant, the time to handle your schedule and phone calls." She was begging. Not in the same way as she had been the night of Rachel's photo shoot. She wasn't begging for Quinn, but rather to Quinn. She was desperate. Quinn's agrivation was wearing away.

"You can't get a job anywhere else?"

"Not one with someone that can teach me what I need to know and would have that powerful of an effect on a resume. And unfortunately when you get to that phase of the industry, where there are only a handful of people who can provide you with what you need, they tend to want favors in return. I have too much self respect, I can't do that."

"I don't want you to do that." Quinn agreed. Her mind was battling with itself. Adrianne had been her best friend for years, her only real friend since she moved to New York. It hurt her to know that she was being put in that position and that she was turning to the blonde for help. But at the same time, she knew Rachel wasn't going to like it and she would be damned if she was going to intentionally do anything to push the diva away.

"Then give me a job. Three months. Ninety days. And I will spend every available second looking for a replacement job."

Quinn hesitated. "It's not that simple." If it wasn't for the diva, or really just the rocky start that the two brunettes got off to, Quinn would have just said yes. "I have a girlfriend out there who isn't exactly too fond of your expressed lingering feelings for me."

Adrianne looked out the window and clinched her jaw. "I'll apologize to her."

Quinn's eyes widened in shock. "Excuse me?" She didn't see that one coming.

"I...obviously I was wrong about...you and her and...whatever. Obviously she cares for you more than I thought she would. She's risking her career for you. Great picture in the paper by the way, real fierce expression." She teased looking back to the blonde. Quinn rolled her eyes and Adrianne shrugged her shoulders. "I still have feelings for you and probably always will, but that comes with the territory of a three year relationship. I also know it's mutual or else you would have thrown me out already." She stood straight up and raised her hand to stop Quinn from interrupting. "I'm not saying they are romantic feelings. I'm just saying you simply care. I'm asking for three months and I will apologize to Rachel on my hands and knees if I have to."

Quinn arched and eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest in disbelief. Rachel may actually like that though.

"I would. I need this. This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time and you know that."

The blonde pushed herself off the door and opened it, calling the brunette with her index finger. Adrianne followed closely as they made their way back to the diva and Judy. Quinn turned on her heels next to Rachel and widened her eyes at Adrianne. The tall brunette cleared the pride in her throat and lifted her eyes to the ceiling as she knelt on the ground in front of Rachel.

"Rachel," She paused, lifting an index finger for more time. "Rachel, I need to apologize for my inappropriate behavior. I failed to show you or your...relationship with Quinn the required amount of respect. I have found myself currently in need of a position that only Quinn can provide me with at this moment. I am asking her for a favor in the form of a job that will last no longer than ninety day, maybe shorter. I am apparently..." She bit her lips. "I am asking for your permission for Quinn to hire me."

Rachel stood in silence, looking at the woman on her knees in front of her in shock before she turned her face up to Quinn's. "Did you just make your ex girlfriend beg me for a job?"

Quinn shook her head frantically. "No, it was her suggestion."

The diva didn't look away. "What would your answer have been if she didn't offer to beg?"

Adrianne dropped her eyes to the ground, hoping to hide her amusement in the fact that this had somehow turned around on the blonde.

"I was considering it. There's a lot to the story that I believe you could sympathize with. I'm sure you have run across a few testosterone filled ass holes on your way up to the top." That she had. Unfortunately it seemed like something that couldn't be escaped. "But I also know that you can be jealous and possessive and..." She trailed off after the diva narrowed her eyes. "I thought it would be more conducive to our relationship if you were involved in the decision."

"Good cover." Adrianne jibed.

"Shut up." Quinn spit back playfully.

"Look, Rachel, I know you have no reason to trust me but there are only a handful of photographers in this city with the reputation-"

"Do you still have feelings for her?" Rachel asked, dropping her eyes back down to Adrianne, making sure to hold her gaze as well.


"Would you ever try something?"

