Love & Music

All is fair in love and music.

I've never seen so much anger in his eyes.

The thundering clouds rumbled above our heads as the chilling rain fell on and around us. I didn't know what to say, how do you explain to someone that you gave up your passion for someone you loved more than said passion?

"Tell me, Rachel, how you could give up Elphaba?" he yelled into the night, the fire in his eyes only burning brighter with anger, "What happened to becoming a Broadway Legend? What happened to having your name up in lights?"

I stared at him in disbelief. Was he really this oblivious? Silence filled the gap between us, his stare seemingly going straight to my soul, seeing the depths of emotions behind my eyes.

I looked down towards my feet, feeling his gaze still on me, "It just…" I jerked my head up towards the thunder clouds in the sky, hugging my form for a sense of comfort as he waited. I searched each cloud, looking for an answer that I could give him. I took a deep breath before lowering my gaze to him, "It just wasn't fun for me anymore, Noah. It isn't what I want most anymore…"

Noah looked at me, as if looking in my eyes for any other answer. I sighed, turning my body towards my own house, but never letting my gaze leave his. "It's late Noah, I have to go. New job starts tomorrow."

Noah looked like he was about to step towards me before he rolled his weight back on his heels, "New job?"

A sense of sadness overcame me, smirking the best I could without feeling sad I turned toward him once again, "I am working backstage for the Wicked performance," I waited, watching his head cock to the side as if he were silently pleading for me to add more, "I… uh… start tomorrow." I smiled sadly before starting to back up towards my window.

I watched as Noah shook his head slowly, not understanding how I could go from landing the lead to working as a stage hand. Elphaba was my dream, that role has been all I have been able to talk about, let alone think about since I first heard the song 'Defying Gravity'. I knew this, and I knew Noah did too. Now I stand here watching the love of my life walk away from me just as easily as I walked away from the role for him…always for him.

I watched him grasp the window sill of his room before turning his head towards me, "So much for you and me always having music."

"All's fair in love and music, Noah." I watched him stare at me before changing his eyes to ones filled of confusion.

"And how is you giving up our thing fair, Rachel?"

I looked down towards the ground, watching the rain drown the grass below us, a sense of anger filling throughout me, "I didn't have a choice, Noah." I turned my head back up to him before glaring and storming to my own window.

I heard him scoff before jumping into his window and slamming the window shut and dropping the blinds.

I turned towards his, now, shielded window hoisting myself into my own room. I took one more glance towards his window before letting the tears flow down my face, "I did it for you."

"Rachel will you get that?" the more muscular father of hers called towards her.

"Of course, dad!" I yelled back as I raced and dodged through the piles and piles of boxes towards the front door and the source of the ringing bell. I opened the door to a young woman cradling a small child in one arm while the other was placed upon the shoulder of the other child.

"Hello," I greeted, keeping an eye on the boy in front of me and the other on the woman to the side of him.

"Why hello there," my daddy's voice came from behind me, opening the door a little wider for the both of us.

The brunette woman in front of us smiled as she took her one free hand off the boy's shoulder and in between my daddy and her, "I'm Rebecca Puckerman. I live right next door and thought we should introduce ourselves to our new neighbors."

"Oh well, I'm Aaron Berry," he nervously stood behind me, placing his hands on both my shoulders for support. He was never good with new people, "Thank you so much for coming over," he said smiling, "why don't you come in?" he ushered the family through our new front door towards our unfinished living room, offering them seats.

We must have sat there in an awkward silence for hours, until Ms. Puckerman finally spoke, "So, what do you think of this neighborhood?"

"Oh well I very much do like it-" my daddy's and Ms. Puckerman's conversation went on about the neighborhood and how "simply wonderful" it was, but my mind was stuck on this boy before me. I looked over his plain white tee wrapped with his white & blue flannel shirt and deep blue jeans and Airwalk skateboard shoes. After checking him as a "good dresser" I reached his hazel eyes, which were boring into mine. I was just about to speak before my daddy called out to me.

"Rachel, I'm going to go show Ms. Puckerman-"
"Oh please, call me Rebecca."

Daddy smiled before correcting himself and continuing, "I'm going to show Rebecca around the house. Would you please stay here with- Uhm…" He looked over to the boy sitting across from me.

"Puck," the boy answered from across the dining room table.

"He means," Ms. Puckerman corrected, "Noah."

I looked towards him as he scoffed at his own name before turning to turn towards me, I turned back towards my daddy as his voice chimed back in, "Well, Rachel, could you please stay here and entertain Mr. Puckerman here."

I could tell he didn't want to get under the skin of this boy, he always preferred using last names anyways. I turned back towards the hazel eyes boy in front of me.