Adrianne hesitated. She was normally an honest person but knew the answer to that could cost here the slightest chance that Rachel seemed to be considering giving her. "What is relevant is whether or not you can trust Quinn if I did try something."

The diva pursed her lips. "Well played." Adrianne bowed her head at the compliment and Quinn rolled her eyes. They were too much alike. "But if I said that I didn't want her to hire you...what would you do?"

Adrianne sighed and stood up from her knees, dusting off the dirt from her black skirt. She hesitated looking Rachel in the eye and slouched slightly to make the diva feel less threatened. Quinn notice the shame return in her eyes as well. "I'm trying to do this the right way. However, I do have a contract with Quinn's signature on it."

"So you would force her hand?" Rachel asked crossing her arms tight over her chest.

"I don't know. I haven't really thought about it. I was hoping it wouldn't go that far."

"So you thought I would let her hire you?"

"To be honest, I wasn't expecting you to still be in the picture." Rachel turned her head as she rolled her eyes. "Clearly, I was wrong in my assumptions."

"Clearly. Because I'm not going anywhere. But you know what..." The diva threw her hands up in the air in a sudden show of frustration that even caught Quinn off guard. "This is ridiculous. It's stupid. Quinn, she needs the job and you would have given it to her if I wasn't in the picture. I trust that you can keep her in her place or send her on her way if you can't. This isn't my decision."

"Wait. What?" The blonde asked dropping her brow, completely confused at the sudden acceptance of hiring the woman she so deeply expressed her distaste for.

"She can hire me?" The taller brunette was just as equally confused. It seemed too easy to be real.

Rachel looked to the ground as she moved to the other side of her girlfriend and sat on top of the table. "The way I see it, you have a contract. There's nothing I can do to change that and instead of getting incredibly pissed about it, I'm just going to accept it and let Quinn handle it. But don't think for one second that my acceptance gives you the opening to try and worm you way back into her heart. Because if you do, I will have an army of lawyers comb through that contract until there is nothing left to it and you will be back out on your ass or in whoever's bed it takes to get where you want to go."

"Deal!" Adrianne jumped at the offer holding out her hand for the diva.

Rachel locked on to Quinn's eyes as she shook her hand. "You know how I get when I'm jealous. Try not to allow her to get me jealous. I really don't want to go to jail." The new apprentices' smile fell slightly. She suddenly felt unsure of what she had just gotten herself into. The diva released her hand and tugged on Quinn's sleeve. The blonde lowered her head to hear what her girlfriend had to say that required a whisper. "You are coming over to my place tonight. You know how hard it is for me to be the bigger person."

Quinn nodded and kissed her forehead. "I do. And I am so proud of you, that I believe I need to show it."


"I don't think our tastes could be anymore different." Quinn stated as she entered Rachel's penthouse. Her eyes instantly raised with the windows that started at the light grain wooden floors of the diva's home and climbed all the way to the ceilings that towered high above her. She felt so exposed, like anyone within ten miles could see her standing in front of the glass wall that stretched the entire length of the open floor plan apartment. "Tell me this doesn't go into the bedroom as well..." Quinn asked as she trailed her finger along from the window lined living room to the window lined dining room to the window lined kitchen.

"I have curtains." The diva offered with a smirk, knowing Quinn was uncomfortable with the idea of putting on a show for anyone to see. "How's this?" Rachel asked as she guided the heavy cream material over the windows to shut off the living area from the rest of the observing world but Quinn still felt so exposed in the bright and open apartment.

"They can't see through it can they? You know, with the back lights and everything?"

Rachel's smile deepened and she pressed the tip of her tongue to her teeth as she aided Quinn in removing her jacket. "Would you like me to go ask them?"

Quinn managed a single shake of her head before the lips that her eyes had been glued on pressed to hers and she moaned at the wanted contact. With both Adrianne and her mother at the studio, she had felt a little uncomfortable showing as much affection as she had wanted to. Thankfully, she saw that Rachel was feeling the same. While part of the diva had wanted to pull the blonde into a heated kiss every chance she got, just to show Adrianne who she belonged to, she also felt that the action would have been incredibly childish and she didn't want to give the apprentice any opening to make her look bad to Quinn.

Once Quinn's jacket was gone, Rachel pushed on her shoulders, guiding her backwards until she hit the couch, falling into it without an ounce of grace. She swallowed hard as Rachel whipped her hair behind her shoulders and seductively moved to straddle her legs. "You...and today...you're okay with..."

The diva's smirk deepened with Quinn's visible struggle to find her words as she ran her fingers through her blonde hair, grazing her scalp lightly with her nails. The blonde was so surprised and captivated by the brunette's forceful seduction that she sat limply on the couch, her hands dead at her sides. "I'm fine with it, because I have you. I trust you, right?" She whispered into the panting blonde's ear, then sucking on the sensitive skin of her neck. "I don't have any reason not to trust you, do I?"

Quinn turned her head, pulling Rachel's attention to her eyes, and she shook her head. "No."

"Okay then. But we do have something else we need to discuss, though. You need a couch in your studio."

"And why is that?" Quinn asked, not really caring, she just knew that she should. All she cared about was how it felt with Rachel's hands running up and down her neck and her mouth panting hot breaths in her ear.

"Because with your mother living with you now, we only have two places we can have sex...without restraint. Here." She paused to pull her shirt over her head as Quinn's hands finally began to move up the diva's legs and sprawled her hands out along her torso and cupped her breasts. "And your studio."

"What's wrong with using my desk?"

Rachel gasped lightly as the blonde kneaded her breasts through her bra, pinching her hardening nipples lightly. "I would say nothing was wrong with it, if you can answer one question appropriately."

"And what is that?" Quinn asked, pulling the diva in to a deep, passionate kiss, before moving to her neck.

"How many of your harlots did you take on that desk?" The two pulled away and locked eyes.

"I'll get the couch. But the studio's not empty until late." Quinn warned as Rachel fought to remover her shirt as well.

"Most of my shows don't get over with until late. You could tell your mom that you just had to stay at the office after hours. It's not a lie." The brunette assured her as Quinn dove into her neck with a hungry mouth. Kissing, nipping, licking, anything just to feel like she was getting more of her lover.

"Can't be every night though." The blonde hooked her arm around the diva's small waist and turned, laying her down on the couch. "She would know something was up, what we were doing."

Rachel fisted the blonde strands of hair as Quinn trailed hot kisses down into her cleavage as her slender fingers worked ferociously at removing the diva's pants. "You're twenty-five and your mother already know you have sex. What are you worried about?"

Quinn sat up to discard the clothing, kneeling with one leg between the diva's on the couch and the other stretched out to the floor for balance, and studied the woman laying in her underwear beneath her. Her eyes darted over every inch of her body, memorizing it, making Rachel remember yet again why she doesn't fear Adrianne's presence at the studio. "You just told me to deceive my mother into thinking I was working late. What are you worried about?"

The diva smiled in her defeat, lifting her hands to unfasten Quinn's dress pants. "Fine. You win. If you want a little variety in our deception, we can rotate between you working late and you visiting me..with the occasional nights of you spending time with her. I suggest those be the days I have double shows."

Quinn leaned down as she pulled the brunette's hands away from her unfastened pants, bringing them to her mouth and slowly kissing a trail up her arm as she laid back down on top of her, nuzzling her neck. "How many nights is that?"

Rachel gasped as Quinn unexpectedly began rocking her thigh into her. "Um, just two."

"I can handle that." The blonde stated as she sped up her pace and Rachel cupped her hips as she whimpered. "I'll just make up for it the other nights. Sound good?" The blonde pulled her head up to look at the moaning diva's face as she bit her lip, trying to nodded her head in response. "Good."

"...good..." Rachel echoed as Quinn slowed her pace gradually until she stopped and allowed Rachel to catch her breath. The diva stared up to her girlfriends darkened eyes in her surrender. She had been with Quinn long enough to know she was always going to push the envelope, but not long enough to have any idea of what to expect.