"Well, uhm, I'm Rachel. Rachel Joelle Berry," I said proud of my perfectly picked out name, "and you are?" I figured I'd find out what he'd want to be known as now, rather than suffer from it later.

The boy just gazed at me for a little bit, looking over me with those kind hazel eyes before meeting back up with my eyes. "Noah. Noah Puckerman."

I smiled at him as he looked away with a slight blush across his cheeks, "That's a splendid name, Noah."

His hazel eyes looked at mine with urgency making me jump slightly in my seat, "Don't let anyone know about it. To others it's Puck. Just Puck," he looked at me as if waiting for an answer, "Okay?" he spoke slowly as if I was dense or something.

"Okay," I replied, a smile on my face.

We sat there in silence for a few moments; him looking around the room and me just looking down at my folded hands in my lap. This whole awkward silence thing really needed to stop coming up between our two families. I looked around for a topic we could somehow talk about. I glanced over our newly set bookshelf before stopping on a copy of Shakespeare's Mid Summer Night's Dream.

Puck. I turned towards him, my eyes widened. I knew I've heard that name somewhere before. I cleared my throat in attempt to gain his attention, failing, I just went for it.

"Puck," his head slowly turned towards me as his eyes looked into mine, "I knew I've heard that name before."

Puck shifted his eyes left to right in confusion before settling back on hers again, "You've heard of me?" Before letting him think I was a stalker I finished my thought, "Puck. It's the name of a character in Shakespeare's Mid Summer Night's Dream.

Noah looked at me giving me that 'Okay…' kind of look. He looked around the room before looking back at me as if thinking of something, "So… is he a badass?"

My eyes widened at his use of language, shoving it off the topic I simply answered the truth, "Well actually, no… the character is actually a fairy that no one knows the gender of."

I smiled to myself admiring my Shakespearean knowledge before turning to see a horror struck look upon Noah's face.

"What?" I asked out of concern.

Before he could answer me, Daddy and Ms. Puckerman entered the room talking about how lovely the porch was in the back. I looked back towards Noah to see his hands covering his face, above his legs.

"Uhm… Noah?"

"Do you know how much of a chick you just made me sound like?" he asked in a hushed tone.

I looked at him slightly confused, wondering how I could've made him 'sound like a chick.' "Uhm, Noah-"

"I hate my real name because it makes me sound like a pussy! Now you tell me this?" he practically yelled.

"Noah Cole Puckerman!" his mother called. Noah lifted his head out of his hands and turned toward his mom. He had this, 'oh crap…' kind of look on his face.

Ignoring the fact that he had, once again, used un-gentleman like language in front of a young lady such as myself, I realized what had made him so down. I called him a fairy.

Ms. Puckerman walked over to her son and slapped him up across the back of his head. With a quiet "Ow!" leaving his lips he placed his hands across the back of his head before leaning down into his knees.

"Damn Mom!"

Ms. Puckerman then once again hit him in the same spot, causing another "Ow!" to leave them once again, "What did I do?"

"Noah Cole, you do not speak that way in front of a young lady," she scolded, "Apologize."

"Ms. Puckerman, please don't scold him, it was my fault he used such indecent language," I spoke out before she could smack him again.

Noah looked up from his knees towards me with a look of surprise. I looked at his confused eyes before smiling and looking back up at Ms. Puckerman apologetically.

"I set off Noah, I rudely made fun of him unknown to myself," I explained before lifting myself up off the couch and across to sit next to him, "I am terribly sorry, Noah, please forgive me."

I smiled my best as he looked at me with wide, surprised eyes, "Uhm, sure, yeah. It's okay."

With the acceptance of my apology Ms. Puckerman and daddy turned towards each other, "I'm terribly sorry about all this Ms. Pucker- I mean, Rebecca. I'm sure Rachel didn't mean any harm."

"Oh goodness, no, I'm just surprised it wasn't just because Noah, is Noah."

With this I noticed Noah slump in his chair at his mother's comment. I turned back towards him a sad smile upon my lips, Poor Noah…

It had been a while since Noah and his wonderful family came over to our house. Ms. Puckerman and young baby Libi, had met my other dad. She was ecstatic to meet my dad since they had so much in common. It seemed like living here would be fun, not like the other neighborhood where my dad and daddy would be made fun of and yelled at for their life style choice.

This neighborhood wasn't like that at all though. I was glad about that. Noah and the Puckerman's were so generous, and my daddy always tells me how lucky we are to have them as our neighbors and how lucky he is for finding his loving husband someone else to go shopping with for hours upon hours.

My daddy usually watched Noah and Libi on those days. I think that's when Noah and I started this little friendship of ours. We learned things about each other within that time that no one else knew. We were totally different, yet the same. I think that's why we fit.

It wasn't till one day that I thought that this friendship wouldn't work did I learn that I knew it was going to.

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