"How many can you handle in a night?"She asked as she braced a hand on the sofa's armrest and trailed the other one down the diva's body, slipping it between her heated skin and the thin material of her panties. The diva arched her back into her gentle touch and she began massaging her clit.

Rachel shook her head, not really wanting to talk at the current moment. "I don't know. Most I've ever had is two. Never..." Her body tensed as Quinn dropped her middle finger deeper and slid the tip of it inside. "Never found my limit."

The blonde smiled in satisfaction as she removed her hand and brought it up to her mouth, moaning as she sucked the wetness off. "How about we find out tonight?"

"You're going to kill me, you know that, right?" Rachel teased as Quinn sat back up and finished undressing herself and then the diva, adding the close to the pile on the floor. Rachel collapsed back down on the sofa as Quinn lowered herself, kissing a languid trail of open mouth kisses down the diva's stomach, each barely lower than the previous. The diva closed her eyes and lost her self in the gentle touch of her lips, the warmth of her breath, the wetness of her tongue, all causing her to be hit with a fresh wave of arousal.

When the blonde finally made her way to the diva's slit, she only teased further, working the brunette up to the very edge. She slipped the tip of her tongue into her folds but avoided contact with the sensitive bundle of nerves and trailed further down to the source of the abundant wetness, shifting the diva's hips for better access. The brunette gasped and released a strangled moan as she felt the warm tongue enter her and then retreat to tease her again with slow circles around her entrance. Quinn kissed her nether lips and repeated the process, twirling her tongue while still inside this time. Rachel's body jerked and she lifted her head to see her girlfriend between her legs, her hazel eyes grinning back up at her. This was going to be a long, exhausting, and satisfying night.

Four hours later they had made it to Rachel's bedroom, curtains drawn tightly shut. "God...fucking, damn it...shit...mmm" Quinn beamed down in pride at the cursing diva as she started to shake again. The brunette dug her nails in desperately, ripping at any skin she could get a hold of as her current orgasm ripped through her body. Quinn pulsed a few more times and then removed her fingers from her girlfriend and kissed her neck until she regained control of her body. "I sear they're getting longer."

The blonde nipped at the skin and soothed it with her tongue before capturing Rachel's swollen lips with hers, pulling the bottom one into her mouth, sucking on it and teasing it with her tongue before she released it. "That's because they are. I'm surprised you are still conscious to be honest with you."

She barely was. Her eyes were still shut and felt like iron curtains when she tried to open them, barely managing a flicker. She had no control of her limbs either. She would tell them to move and they'd stay. She'd try to hold still and they'd flail. "Me too...Me too."

Quinn laughed lightly to herself. "Can you go for another?" The diva moaned at just the thought. She wanted it. She wanted it so badly but couldn't even begin to think of her body tensing and her breath shortening without feeling exhaustion take over her.

"You can do whatever you want to me. I'm yours...because I clearly have no control over myself anymore."

"I'll let you rest then." Quinn informed her, moving herself off of the diva to lay beside her. She helped the brunette roll over and rest her head on her chest and Quinn throw the sheet over them. "You have a show tomorrow. You need your rest...and some really good stage makeup." Rachel's permanent smile deepened. "I tried to keep them where they would be covered but I got carried away on one. Sorry."

"It's okay." The diva admitted as she began to fall asleep. "It can't be any worse than what I did to your back." Judging by the stinging and burning she was feeling against the sheets, the diva was probably right. "But my question is...how many did I last?"

Quinn smirked and laughed at the diva who was simply too far gone to care. "You mean you don't know? You can't remember?"

"Nope...too many...too long of time...how many?"

"Honestly, I lost count after the fifth. So I guess we will have to try again another night and keep a better tally."

Rachel snuggled up closer to the blonde who ran her fingers gently through her dark, silky hair, easing her further into sleep. "Okay. I have no objections."

"I love you, Rachel."

"I love you too, Baby. More...more than I thought...than I thought I could." She was going now. She was too worn to fight off the sleep, but Quinn just held her for the rest of the night, amazed at how things had turned out so perfectly.